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Big Time Real Estate Investor “Herbie” was having trouble sleeping at night. He’d found a lot of success with Rental Properties but wondered if there was a better way. At 2:00 am he jumped on YouTube where he found our videos on Seller Financing. It sounded too good to be true so, he scheduled an appointment with Ty Wilde aka Ty the Real Estate Guy & Dustin Zeller the King of Creative financing. We answered his questions & we are under contract on his first seller finance property. One we believe will be extremely profitable for him.

Hey guys ty the real estate guy here with dustin’s other again video number three today that’s why we’re still wearing the same clothes don’t you don’t beat us up we’re in the same outfits in three videos we can’t afford multiple shirts that’s true so there’s that hey i have lots of shirts this is just my favorite one so i wear it for every video it’s nice and sweet

It’s bright yeah sunshiny kind of like me anyways we’re going to talk about our good friend herbie now herbie’s kind of the third type of investor that we well we deal with all kinds of investors but in this situation he’s our third type he’s a big-time investor super successful came in and met with us three weeks ago probably yeah had a bunch of questions yeah he

Couldn’t sleep at night that’s right this is true he woke up at like two o’clock in the morning jumped on to youtube found the best youtube real estate agent in the world and then he found my video after that one and uh anyways we were talking about the seller finance and that made sense to him he wanted to learn more so he met with us here in the office and he had

A lot of questions he did he’s a good dude um he’ll probably be watching this video his real name isn’t herbie but again we’re trying to uh you know who you are herbie yes you know who you are anyways long story short he came to us again he has experience in real estate he’s bought multiple properties he actually has homes under contract right now to purchase and

He was kind of hitting a log jam these homes he’s purchasing and has purchased is in his wife’s name and he wanted to be able to invest in his name but didn’t have the ability to do so with a traditional lender well guys again we work with creative lenders we work with investment specialist lenders our lender got in touch with him and was able to get him qualified

He can actually buy oh my gosh he can probably buy another 20 30 properties in his name alone you should have saw his face when he got that news broke to him he’s pretty excited about it so we started running numbers matter of fact we went shopping i found a house great house put it under contract perfect 53 and change something like that yeah we’re still under

Contract on this property we’re still marketing the property and he’s set to close here in a couple of weeks buying this house for 553 500 he’s putting 20 down he’s getting an interest rate just over 4 which is a little higher than normal but that’s what the creativity of this product entailed right once again you got the seller pacing closing costs yeah i think

Most of his closing costs yeah which is fantastic and he’s gonna have a monthly payment around 2600 a month and what’s really fun with this deal and by the way that’s after putting about a hundred and ten thousand dollars cash out of pocket to put us 20 down gets the property obtains that we go out there and we find our seller financing buyers again we’re still

Marketing this one it’s got a lot of bedrooms i am actually very excited for this one i think we’ll be able to get it moved relatively fast hopefully by the time he closes here in a couple weeks and if not just shortly after but the anticipated monthly payment that we’re looking to get from the end all bl buyer looks like it’s going to be in the ballpark of 3 800

A month and selling the property for roughly 610 ish on creative financing that’s good money yeah mark this video because most likely when we sell this on seller finance we’ll come back and do a little video to show you how our good friend herbie did right and not herbie hancock that’s a different herbie yeah so ultimately uh the cash flow on this transaction is

Pretty awesome he’s gonna be getting over 12 1300 a month with his hidden cash flow he’s going to be really kicking it around 13 14 1500 a month we anticipate on this house this size will probably get 80 90 000 and a down payment back let’s say 90 000 down payment back he’ll probably net somewhere a little over 50 000 of that money back he’ll be adjusted cash out

Of pocket roughly 60 grand and he’ll be making roughly eighteen thousand dollars per year between his hidden cash flow and his total cash flow that’s a great return on your investment how many times does that amount go into 60 grand let’s say we do really bad and it’s only 15 000 a year that he’s making 15 goes into 60 000 four times that’s the 25 rate of return

On your investment pretty dang good keep watching right like i said ring that bell because i want you to see how he does in the future and guess what i have a really good feeling we’ll be doing multiple transactions with herbie over the next coming years if everything goes to plan like we’ve talked about i wouldn’t doubt it if he does five or six of them this year

That’s the power of the programs that we have right so whether you’re a seasoned investor that feel like you’re maxed out and you can’t do any more call us i’m working on deal number 37 right now so there’s there’s really endless possibilities here when you connect with the right folks whether you’re the person living in a house living a little better than paycheck

To paycheck but you’ve got a good job and good income and you want to become a real estate investor and we help those folks out too and if you’re that person that has been thinking about investing in real estate for a while and you’ve got a little bit of money down and you’ve got some maybe equity in your house we can show you all sorts of scenarios regardless of

Where you’re at on how to get you going unless you’re that person with a 620 credit score paycheck to paycheck and working under the table income someplace that’s a little hard to do with a lender so yeah well and herbie has lots of rental properties yeah and so for those of you that have rental properties i know i’ve had them i do have one right now and wanting to

Sell you have them they suck i mean if you have one that really sucks like you’re done with it contact us we’ll look at the options for creative financing and get you in a position we’re still making a ton of money off that property but you’re no longer managing it like doesn’t sound great i’m gonna put an asterisk next to that okay rental properties do not suck

They can suck and if you’ve had a bad tenant you know what i’m talking about right is there a better way and that’s what we’ve really dissected and done over the last decade right putting multiple deals together and you’re probably thinking these deals are too good to be true guys seriously i was thinking the same thing 10 years ago when i started right it took

Me probably two years to convince my wife that we needed to start investing this way i was primarily setting up deals for my investors making a commission but ultimately started doing a bunch of deals myself we’ve done a huge portfolio since and i’m glad that she finally trusted me after two years of telling her that someday i should do it you’ll be able to retire

She just remembered 2008 nine and 10 and how crappy that was yeah because i did it the wrong way originally i don’t want that to be you if you have a rental property come and talk to us we can talk about is creatively financing your property in the future when it becomes available a better option for you and let you do the homework and figure that out for yourself

Right we’ve talked about real estate is the safest fastest way to make money and with our creative financing system this is the quickest fastest safest way within the fastest safest way to invest in real estate unless you get really lucky in crypto and put a hundred thousand dollars into some currency that quadruples overnight congratulations i’m not willing to

Make that gamble but ultimately this is something you can control every step of the way i mean why you love it right dustin has done this over 300 times helped dozens of people including himself and he knows this is what works for him and it’s going to work for you as well i’m a little bit of a different investor i like to be diversified so i have money in stock

Market cryptocurrency and real estate but i’m really excited for 2022 because i’m about to blow it up we’re about to blow up the real estate portfolio and have a lot of fun this year and i cannot wait to make videos and show you guys what we’re doing this year regardless of what the market does regardless one of the points i want to make is that the strategies we

Implement is regardless of what the market does because we have plan a plan b plan c plan d every step of the way it’s about making a bunch of money minimizing your risk and making this work for you and your family we’re supremely confident we can help you if you guys live in utah you’re wanting to invest in utah even if you don’t live here give us a call let us

Show you what we’re doing and i’m pretty sure you’re gonna be like giddy up let’s do this thing once again give us a thumbs up please give us a thumbs up hit the subscribe button ring the little bell below and uh we’ll catch you next time we need to get a bell we need to get about we need about we’re getting about watch next time on bill

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A BETTER Way to Invest in Real Estate – Seller Financing Specialists By Ty the Real Estate Guy – Utah Real Estate