2017 Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.5 Hybrid Guide

2017 Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.5 Hybrid 3YearWarrantyFree

Ah good morning i’m rhys and i’m here at 313 at lincoln road this is the mig cars hybrid in specialist yard i’m in the back of a toyota i slept here last night this is a toyota corolla fielder it’s a hybrid and it’s perfect for any you know overnight getaway trips you may want welcome to mig cards i’m rhys and we’re going to be showing you this really cool toyota

Fielder today we’re going to be doing it a little bit differently i’m going to be starting in the back of the car rather than at the front i’m going to be doing that because this has got huge boot space it’s station wagon i’ll just show you look huge long boots face there rear seats fold down flat you know if you’re moving house if you want to go out away just for

A nice quick overnight trip you want to go camping you need to stay in your car you need to put a lot of luggage in your car this is the car for you and now we’re back at the front this is a fairly new guy it’s 2017 a toyota corolla fielder and it’s quite popular with people who run these as taxis or uber services the reason for that is because obviously they’re

A toyota so you know they’re reliable beyond measure uh and also they are a 1.5 liter engine with the hybrid unit so that means they’re really really cheap to run as well this is the interior now this car is a true workhorse it’s fairly simple but what we do have is we’ve got lane keep assists we’ve got a pre-fresh sensor um as well and we’ve got eight airbags

In the car so we’ve got uh two in the a-pillars we’ve got in front of the driver in front of the passenger we’ve got ones um just in here next to the seats on both sides and then we’ve also got two in the back cool and up on the head unit we’ve got our bluetooth audio and we’ve got a reversing camera as well it’s one of the better quality ones that i’ve seen as

Well here is the aaa appraisal sheet for the car so tire condition we’ve got steven milk treat on the front and four and four point four point five on the rear excellent condition tires any defects during inspection nothing so brilliant conditioned car cool this is arguably the most important part of the review cash price of 17 3. that includes uh on-road costs

And also includes a three-year mechanical warranty thanks to protector insurance now the car has done 107 000k so you’re still going to get a lot of use out of this car like i said before it is a massive workhorse now in terms of a rebate we’ve got fifteen hundred dollars that pushes you more around the 15k mark so super super cheap for a 2017 car and it only

Costs you about 1 370 each year to run so really cheap as well that’s why it’s so popular with you know taxis and ubers etc etc four-star safety rating so it’s a really sensible car if anything did happen we all know it would probably be somebody else on the road not you but you’re in the right path if something did happen thanks for watching our review we hope

That you enjoyed it i’m going to go back to sleep in the back of this car do come and have a look at all the cars that we’ve got to offer here come and take this out of the test drive you’ll absolutely love it it’s toyota it’s a corolla fielder it’s a station wagon and it’s a hybrid you can’t go wrong

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2017 Toyota Corolla Fielder 1.5 Hybrid Guide By MIG CARS SHOWROOM