Adam Schefter BREAKING Tua Tagovailoa could retire from NFL if he loves his family, loves his kids

Adam Schefter BREAKING Tua Tagovailoa could retire from NFL “if he loves his family, loves his kids”

Starting with tom brady tom brady did not practice yesterday it was listed on the injury report with shoulder and finger injuries i don’t detect a lot of concern about him potentially missing the game i think wednesday is a day where they want to back him off and maybe give him a full day off anyway as they manage him through the season at age 45 unless he misses

Another practice i would not be too concerned about this mac jones of the patriots brady’s eventual successor there in new england he missed the game with the ankle injury he’s been out on the practice field trying to do some stuff i was told by someone there this morning that they they want to wait till friday’s practice and see how the week went with mac i would

Still call it unlikely that he plays and with brian hoyer in the concussion protocol could be the first career start for bailey zappy against detroit for the patriots this week and to a tongue of i love the dolphins has already been ruled out for this week because of his concussion issues the dolphins will play teddy bridgewater we don’t know yet when to a will

Play again obviously a lot going on around that situation including an investigation into why he was allowed back on the field at this point though that to it we’re not going to see two of this week and we don’t know exactly when we’ll talk about that investigation a little later but the coach mike mcdaniel yesterday was asked if tua is able to go to meetings if

He’s able to travel with the team this week here’s what he said the only thing it’s about and that’s the the the health of the human being so you know he’s it’s a change in routine for him so you know and he loves football and loves being around his teammates you know it’s another example of us having honest and forthright communication with the medical staff

He’ll be around as as long as it doesn’t adversely affect him he’s a captain of this team and we want him to be present as much as he can but not at any sort of cost to his process getting himself healthy all right so as he was talking bart just turned around and i i’ve had a lot of players on our set this week bart who’ve been put off by the way the coach has

Talked about this what what about that didn’t you like it’s cringe-worthy right because he says we we want to work in step or i forgot i said fourth right fourth right with the medical staff well how do you know the the forefright information is coming back from the medical staff i obviously they something was wrong something was missed and you talk about i don’t

Want to put a player at risk football is about putting yourself at risk and they took a gamble they thought okay we put them back in the game maybe he won’t you know get hurt on a short week they put him at risk like in teddy two gloves is good enough of a quarterback that is not that big of a drop off some will argue that teddy two gloves is a better quarterback

This point in his career it’s all about risk you talk about tool taking a risk i just don’t like the communication and act like they didn’t know they were unaware that he had tremendous damage all right so we’re going to leave that part of it for the moment dan was telling us earlier there is an investigation into the this that is being conducted by the nfl and the

Players association into how all that was handled there might be some results from that today if there are obviously we will have them in the meantime let’s spin it forward if we can for this team they got off to an unbelievably good start down there in south florida mike t that feels like a very long time ago they go play a jets team that has a little momentum on

Their side this week with teddy bridgewater at quarterback we’re going to put the picks up there on the screen how do you see it this weekend for the dolphins in new york i like the jets it should be a close low scoring game you have two teams that have really good front sevens two teams whose each respective offensive line is dealing with a lot of injuries and

Because the jets are at home and look how zach wilson drove their team in the fourth quarter against pittsburgh on the road i just like zach wilson a little bit more than teddy bridgewater in what should be a low scoring game dan graziano your face folks at home couldn’t see it but you were quite stunned to see all that green on the screen i did not think i’d be

Alone with this pick that’s for sure i look maybe i haven’t thought enough about this game i i do like the jets more than i think a lot of people do this year in terms of their roster and and the caliber of players they have i i do i just i think the dolphins have a little bit more you’re close to the situation but with the jets a lot of the this is an energized

Fan base believe me i hear from them every single day this would be a big win for the jets last week was a big win this game against this division rival that has got off to this very hot start even without their quarterback this would feel like a real affirmation of what the gen are doing if they pull it off on sunday oh yeah you talk about bringing some of those

Receipts and starting to cash them in and ask for the rebates back you know you talk about you know sauce garden or dj reed you know i think really we don’t talk about this duel at the cornerback position i think they match up well yes of course you know they don’t have the speed to keep up but i think the fact that miami doesn’t particularly run the ball well allows

This front seven to stop the run and where the light bots allows somebody to apply a lot of their resources and then zach wilson right really starting to come of age and really start to show that some of the off-season work he did with his receivers are starting to pay dividends in the communication that he could potentially be a franchise quarterback he showed it

In pittsburgh a tough environment i’m curious if miami starts to use the running backs a little bit more with teddy there because they did invest in that position in the off season and they’re paying those guys a lot of money i’m curious to see if they change a little bit so let me take a quick timeout here we’re going to change the subject completely coming up the

Major league baseball postseason begins tomorrow fell down like even if it’s a back injury he still can’t walk off the field like that that’s that it’s cause for at least some caution yeah it’s yeah you hope that the long-term effects are not as bad as as we fear mike mcdaniel by the way said that ruling two out has nothing to do with optics are you buying that i

Am because i think there’s there’s substance to what’s going on right now i mean they’re being investigated for their handling of this and and so i think i think it has more to do with the substance of it a you know the health and the well-being of the player and also the potential very real consequences that they’re facing if they did in fact do something wrong here

And put them back on the field uh when when he wasn’t so i think there’s enough substantive reason to hold him out that we can take him at his word that optics aren’t his primary concern right now i think that’s really well put in fact optics had nothing to do with the decision to play him in the first place because optics did they wouldn’t have done it which means

That it really came down simply to extremely bad judgment on the part of the dolphins franchise also think it’s the way people look at concussions like i’ve heard multiple i mean mike mcdaniel even said he said well it was just a concussion earlier right so when you hear somebody say just a concussion to me that brings back an old frame style of the way we used to

Think about concussions like well guys have these kind of things i mean you get them back in the game you figure it out there’s a new agent there’s a new day now dan i thought one of the things that’s been said through this process that stuck with me damora smith said at jc trader said so it’s coming from the nfl pa they said their question is was he being treated

As a player or was he being treated as a patient and that i think is the critical question right because they obviously want him to be treated there’s a doctor there the clearing him to go back into the game like was that doctor viewing him as a football player or as a concussion patient the way he would if you or i walked into a hospital or a doctor’s office for

Treatment for a concussion so i think that’s the perspective that they want to change and they should certainly be treating him as a patient and not as a football player and sometimes you know sometimes these doctors feel the pr even though coaches don’t say get him i’m talking about doctor not trainer because the trainer isn’t the doctor he just did the trainer

Right look after the players but sometimes these doctors feel the pressure of an organization or a head coach without even knowing the guy or even understanding or talking to him they just feel like they got to do something to get him back on the field and that’s that’s what the concussion protocols were designed to get rid of right like that that kind of uh pressure

And incentive so obviously they need to do more work on them which they are it’s a conflicted position to be in that’s where he’s talking about the pressure that goes from a conflict of interest as the hippocratic oath to do the right thing and your job for the team and knowing the team wants to field the best players by the way brooke pryor has been telling the

Story on espn pittsburgh steelers reporter nfl reporter um about ryan clark about ryan clark and how ryan clark no no coach i can go to tomlin but he had a he had a health issue that he was in general in denver right and mike tomlin said if it was my son i would not let him play so you are not playing you want to know why mike tomlin players will run through a brick wall for that dude

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Adam Schefter BREAKING Tua Tagovailoa could retire from NFL "if he loves his family, loves his kids" By Toàn Ngơ