5.5 Acres in York County, SC Owner Finance Land

Beautiful property in York County, SC. This property is between Charlotte, NC and Spartanburg, SC. Booming area, with great long-term investment potential.

Hi folks we have a new property in york county south carolina five point five acres forty-nine thousand nine hundred ninety dollars owner financed $4.99 a month for 17 years at nine point nine percent we have a two percent down payment of just under a thousand dollars and then a three ninety-nine documentation fee all you have to do to get started no credit check

Just have to verify income and again at $4.99 a month this is it’s going to be in good investment long term you know the proximity to charlotte is pretty exciting you know you’ve got kings mountain blacksburg york clover rock hill gastonia all nearby obviously charlotte is major metro area in you know 43 miles or 47 depending on the route you take and then it looks

According to the map it looks as though spartanburg is probably about an hour away so a really good location with the entire greenville spartanburg charlotte corridor really taken off this could be a great investment long-term and this is you see some homes mini farms in the area a couple of trailers so it’s unrestricted you can you can do a full-blown stick built

House or put in a mobile home some people even want to do an rv that’s fun too we always recommend double check and everything with the local city county government but as you can see there are a couple of trailers nearby good news this has good road access inan church road and then it’s near black highway and then as you zoom out further you’re between a couple

Of major highways you know depending on where you want to go you’re between 85 and 321 so if you’re headed down to if you’re headed over to charlotte or over to asheville spartanburg greenville again you’re not far from the major highways things are really taken off in the carolinas right now a lot of expansion in south carolina so this is a great investment

And again along this greenville spartanburg charlotte corridor things are really taking off so this is an extremely desirable area even if you take a look at york the prices in new york are extremely high so again this is a very desirable area you know only 45 47 miles to to charlotte so you could easily commute so let’s take a closer look at the actual property

And the area again you’ll notice this property borders an enormous tract of land here that goes all the way down to the highway so a lot of privacy just a couple of homes near back and this is 5.5 acres so you could pull in this place and never see anybody looks like it’s got a mixture of hardwoods and ponds in there again we’ll get three-dimensional and just

Take a look at the area looks like you’ve got quite a few farms in the area but again the proximity to the big cities is fantastic so thanks for looking again if you have questions visit land 50 comm we have all the information we’ve discussed today have some more pictures there all the terms of our owner financing low down payment of only 2% and then additional

Information here if you want to look it up with the county there’s your parcel number and we’ve got an explanation of how our financing works here and if you decide you want to purchase a property with us just hit the paypal button pay your 399 documentation fee and assuming we can verify income it will get the ball rolling and get the documentation completed and

You’ll be on your way to owning this 5.5 acres so thanks again for looking and have a great day

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5.5 Acres in York County, SC Owner Finance Land By USA Land