Arcimoto and Lightning Motorcycles Partnership! Tilting Motor Works + LS 218 E-Motorcycle

Arcimoto’s partnership with Lightning Motorcycles could provide a consistent stream of revenue and ramping of the profits from their Tilting Motor Works acquisition. Having a smaller footprint, being more efficient, and now tilting, is this new TRiO LS-218 the first iteration of Platform 2?

Today archimoto and lightning motorcycles announced a partnership in which they will begin development of the world’s fastest electric three-wheeled tilting motorcycle according to business wire it will be built on the platform of the lightning ls-218 and outfitted with arcmoto’s patented tilting trike technology the new electric bike will look to set the record for

The fastest three wheel motorcycle at bonneville the article says the lightning superbike set a record of the world’s fastest production motorcycle electric or otherwise with the scta official world record of 215.960 miles per hour and a best-timed run of 218.637 miles per hour at bonneville during speed week in 2011. the record-setting run was powered entirely

By solar energy at an estimated cost of only eight cents i made at 100 miles an hour you roll under the throttle the front wheel just starts coming off it’s the same horsepower torque as a tesla roadster wow and what is the land speed record that it’s set so this bike did a two-way average at bonneville with 215.960 and went through the timing lights at 218.6

Wow and that must be just gulping down kilowatts by that point isn’t it yeah it’s interesting though because we did we after regen after recharging we calculated that we were getting the equivalent of more than 50 miles per gallon at 200 miles per hour now i’m personally quite excited about this partnership for a number of reasons not only is this going to produce

Additional revenue for our komodo especially if this does end up going into the mass market you know because arc moto is leveraging its acquisition of tilting motor works for this partnership but it’s also just great pr for arcamodo so this is not only going to validate the actual use and technology of the tilting system because if you can strap it onto one of

The world’s fastest motorcycles that you can go out and buy i think it just really proves out the technology and puts some great pr behind arcimoto’s name this one has a tilt lock system that activates as the bike slows down okay then the bike will go ahead and lock up i have two hydraulic cylinders that exchange fluid back and forth that you don’t notice that

They’re there as you’re just going around the corners right it has speed sensors on the wheels as you slow down it’ll actually lock it on up and if you end up with it locked up and it’s not not perfectly level the bike will actually automatically level itself oh i see so you can park it and lock it like that right and then you don’t need your side stand anymore

Okay i think the combination of tilting motor works technology with the really cool bike the ls218 which is one of the world’s fastest bikes again really makes a combination that i think will really appeal to the mass market now if they can bring down the cost and perhaps bring down the capabilities of the ls-218 i really think they can apply to a lot of people

Because one of the fundamental issues with the actual motorcycles or the two-wheeled motorcycles is the lack of perceived safety you can see that just talking to people every day you know a lot of them will love to bring up how they know someone who’s gotten injured on a motorcycle however that’s not the case for cars you know they just don’t talk about that and

Even though motorcycles are generally more efficient and cheaper that’s not really the option that we go for even if we’re on a budget or we live alone and this doesn’t really make sense and i think it’s really has to do with the safety so if we can add that third wheel in the front from tilting motorworks technology and pair that with a cool bike you know one

The fastest in the world that really validates the technology and makes just this bike cool and perhaps more appealing to the mass market i really think there’s a strong opportunity for success here so to go fast you actually need to brake hard and you need to have traction while going through the corners so under heavy braking for a motorcycle 70 to 80 percent

Of your weight transfers to the front end right and so i was thinking if i get another wheel up front i could brake harder then the other thing is on a motorcycle if you’re going around a corner banked on over and you hit gravel or oil in the road the bike the front end can slide on out and wash out right so again another wheel in the front i can drift one of

My wheels through an oil patch or gravel patch and still maintain control now the ls218 is small it is super efficient and now it will be tilting which seems to check off a lot of the boxes as to what we expected from platform 2. now platform 2 is the second iteration of arcmoto’s you know platforms which is basically they had platform one where they provided

A lot of separate iterations on platform one whether it’s the fuv the first responder the deliberator the cameo or its roadster it has a lot of products it already offers but they said that they were working and would reveal later this year platform 2 which was meant to be a smaller footprint more efficient and lighter weight vehicle so at first glance it would

Seem that this is the first iteration of platform two you know it really fits the bill it’s tilting like they said it would lighter it’s more efficient et cetera et cetera however i don’t think this is it and i will explain why platform two is is is sort of i mean you can think of it our initial product is if if arcimoto were to make a bicycle an electric bike

What kind of an electric bike would arcomoto make or what kind of a you know my true micro mobility solution uh would we go after and we think that we’ve got you know we started that with the acquisition of tilting motorworks which we believe has you know had absolutely best in the world-class uh leaning three-wheeled vehicle technology and then we’ve added

On some other new ideas that we have not ever seen done in the micro mobility space uh and we think we will have something very compelling to offer into that end of the market now it’s not surprising that arc motors vision for micro mobility is not a sports motorcycle you know like a massive e-bike that can go to 218 miles per hour but i think this is a step

In the right direction as we know it’s going to be smaller it’s going to be quite efficient as well as having like just being cheap they want a price tag of about two thousand dollars and clearly the ls-218 is not that it has a starting price of about forty thousand dollars and thirteen thousand dollars is the actual cost of adding a third wheel from tilting

Motor works so i’m really intrigued to see how they actually tweak the design and the technology of the tilting idea to a micro mobility solution that can actually go underneath that two thousand dollar price target because how can you have a thirteen thousand dollar package with a vehicle for under two thousand dollars if you want to stay with that tilting

Technology i’m not entirely sure how they do that uh clearly that’s two thousand dollars is about the price for an e-bike you know just like an electric bicycle so i’m really intrigued to see what they actually do but i do think what we just kind of got a hint at or what they’re going to be doing but a smaller and less capable version is going to be platform 2.

Now obviously they’re going to reveal it later this year so it’s only speculation at this point but i think it’s fun to talk about now before i end the video i want to take a second to talk about the price action of the stock now we’re down about three percent today but keep in mind that we went on a massive run recently and we’re still sitting at 17 per share

Which with our recent lows like just above seven dollars per share this is crazy i mean that’s a wild ride however i want to talk about this that happened yesterday you can see there was a massive volume spike which is the blue bars below and then a mat just a massive green candle followed with some consolidation and they a further run up all the way to eighteen

Dollars per share so we went from sixteen dollars to eighteen dollars in the matter of just a few minutes so i don’t know where this came from i there were no news at that point so i don’t know if this is some kind of like somebody had the news ahead of us and they thought this would be reflected positively in the stock price so then they decided to buy in push

The stock price up and then a lot of people chased i’m not exactly sure what that was but i do want to bring this to your attention because generally knowing that a stock can move so erratically and for seemingly no reason either it may be an indicator of something in the future or it can just you know happen and clearly if they bought at these prices it didn’t

Really work out as we are down three percent today so i just wanted to bring that to your attention but that’s it for this video thank you so much for watching let me know what you thought in the comment section below i read all of your comments and i appreciate it greatly so thank you so much for watching and have a nice day

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