2022 Life Goals and Financial Independence Retire Early Goals

In this video I share my 2022 Goals, How I Goal Set, My Word for 2022 and How I’m planning for FAT FIRE.

Today we’re talking about my 2022 goals with all of you and how to set goals i will also share my financial goals for the year stay to the end where i share my most ambitious goal of the year hi everyone i’m jessica and i love talking about financial freedom after experiencing burnout early on in my pharmacist’s career on this channel i talk about passive income

And simplifying to combat feelings of burnout and stress in your life i’ll also share openly about my burnout story and how we paid off massive student loan debt and how we’re retiring early make sure to watch those videos as well if you want a recap of my 2021 year and what goals i achieved what ones i did not make sure to watch that video i also talked about

How i goal set i use the curate method to goal sets and how i use the weekly droid check with the 10 pillars of life to set goals in if you’re not familiar with that method you can listen to this podcast episode on how to goal set you can also use the smart goal method as well as we get into goal setting i also like to reflect on my why in my house statements so if

You’re not familiar with this method this is the first step in my burnout doctor method where we clarify our why or how in our value systems now if you’re not familiar with this my why statement is i love helping people find confidence to live joyful and intentional lives because we all have meaningful contributions to add to this world this is why i get up in the

Morning my house statements are make it simple push the boundaries navigate the path challenge others to raise the bar and connect with people now this is a great reminder as you set up your goals to go back to your why and how statements make sure they’re very clear they’re easy to write down and you’re familiar with them because this is how we make decisions

Day to day to start off the year i also like to choose a word for the year and my word for the year is laughter now this might be surprising to you because there’s so many different words we can choose uh to focus on for the entire year and in my previous years the last four or five years i’ve always chosen a different word and you could see in 2021 my word was

Abundance and you can go back and watch that video to see if i felt like i met that word and you know in 2022 i just want to bring a lot more laughter and joy into every single day it’s one of the reasons why we got our puppy lucky bear to bring a lot of laughter and joy into our lives so i’m gonna be really intentional with incorporating that into my experiences

This year today we’re going to start off with work admission in our weekly joy check and then work our way into financial health towards the end of this video so in work and mission i’m going to first start off with one of my goals my first goal is related to this youtube channel and i am going to publish at least 52 videos this year ideally publishing one video

Per week and this is a goal that is very actionable and achievable it’s within my control so if you want a different example i purposely did not set a goal where i want to achieve 100 000 subscribers on this channel it’s something that yes i would love to achieve that milestone in subscribers and if you have not subscribed to the channel if this is adding value to

Your life i would love if you subscribed and turn on notifications right now overall that is not within my control i cannot for someone to subscribe to the channel but i can make sure that i am publishing consistent value each week and it’s very actionable to be able to publish certain amount of videos on the channel during the year versus trying to work towards

A metric that is outside of my control for the burnout doctor podcast i would like to publish 26 episodes this year and that would be one episode every other week during the year one of my goals is around batching out my content is really important as i keep my full-time job as an associate professor and board certified critical care pharmacist that i batch out

My business content so that it is ready to go and i’m going to be published weekly on a schedule so i would like to batch out about 10 to 12 episodes at a time so that means recording and writing them in advance so usually i take a few days to write the episodes then i record the episodes about four to eight episodes at a time then i take a few days to edit them

And then i take a few days to upload them so it is you know a process and if i have a process in my schedule to do this then i’m able to batch out the episodes in the videos you know two to three months ahead of time even up to six months ahead of time for the podcast so then it’s all ready to go it’s all uploaded and going to be automated to publish on the day

And time i want it published that stuff is keynote speaking and you know that from my 2021 video keynote speaking was a big portion of my business and my growth for the year for keynote speaking i would like to have at least 20 events in major organizations scheduled for the year and i also have a revenue goal related to this and profit goal i will not share

That for privacy reasons but having 20 events with some major organizations is really exciting i also have one already scheduled for february of this year that i cannot wait to share more information about once the event is held if you know an organization who’s looking for a virtual or in-person keynote speaker i’m happy to come in and talk about well-being

Simplifying or burnout we have signature talks listed on our website so please be sure to visit our speaking page and reach out to me for digital products and online courses i do want to update some of this content and add more value to my digital products so i am going to update those and relaunch two of the courses in 2022 so please make sure that you’re on our

Email newsletter if you’re interested in some of these products as they’re updated and as they launch again this year so that goal related to digital products is something that i have on a quarterly basis and i’ll be able to focus on that after i have batched out some of my content related to the youtube channel and the podcast for affiliates and sponsors i have

Worked with a lot of great companies in the past and i still have some great affiliate relations with some of those companies that i love supporting week to week and months a month and i would like to add five new companies in 2022 to partner with either for affiliate relations or sponsored posts specifically related to some of my financial being content to really

Add value to your lives and be able to review their products especially products i’m already using and being able to establish a partnership with those companies for my full-time position as an associate professor i have been associate professor for the last two years i was promoted in 2020 so i put in two years as an associate professor so one of my goals is

To work towards full professor and that would mean that i need four years as an associate professor and it takes one year for the promotion cycle so right now on the timeline i would go up for promotion and my application would be due in 2023 so about a year from now and then i would be eligible to get promoted in 2024. so if i’m on that cycle i do have a goal of

Two peer-reviewed publications for 2022. i have some things in the works and some things that have been sitting on the sidelines that i need to revisit so two peer-reviewed publications would be a goal for 2022 with the longer term goal of going out for a full professor promotion cycle in terms of experiences experiences are a big highlight in 2022 with one of

Our family trips already planned to hawaii and i’m really excited for this trip to go on it with my parents my sister and my niece and it’s going to be a great trip where we are traveling for the first time on an airplane in over two and a half years and i just can’t wait for this trip to come later in the spring i also plan to have trips outside of california to

Visit some family members and those have not been officially booked or planned on the calendar but we are seeing what will work best for my husband’s schedule and my schedule and then finally for experiences i plan to enroll our puppy lucky in some type of good canine certificate program it’ll be an experience for both myself and for him and i think this will be

Great as he turns one later on this year in terms of friends family and my partner so my husband and i will be celebrating our one year anniversary soon and we’re going to continue our weekly joy chats our weekly marriage journals and something i’d like to incorporate in 2022 is to make sure that we plan an experience every month we were going to do this in 2021

But this is something that we didn’t achieve especially as some challenges around the pandemic arose so switching off planning experiences each month is something that i would like to incorporate as well as incorporating new transitions as a couple and as a family unit i plan to continue monthly video calls with my girlfriends and monthly video calls with family

Members that live out of stage and then we’ll see when we can also see each other in person this year one of my exciting goals in this category is scheduling a photo shoot with my husband and a photo shoot with my family so one in fall and one in spring of this year and it’s something that i love doing i love professional photography and i usually take a lot of

My own photos so being able to hire someone that would really capture our memories together it’s gonna be really important it’s something that my husband’s not a big fan of photos together that’s why he’s not on a lot of photos i post so i would like to get some professional ones done as a family unit and then one of my goals is to send out a holiday card next

November december and that’ll be our first holiday card as a married couple so i definitely want some pictures with my husband and our puppy in him and then some of our larger family unit as well in terms of movement related to health i am changing up some of my goals in this category you know that i love my hydra roar in 2021 i was using at least four to five

Times a week and i want to change up my movement goals to just reincorporate some more variety into them so on my hydra rower i’m going to plan to use it two to three times a week and then i plan to incorporate some of the hydro app workouts into my routine whether they’re yoga and stretching or pilates they offer a lot more pilates types of workouts and also

Reincorporating my bar method online movements where i’m able to incorporate some of those non-hydra rose into my workout routine for about 15 minutes at a time at least three days a week i’m also going to add in a new exercise in my morning routine i also do stretches and some movement in my morning and i’m going to add in 50 push-ups per day five days a week

And for this i can either choose to do reverse push-ups or traditional push-ups or a combination of the two you know whatever i feel like my body needs that day so it will give me some flexibility in how i achieved that goal and it will be some flexibility also it’s five days a week instead of every single day and then for movement wise i also walk our puppy uh

Lucky usually twice a day so we go through about two miles a day so i’d like to continue that routine where if we do one long walk or two shorter walks or one longer and one shorter during the day we’re at least getting our steps in together and achieving about two miles per day for the learning category i have a focus on reading books i would like to read five

New finance books and 10 books related to self-development and professional growth so those are books that i’m still sourcing so if you have recommendations please let me know i already did a review on the 10 books i recommend people read in 2022 so you can also go and listen to that episode as well for mental emotional health one of my big goals is to move into a

New home that we’re going to stay in several years and this is something that we’ve been planning over the last few years and we’ve moved several times over the last decade together and now it’s time to settle down in something that is going to become our own we’re going to own it so we do plan to buy in 2022 a new home and then i would like to declutter before

We move uh it was always good to do a declutter before you move and then organize the home so it really feels like our own my other goal in this category is to make sure that i’m aligning my vacation and my time off with my husband my husband has 12 to 14 weeks off a year and one day off a week so it’s something that in order to make sure that we are growing as a

Couple and we’re spending quality time together i would like to align a lot of my time off with him as well in terms of other health-related things i do want to continue with our eco-friendly journey where we are replacing a lot of plastic used products in our home and we’re doing a lot more composting and responsible recycling in our home so in 2022 some of the

Eco-friendly products i’m looking to source include makeup products makeup is something that i’ve still been using to my old products and i want to use up everything that i already own and then i’m going to transition and research different companies to see what products are being packaged in non-plastic type packaging that are eco-friendly so that’s something

I will be sourcing the other thing i’m going to be sourcing is new pots and pans as we move and i want those to be really eco-friendly non-toxic and then i’m also going to be sourcing eco-friendly appliances because we will be buying some of the appliances whether that’s washer dryer refrigerator induction stove things like that so those are some things that i do

Plan that are related you know to our health indirectly as well now we’re getting into financial health and i have several financial health goals so let’s start off with the savings rate so if you have looked at my video on how i plan to retire early you know that savings rate is an important component of that and i have a goal of at least 70 or more of my savings

Rates for 2022 and it’s something that i do think is very reasonable and sometimes it does vary month-to-month with my full-time job having a very standard paycheck and then my business having variable months and variable seasons so 70 is my goal for the year you can also check out my video on how i save over 70 of my income here my next goal is to max out all of

My retirement funds so as you know from watching my other videos in financial freedom there are different types of retirement accounts so one of those accounts is my work 401k so the maximum contribution limits in 2022 are 20 500 so i plan to match that out this year and i have masked it out for the last few years but i actually plan to front load this account

Again so i did this in 2021 i plan to continue this in 2022 and front loading means that you are either contributing the maximum amount in the first few months of the year or for my scenario i do need to contribute every paid check in order to get my employer match so i will front load with a very high percentage in the first two months of the year and then i’ll

Decrease that percentage for the rest of the year so at least i’ll have about 60 of the account funded and then i’ll let the rest of the account fund through the rest of the paid chats to make sure i get my employer match i do plan to fully fund my 401k at 20 500 then my employer match is over five thousand dollars i won’t give you exact number for privacy reasons

But that’s over five thousand dollars that will contribute and then my roth ira is a six thousand dollar contribution and for this one i do a backdoor roth ira because of income limits so make sure that you check the income limits related to this of how you fund your roth ira and then my civil war 401k will be 20 of my profits from 2021 and then finally any other

Money will go into my brokerage so i do plan it to contribute six figures in 2022 so anything left over from that would be going into my brokerage account and that usually is a monthly contribution with auto investing then each week and you know some months will be higher and some months will be a little bit lower depending on the goals and the income that’s coming

In from the business that month that’s up for financial goals and related to vacations and experiences so already talked about that and how we’re going on experiences this year so our budget for those is about eight to ten thousand dollars and i will also include training and boarding for lucky in that estimate because when we go away um usually he would stay with

Family members but for one of the vacations we’re all going on vacation together so he will be possibly going to a board and train type of program which would be about a thousand to two thousand dollars so we’re budgeting for that as well now to my biggest and most ambitious goal of 2022 related to finances this is the house down payment fund now you know i live

In los angeles california housing marketing is going crazy and we do plan to buy in 2022. so my house down payment fund is 200 000 to 300 000 i’m not going to give a dat numbers related to this for privacy reasons but i actually started saving for this house down payment in 2017 and then i paused that house down payment fund in 2020 and 2021 as i learned more

About financial freedom i took some of that money and put it into brokerage accounts for investments and now since we are getting closer to buying we are going to fully fund that in the first four months of the year and make sure that it has a strong foundation so we don’t know exactly if we’re going to go with a 20 down payment or something lower like a 5 10 or

15 down payment it really depends on what mortgage rates are at the time what mortgage we plan to get because we have the option to get a doctor’s loan my husband is an md or a more traditional 30-year mortgage so we’re kind of just seeing what are the most beneficial options we were planning this fund for the down payment closing costs and any minor renovations

That need to be done and once we buy i’m hoping i will be able to share a little bit of that journey and a little bit of the final product with you here on the youtube channel in our blog i can’t wait to hear what you are looking forward to in 2022 what is your word of the year what are some of your goals you can post them in the comments for some accountability

And i can’t wait for an amazing year together here on the youtube channel thank you for watching make sure you’re taking action steps and downloading our resources below until next time cultivate joy

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