3 Verses That Mention Narcissist: What Does The Bible Say About Narcissism?

3 verses that mention narcissist. What does the bible say about narcissism? Do you want to understand if you are dealing with narcissists from a spiritual aspect? Have you always wondered if narcissists were mentioned in the bible? Are you fed up with not knowing if the people at work are friends or foes? Check out this video subscribe, like, comment and share.

So hello good morning youtube welcome back to fake based workplace youtube channel uh bright beautiful wednesday sunday came up so hey it’s another great day today we’re going to be talking about three verses that mention narcissists now obviously in the bible talking about the bible of course i’m talking about verses i wasn’t in the bible they didn’t mention

The word the exact word narcissist but as we look at these three verses we’ll see that some of the traits are the same as narcissus as we come to know uh let’s get right into this one this is uh this is a pretty good one i i found actually i found a lot of verses i came down with three but it was so many verses i’m looking at i’m like man just digging through

Stuff you know googling and researching and finding the stuff in the bible i’m like man these people back in the bible days before christ and after christ uh yeah a lot of them had narcissist traits i mean this is clear clear that we’ll go over this uh hey let’s let’s just get right into it so my whole thing if you’re trying to figure out you know of the

People you’re working with you know we always talk about you know faith-based workplace so we talking about you know dealing with narcissism and things like that in the workplace so in this one we’re trying to figure out you know are we working with narcissists like surrounding us like supervisors managers co-workers you know presidents things like that so

Let’s get into the first verse because it’s not a long video so let’s get into the first verse first verse is uh james 1 uh verses 19 through 20. understand this my dear brothers and sisters you must all be quick to listen slow to speak and slowly get angry human anger does not produce the righteousness god desires wow think about difference say let’s go back

To the last part human anger does not produce the righteousness god desires so what is he saying here it’s playing his day let’s listen first let’s not anger about things quickly if you notice uh narcissists what do they usually do i’m not saying all of my angry because also i haven’t looked at every narcissist and everything but a lot of them are anger angry

I should say a lot of them fly up the handle they like to bait you in and get you into arguments i tell you right here in james 1 verse 19 and 20. be quick to listen slow to speak and slowly get angry if you notice a lot of these people are actually quicker to do these things they’re not slow to listen at all it’s all about them all about what they have going

On so that’s kind of what they get into so it’s it’s funny that you know the narcissists do the exact opposite of what they just said in james 1 verses 19 and 20. it’s and like i said i’m going to do this again because you know there’s three verses maybe every week or every few weeks or whatever um i’ll come back with another three or four verses that i was

Able to you know find in the bible this same traces narcissism and it’s written right in the bible and we could just read it plain as day you know you got new king james or you know king james version or whatever you have you know you can read it and find it for yourself and like i said don’t take my word for it the verse is james 1 19 and 20. go back and read

The bible verse so the next one is uh the next verse is romans 16 uh verses 17 through 19. and now i made now and now i make one more appeal my dear brothers and sisters watch out for people who cause division and upset people’s faith by teaching things contrary to what you have been taught i’m laughing because i’m gonna get back to this stay away from them see

God say hey stay away from these people they not the right people to be around that’s like the intuition the holy spirit tells you to stay away from these people so let’s get into verse 18. such people such people are not serving christ our lord they are serving their own personal interests by smooth talk and glowing words they deceive innocent people i mean

It’s funny because what do narcissists do narcissists gamers divide and conquer for their best interest so they’re going to take the people in the workplace they’re going to figure out who’s on that side it’s always a you got to be on either side you don’t it’s like being on good or evil you know you’re going to be for god they’re going to be for satan you’re

Going to be for happier you’re going to be for sadness however you want to look at it that narcissist is going to take that and use it to their advantage so what i’m telling you is uh romans 16 romans 16 verse 17 to 19 clearly says stay away from these people it don’t say the word narcissist but we we can determine and know some of the traits of narcissists how

They’re crazy they cannot be like a lot of they like to divide they like to be all about themselves it’s not just you know because i’m not gonna lie when i was coming up uh teenagers early twenties what i thought our narcissist was was just somebody that just like looking in the mirror and just you know pretty much care about themselves it’s a lot deeper than

That it’s a lot deeper than that there’s a lot of different things that they don’t just look in the mirror these are some evil corrupted people that like to destroy uh families destroy workplaces destroy just destroy that’s all they like to do to like to seek and destroy you know knowing who they can devour when they destroy so let’s go back to this such people

Are not serving christ our lord so if you’re at work and you realize these some of these traits that we’ve talked about in the previous weeks that this is a narcissist and you’re you’re a believer christ follower okay they telling you right here such people are not serving christ our lord they are serving their own personal interests so they got their own

Agenda i’ve spoken about this before they have their own agenda they have their own thing that they’re trying to do with this promotion it might be to get you fired hope pray god that’s not what it is but it might be to get you fired so that’s their agenda what do you think they’re going to do they’re going to try to get you fired they’re going to try their best

They’re worried about their promotion they’re not worried about your promotion they’re not worried about your raise at the end of the day they are not worried about you they worry about themselves and what they can do for themselves and move their way move themselves up in the company and things like that uh it’s just when you look at these verses man james 1

Roman 16 is like wow it’s telling us right here this is what narcissist people are and it’s scientifically proven you know that these are some of the traits you know they you know they they angry people they don’t like to listen to other people’s opinions it’s like daryl opinions you know you know they’re saying my way out of highway they have to they run they

Go by that you know you you can get out of here you don’t like it keep moving so things like that is what we’re talking about so let’s get into the next verse uh philippians 2 verse 3 and 4. it’s another good one uh don’t be selfish don’t try to impress others be humble thinking of others as better than yourselves uh verse 4 don’t look out only for your own

Interest but take an interest in others too no narcissists we just talked about this is not narcissists are not gonna take interest in you they can care less about what you’re doing they’ll worry about themselves it clearly said the first thing i said don’t be selfish these are selfish people narcissists jezebel they have these are selfish people look at it we

Can read it in the bible we can pull out different verses these are very selfish people they care about themselves they don’t care about you just know that know when you recognize the signs of what you’re dealing with just know i’m dealing with a selfish person i’m dealing with a date and leadership management just know they don’t care about you so they’re going

To have their own agenda they’re going to do things according to their will not god’s will not helping you out it’s their will not your will not god will what i should be saying not you know it’s not god’s will it’s their will it’s their own interest uh right here let’s get back uh be humble thinking of others as better than yourselves naming your narcissists

That think about others better than themselves we was taught as kids are coming up a lot of y’all i’m pretty sure it was was taught that narcissists only care about the selection look in the mirror they you know looking at themselves they they care about just themselves they don’t care about others they don’t like others they kind of like an army of one okay i

Mean you know let’s get right along like i said that’s a short video i just want to throw three verses at you real quick so you can get this on your lunch time and you can figure out man remember james 1 verse 19 and 20 uh romans 16 verse 17 through 19 and philippians 2 verses 3 and 4 and again which i’ll you know find three verses that mention narciss uh how

Many of you think are believe nauseous care think about others you can answer that down in the comments do you do you really believe that narcissists care about others you know we’ll talk we’ll discuss that i’ll drop that question in the comments on this channel i will actually talk about that uh like i said they could care less about about anything like what

You have going on in your life you have a baby you know about to be born in the next few days they could care less they want you at work if you ever had that job where it doesn’t matter what you have going on in your life they don’t care you can be on your deathbed guess what they want you to clock in at nine o’clock i’m laughing because i’ve been there i had

A cup here that it wasn’t i was on my deathbed but i’ve seen you know where people would you know have a baby on the way two three days and like well you can go to the breakfast but after you know right after she delivered you need to get back to work are you serious i mean who who does that it’s a baby being born that’s why they have laws in place now to you

Know and i’m a firm believer that you know the wife get off you know how many wishes i think that doesn’t need to be off i ain’t saying to be off you know much like the white but he need to be off a few weeks also and it should be paid that way he can you know be there for his wife because the wife is you know she’s not going to be 100 after giving birth to a

Baby okay and then uh other stories you know uh let’s say uh somebody got in a car wreck or you know your wife got in the car right let’s say and the job they want you back at work that day next day they want you there they don’t care about if your wife survived or none of that i mean you know yeah some of these companies they’ll go you know take one step and

You know might send you some flowers or a card or something you know your wife passed away your husband passed away or child passed away i’m not wishing that on anybody i’m just saying it happened so let’s talk about it the come on man what kind of company is that that’s one of those companies that like i told y’all before you’re a number you’re not solomon savoy

You’re not jessica simpson you’re not whatever name uh you are you’re not that person they consider your number it’s not a family atmosphere especially when the narcissist is a narcissist is in charge it’s it’s bad it’s bad from the time you get done to the time you leave and when i say time to get that could be daily or the day your first day to your last day

If it’s gonna be bad now you’re gonna have some good experiences at the company i pray that you do i pray you have way more good experience than bad but most likely you’re gonna have a lot of bad experiences when you have a nurses in charge and you have people uh going the exact opposite of god what’s the exact opposite of god it’s satan rocket science but come

On it’s satan so hey i just wanted to throw those three verses that y’all once again let me read them back to y’all uh james 1 verse 19 through 20 romans 16 verses 17 through 19 and philippians 2 verses 3 through uh four like i said i found i found a bunch of verses so i’m definitely going to visit this again because just learned about this in the bible saying

It plain as day like i said they don’t mention the word narcissist but the traits are right there in front of us once again family and friends hey thank you all for viewing this shout out uh i’m laughing because it’s it’s it’s like mind-boggling dead this is right here i didn’t know i mean nothing bro i haven’t been researching something since i’ve been getting

Into this but come on man this is how they say that the proof is in the pudding the proof is in the bible it’s right here and we’re going to get into some more verses like i said in the coming weeks it’s this is why i guess if they had the word narcissist back then they probably would have used the word narcissus back then we had we’ll see it all over the bible

This all probably all kind of books of the bible would have yeah it’ll be narcissism but the more i’m reading and studying this stuff and figuring out yeah they they all over the bible and they we even get into some specific names specific names that are narcissists they don’t say narcissus but they have those traits so we’ll get into that in the coming weeks

Uh once again have you if you had the chance to subscribe uh oh you i should say you haven’t had the chance to subscribe to the channel go ahead and click the bell uh so you can get notifications when i upload i also like the you know the videos and then you know comment you know i’m always looking for comments so we can keep the you know the storyline going we

Have questions hopefully we can answer them and get into that uh also share with friends and family once again this is fate based workplace youtube channel i’m your host solomon savoy and i’ll see you next time god bless you and yours you

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