Apple Notes for Financial Planning in 2021

Apple Notes for Financial Planning in 2021

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Benefits of using apple notes in your financial planning so this year 2021 one of the things on my bucket list is to create a very functional financial plan with my wife connie connie is uh not the one in our family who manages the money that’s me and so one of the things that she’s been concerned with about and so have i is the fact that if something happened

To me if i got hit by a mack truck or died on my way to work and on a motorcycle she wouldn’t know on my motorcycle goldwing she would know where all of our accounts are we have a pretty uh a pretty complex financial management situation we have a lot of accounts private equity investments that i’ve picked up along the way that i like a lot but she would just

Have trouble finding them so it was her idea to create a document she wanted to use paper i pushed back and encouraged her to consider using an app on her phone called apple notes and she agreed and it’s been going great so i want to just share it with you as a resource something to consider for yourself for your family but you may not be you probably won’t be

In the same situation we’re in you may be thinking about your wife or maybe one of your kids or someone that you would like to have access to the key information in your financial plan so in this short video and in this resource i’m just highlighting how this tool can be used it’s very secure your iphone is a very secure device and apple notes are no exception

And they’re tremendously functional they’ve been upgraded radically in the last few years by apple so it’s a very user friendly tool so i was just going to show you a couple of things let me see i’ll use my ipad so you can see i’ve got this open on my on my mac as i’m doing this video i have this open on my mac and my ipad i could open it on my iphone the cool

Thing is this note is held in a folder the folder is shared with connie so she gets to see this note and as i update this note or these notes every note that i create in this folder since it’s a shared folder she will see and she’ll get to see the updates so we have delegated responsibilities to one another and updating our financial plan there’s some things

That we wanted to have quick access to so for example i’m going to just show you it was her idea to call this the next chapter and so i’m going to blur out my screen here but you can see that i went in and filled in all of the account numbers the website links that she’ll need to go to to log into each of these investment accounts and then i also put a section

For financial advisors and i also sent her the contact cards or i am in the process of sending her contact cards so that she’ll see the name of the person she needs to reach if something happens to me and she’ll have the contact card and her phone to open it up but the note is really just the place where we’re keeping all of this information the links and so

On so i’m blurring my screen so you can’t see my account numbers obviously but i wanted you just to see that this is the the next chapter this is the a note that’s in a folder it’s a shared folder we also have insurance policies i see connie has not done her part yet she’s going to be listing all of our state farm policies because i was a state farm agent i have

Lots of life insurance policies with state farm most of them have cash value and they’re in the financial plan the amounts are which is great but having the policy numbers and the phone number to state farm is a good thing for connie to have quick access to if something happens to me and this is just a good way to organize that information at least it works for

Her that’s what she wanted to do and so i’m doing it and it seems to be a great tool so here in this case i have broken out the schwab accounts that’s where most of a lot of our investments are then i have private equity accounts and access to those and the people she would need to reach so that’s pretty much it for now we’re working on this again this is not

Our financial plan the financial plan is is let me change this to the note so i’m going to scroll through this is a pdf you can download just it’s at the website it’s part of this resource it’s really just from apple so you’ll have an a pdf to download that just gives you all of the bells and whistles the features of how to use your apple notes app on your phone

Ipad on your mac it’s a great tool it really is and the functionality is great but in any rate this is a tool notes that we’re using it’s not our financial plan it’s just like that place that we keep all of that extra information that we would want to have quick access to really something you would need to have with passwords now we’re coding our passwords

We have a password naming criteria that we both understand and you might want to do the same so if this is something that’s interesting to you give me a call reach out send me an email be happy to visit with you about using apple notes as a way for you to manage the critical private information that isn’t really part of your financial plan you may want to know

That in your financial plan at bayrock at least and i’m sure at most i know this is true most financial planning software is not going to use your social security number your passwords any private information we try to keep that totally out of your financial plan so there has to be a place where that critical information is stored and so this seems like a great

Solution for connie and me and so i’m happy to do this as part of our financial plan it’s on our bucket list for 2021. what’s on your bucket list hey thanks for watching my video and i hope you enjoy apple notes reach out if you want to talk about how to use it and don’t forget to download the resource it’s a pretty handy take care see you next time thanks for

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Apple Notes for Financial Planning in 2021 By Missional Money