Ancient Mysteries Explained: Whats going on in the IFSC?

Today i’d like to talk about what goes on in the ifsc the ofsc is the central business district in dublin it was created in 1987 by charlie harhi after he downed his last bottle of champagne he smashed it off the ground and the thought came to his mind that the docklands is actually a bit of a kip so he decided to create the ifsc a tax haven for international

Businesses charlie decided to give the docklands an extreme makeover he called it operation urban regeneration but charlie was a terrible makeup artist and ended up spreading foundation all over the cracks in the pavement operation urban regeneration was meant to benefit everyone everyone being global investment funds wealth management companies hedge funds

In the shadow banks with zero employees on the roster who exist in the ifsc by name only to avoid paying taxes as for everyone else they were left to die in a really nice ditch this regeneration project pushed the poverty to the other side of the tracks apparently when foreign direct investors enter the ifsc they’re given a goblet of lamb’s blood and once they

Drink it it makes sheriff street invisible the people living in the luxury ifsc apartments were all on six month contracts with only twenty percent of them still here after five years and a hundred percent of them not mixing with the locals the tax avoiding corporations and towering office blocks looms so high that the sun doesn’t shine down on sheriff street

Anymore so if people in sheriff street want to tan they’ll just have to buy it from a bottle the well between the ifsc apartments in cherish street was meant to be knocked down in 1997 but they built it even higher and added netting my naughty mother let you down but the ifsc workers would have got a terrible freud if they realized how rich they are compared

To people that were living in the floods in the oefsc you’ll notice there’s a smell of coffee everywhere you go the scent of an oat milk cappuccino was funneled through the cctv cameras lulling you into thinking that work is actually being done in here no one knows what happens inside the buildings in the ifsc what’s going on in here what about here it doesn’t

Matter there’s 430 companies trading in the ifsc and none of them have reached out to me for advertising according to figures from 2017 2.2 trillion euro gets circulated around the ifsc every year that’s five times the gdp of the entire country that’s really impressive it’s nice to see how insignificant their problems are compared to people with real money

People always tell me the ifsc is home to the true criminals in this country but i think that’s a bit harsh they’re just jealous that the government found a way to legally launder money plus we saw a homeless man rubbing stakes out a little the other day but the guard had took him down for a split second i could see the universe in his eyes then we all sat in

Unison he’s probably just a junkie or a scumbag there’s no security tag on your foreclosed home there’s no safety net to catch you when you fall into a deep depression don’t get addicted to drugs they’ll lock you up for being sick don’t show your true colors they’ll put you in a psych ward help yourself don’t think about anyone else tighten up your neck toy

And become a member of the ifsc namaste

Transcribed from video
Ancient Mysteries Explained: What’s going on in the IFSC? By Meditations for the anxious mind