13.Management of the treasury and public finance

But no matter have you ever asked yourself why do thieves steal at night that’s right because it’s dark and nobody can see them and even if they did who could recognize them anyway obviously in daytime while exposed it is much more difficult to steal and if we say that someone is openly stealing we mean that this individual steals a lot and isn’t concerned about

Consequences corruption just like any other kind of theft prefers obscurity all of the tricks with public money are usually hidden from the public eye which is why corruption is where three things come together one public money power to decide how this money spent and three darkness let’s see what happens when a public institution spends all of the money in

Obscure conditions just like the thief who is tempted to steal in the darkness the public agent would be tempted to satisfy his personal interest if he were sure that no one will find out and that his state unpunished scams are born in the darkness helping leaked public money straight into the pockets of corrupt individuals and all the societies left with is

The sweet memory of that money in a poor country obscurity delivers individuals enriched overnight with prosperous businesses even though their official incomes are quite modest which is why to protect from thieves and theft in the public sector more light is required clarity and transparency is what we need in public affairs and for this to happen the heads of

Public entities must manage public finances and resources in a rational efficient and sustainable manner implement an internal audit system within the public entity a shorter esperen sea of public procurement given that public procurement is made on public money and that public agents have the power to decide on the spending of this money it is quite clear that

Two out of the three conditions for corruption to appear are met which is why to prevent corruption in public procurement it is ski for the state institutions to observe transparency and that is publishing the procurement plans publishing the requirements for participation in public tendering publishing information on the tenders winner selecting the tenders

Winner by a group of people and not by a person on his own the group shall also include civil society members should they be interested in the matter the members of the group including those from the civil society have to declare potential conflicts of interest with the participants in the tender members in conflict of interest shall decline participation in

The tendering procedure and withdraw from the group public money is our money it comes from the labor of the society as a whole while paying taxes we expect the public institutions to take care of us the taxpayers first we want our money to be spent in public interest only to make sure this happens wishes strive for this money to be spent as transparently as

Possible and remember integrity is freedom

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13.Management of the treasury and public finance By Integritatea este libertate