1968 Plymouth Road Runner for sale at Volo Auto Museum (V20613)

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Hi my name is jade rams my family has owned the volo auto museum since 1960. we have a few hundred of the most exciting collector tires and they’re all for sale in one location i personally have hand-picked them from around the country welcome to my sales shop come on let’s go for a spin yes it’s a hemi 1968 plymouth roadrunner hemi this is a genuine numbers

Matching original car and i really mean that this is a two owner car lived in the same town its entire life in colfax wisconsin the third owner who i happen to know very well is a very excuse me very fussy gentleman he bought this car in all original condition we have pictures of it as he’s picking it up pictures of the restoration process it’s a 61 000 mile car

And it has all of its original born with equipment not a motor out of another car not a restamp it’s its original components completely restored we have pictures of it it was virtually rust free car he spent 45 000 at a body shop getting the body and paint pristine thirty five thousand dollars having the mechanicals rebuilt by kilpatrick they’re very well known

Mopar experts matter of fact they race a 3 500 horsepower 1963 dodge so the car is right power steering power brakes also a rare option and a hemi but sure makes it easier to drive i got a lot more to tell you about this car you can also go to volocars.com read the information look at all the pictures top to bottom and that is where you’ll find a price tag along

With a monthly finance option as well at volocars.com if you enjoy the video subscribe to our youtube channel click on that bell icon that way you’re notified as the videos are posted but for right now buckle up let’s go for a spin yeah this is the right car there’s no excuses there’s no skeletons in his closet this is the right car a lot of the hemis out there

Don’t have the original motors they have correct motors um it was a 59 000 mile car when he bought it just over 61 000 as a thousand miles on it and he almost insisted i go drive the car because it’s really a wonderful driver you think of a hemi you almost think like a race car but this will just get out and cruise and drive and do everything right underneath the

Car it’s a factory undercoat car i was completely rust free under there so they pretty much cleaned it they probably dusted some black paint over it just to make it look fresh again but every component was removed off the bottom of the car and restored the entire suspension front and back all the suspension and steering was removed uh prepped painted detailed now

We have pictures of all the parts hanging in the spray booth when they painted them all the owner of the car was very careful in keeping the original parts like the power steering pump i guess is unique for a hemi uh he had this one rebuilt the steering box he had it rebuilt he wanted to keep it original he could have just ordered a aftermarket you know part and

Replaced it and he’s rolling on at length to tell me stories how he had to drive in this snowstorm to go get that pump driven somewhere 100 miles away to get it rebuilt and so he went the extra steps to make it right is my point uh so the suspension’s all done fuel systems replace the tank the sending unit all that is new the brakes are completely redone it does

Have disc in front uh e-brakes hooked up you know brake lines replaced uh it does have a custom exhaust it’s a tti three-inch exhaust with an x-pipe i think they’re magnaflow mufflers but refer to the ad on our website it goes all the way up to back even though it’s three inch exhaust it has the stock square tips coming out the back you look up at the motor it’s

Spotless because it’s virtually brand new it is the original numbers match born with 727 torque flight also rebuilt by kirk kilpatrick engines they went through the motor and trans they’re all dialed in and tuned together uh in back it has the heavy duty dana 60 rear end with 354 sure grip gears and again that’s all original but it’s all been gone through so all

The mechanicals have been rebuilt on this car so underneath is an excellent shape now the body outstanding again 45 000 and we have receipts i got a folder on the seat there and i have all sorts of pictures some of them are posted online the car is virtually rust free when i say virtually it’s because there might have been a couple little pin holes at the corners

Of a door or something like that but they got this thing better than it was when it was new laser beam straight the gaps are spot on there’s not a bug not a nick or a chip or a crack there’s no shrinkage there’s no dust absolutely straight the metal flake is laid out evenly this is the original color i think it was b5 blue but this is the color it was born and all

Of this there’s no cracking anywhere this is all pristine straight no waves look at that fits beautifully shuts like new still has the factory dimples around the wheel well the spot welds this is all pristine metal fantastic back here is all the same way absolutely laser beam straight laid out evenly polished like glass it’s like i can reach in there and just

Grab things so the tail panel and the tail lights they’re in mint condition the bumper beautiful all of that is sparkling like new the round marker lights anyone know how many years they use round marker lights you can leave a comment all this stainless trim is polished and and buffed out and straight and this is all mint uh original mirror it has a little pen

Star logo on it has slight wear on it but i’m sure he wanted to leave the original new door handles emblems all this trim is beautiful windshields probably new it’s crystal clear it has the black hood patch painted on and then of course the wheels steel rims with the poverty caps and you can see fatter in the back and they have radial red line b of goodrich tires

On there up front the grill is in excellent shape the bumper all the trim everything up here is beautiful so let’s open it up and i’m sure you’re dying to see what that hemi engine looks like too all right let’s see what it’s like inside the trunk here they did paint under the trunk lid beautifully it’s got the sticker and the latches detailed the jam is as slick

As the car and you weather strip now the metal is absolutely clean it’s a little dusty up there they left that original up there i think they dusted some blue paint over the trunk floor in some of these parts were you wondering what they are the original valve covers radio uh some more of the parts that go along with the jack so it has a complete jack assembly

Now you just need to get a spare tire in there it’ll cover all that up but real clean completely solid it’s original metal this guy original quarters go find a hemi number match with original metal and again the power steering and brakes i think is a big deal i remember driving a bunch of these with manual and it’s tough the door jams are painted slick the door

Frame there the black is all painted door panel armrest that’s on excellent shape the dash area is very clean and tidy nothing’s broken or cracked everything fits nice the instruments are clean as a factory tachometer has an eight-track player in here that’s an am radio it’s in the trunk the heater control panel the the glove box now in the glove box that’s the

Original glove box liner with this okay stamp that’s original now we got the manual some literature but there’s an engine spec card in here because all the specs on what the motor is i kill patrick said keep it with the car uh you never know if any work had to be done there’s the information cobalt gauges they light up blue they’re real cool probably just more

Accurate oil and water you don’t want to be blowing up the motor steering wheels nice and clean upholstery is excellent it’s got all the seat belts front and back carpets real nice with road runner floor mats beat the heat and back all excellent shape side panels a headliner and the dome lights and just everything about is very nice in teeth tidy this is not a

Car full of reproduction parts that don’t fit and things are not loose and falling apart it’s all original it’s all tight foreign i remember when we were selling hemmings for 35 grand and i remember at that time this is years ago that was just so much money oh my god 35 000. so my point is what might seem like a lot of money today won’t in a few years so that

Is the original hemi motor with its original parts uh original dual quad four barrel carbs under there they’ve been all restored original air cleaner so it has some patina on it he purposely wanted to leave that original even has chrysler uh spark plug wires all the components the alternator the distributor the fuel line all the components on the firewall all look

Excellent squirters are hooked up the hoses the roadrunner horn was black the one year i i’m pretty certain it was only one year they were black then they became purple original radiator the correct clamps it’s got the heavy duty cooling so power steering power brakes it was born with both of those they’re both the correct original units that were restored rebuilt

Actual mopar reproduction battery bolted down properly the right cables the original fender tag also if you want to catch this number up here matches the fender tag the engine bay is painted as nice as the car we have pictures of this hole for an end disassembled fenders off every component out under the hood’s painted detailed up foreign it has everything

Going for it’s even b5 blue it’s not gold or brown i mean it’s a a real car low mile original metal and it’s restored right it’s restored by experts and the fussy fussy owner that overseeing everything made sure it was done right this is investment quality right here but get it get in and enjoy it drive it uh he did mention that kilpatrick was very careful not to

Bore the engine just in case you ever blew it up you wanted to have enough there where you could board if ever needed so um the motor is completely gone through completely rebuilt by an expert uh it should be bulletproof to be able to drive and enjoy this car go to volocars.com talk to the salesman with your questions i just gave you my impression they can help

Get this delivered to your driveway they can even help you finance this hemi at volocars.com hope you enjoy the video subscribe click on the bell icon so you’re notified as the new ones are posted thanks for watching

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1968 Plymouth Road Runner for sale at Volo Auto Museum (V20613) By Volo Museum Auto Sales