AquariusBetween A Rock & A Hard PlaceMoney, Finance & CareerAug 8-15

â™’Aquariusđź’°Between A Rock & A Hard Placeđź’µMoney, Finance & Careerđź’°Aug 8-15

Hello my aquarian friends guiding halo  here let’s see what’s coming in for you   august to the 15th for my aquarian friends   so we have a self illusion of being trapped a  lack of self confidence afraid to take action   so there’s something that’s stopping you up a  little bit here perhaps it’s due to wondering  

If you are going to miss out on an opportunity  perhaps you need to go back to school you need to   also understand that in the financial world that  skilled work is rewarded so there’s some sort of   need to stop procrastinating here uh going back to  i feel like the topic is sensitive it’s like  very sensitive something i feel as

Though there’s   or there could be this is for very few but   there could be someone who’s going into a rehab  facility or realizing that perhaps they need to   okay tell me about this eight of swords that’s  for very few not for all great strength we have   a leo here involved in your situation it’s going  to take

Courage and strength to come out of this   low self-confidence vibe afraid to take action  for fear what others will think and feel   is you’re bringing about or thinking to   bring about is going to be a tower moment for  see how this this horse here uh has a sword on  its head i guess it’s a unicorn or whatever i  

Don’t know has a let’s look like a sword a point  i feel as though there’s some sort of tower moment  surrounding how you’re gonna handle this situation   it’s like why they feel it should be done a  certain way because of who they are and the   should be done a certain way for the same   of someone’s in denial about something

Here   that you realize the truth of the situation   we have five of wands and conflict is brewing  competition competition into how you handle things   based on who believes watch and who believes what  i feel as though you’re you’re going  but you’re going to have creative solutions  and use creative solutions in order

To find   stuck between a rock and a hard place you feel   where two people are fighting and the other   and you feel stuck completely in the middle   with a religious religious belief set or a   family belief set spiritual organization even what  is this eight of pentacles about skilled workers   rewarded

Learning all there is to know about a  topic going back to school temperance um i feel   as though somebody here could be deciding to go  well heck you could be working  with a nurse or working for a   something on their record not not police record   or whatever but in their past or their history  that might that needs

Healing before they can   the need to do more research so the answers   yet so options surrounding someone’s health   putting an end to a transformation coming  finding a new option a pathway forward that  you didn’t realize someone if you have an older   relative that’s unwell and hasn’t been expected to  last a

Long time chances are with the world card   very well could end this painful process   they’ve been going through but this isn’t new  it’s not news to you right it’s something that   surprise you when it happens but it’s not it’s   something that was expected nonetheless there’s  a transformation happen that ends a whole

Cycle   of you being up in your head about conflict about  how to deal with health matters and situations   almost like the divine is going to graduate you   it’s like if if an older family member passed  away or someone say even a job per situation   whatever it’s like you’re getting their position   seven of

Swords something you’d always hoped for  such a heavy mind over the whole thing i think you  need to get into joy and you need to have more fun   do especially you know if you’ve lost a   lies uh surrounding someone’s passing away  it’s almost like also and well on the flip  side of things someone could have some sort  

That they’re involved in regarding drinking   okay so someone has been i want to say been lied  to about how something ended and why uh it was   for their own best good trying to use creative  resources as to how to make this all happen   how to make it work out for everybody because  the fight needed to end the fight needs to

End   creative solutions surrounding  money finances and career   is someone keeping something on  the downlow from a parent here   so that they don’t see the truth as to what’s  going on that’s kind of the energy i get grounding   the reading though we have the three of pentacles  i believe that someone’s going

To come in and work   with you on it pitch an idea perhaps there could  be also be and for some not all a intervention   brought here and it brings about a new home new  job new life new you new opportunity to step into   something that is going to treat confidence like i  it’s something that at this point in time  in your

Life i would say could definitely   it’s like a judge making a decision someone  we also could have a proposal for a new home  if an older family member is moving upwards   have a proposal for you and a significant   however there is going to be some sort  man that sounds frustrating i tell you what  you guys are fixed signs

And you don’t like   to move unless you absolutely have to you want  to be the one to to decide when movement happens   get that option tell me about the left side of   things here you’re flying high right now which may  threaten others but don’t descend because others   will soon become inspired by your example that’s 

Beautiful energy yes the timing is right for this   new venture happy outcome follows your positive  expectations somebody could be looking at getting   a new pet or having a healing situ happen with a  pet if you have lost a pet and a pet is going away   it’s a long-term commitment that could be ending  you have a special bond with

Animals your pets on   earth and in heaven are watched over by the angels  so the divine wants you to know that your new pet   is with them and they’ve got them your pets here  and there let’s get an animal card under this   commitment to hierophant spiritual organizations  leadership structure discipline logic and reason  

Here i feel of course no wonder there’s   is your freedom your heart is pure and free   a greater purpose calls you you have unlimited  reserves and stamina and strength you follow the   i don’t think this is actually innately your   energy but i think it’s exactly what the divine is  calling you to do i love you guys blessings to you

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â™’Aquariusđź’°Between A Rock & A Hard Placeđź’µMoney, Finance & Careerđź’°Aug 8-15 By Guiding Halo