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October 25, 2020 Career & Finance

Hello aries and welcome to your sunday career and finance reading the sunday reading i keep changing around as to what it’s about just not sure what i want to focus on it seems that everybody wants love and unless it’s a click bait love caption it doesn’t always get attention so not sure where to go with it so anyway i’m just going to do career finance and see

What happens so we are going to start with the spell casting oracle cards because well i like them so let’s see what it says for you aries for the week of october 25th it’s actually for the week of october 26th career and finance what does aries need to know okay so six five four three two and one so when i do fifth shot the fifth shuffle the top card will

Be the one i think that was two three sorry four and five so top card is it aries hold on one second put these on the side pretty cards you got good luck oh i love it you know you have to laugh because it’s got the black cat and this is the week of halloween yes halloween does fall this week but it does say good luck and there’s even a little ladybug so i’m

Not gonna read the entire spellcasting uh book i will let you screenshot it i’m just gonna see what it says in the uh short it does have a spell literally a spell that you can use um but the magical meanings there’s chance uh change for better lucky energy surrounds you grab opportunities both hands a black cat signals a lucrative win well isn’t that completely

Counter-intuitive to what we usually relate to a black cat isn’t that i’m actually going to put a clip so i see that right there let’s get you some tarot cards okay aries good luck i like it aries sounds like a good week can i get some tarot cards for aries for career and finance for this week aries the week of october 26th career and finance some cards please

Okay seven six five four if they don’t fall out i have this theory that seems to fall that seems to not fall but be true is that i have a few other tarot decks and sometimes it’s that they want me to see different cards because not all of the like the two of the pentacles is one that comes to mind it’s so drastically different in all three decks that i get

Completely different message whoa messages from it so we’re going to do with that aries with all the flying cards is the ones that come up face up i’m gonna take the ones that are facing down i’m not gonna take so i find this humorous because the very first card that you get is the three of swords which usually is uh you know a threes someone cheating you know

A third party situation but this is for finances and career so it did say the spellcaster the good luck said change for the better so if you’re starting out here and you’re miserable at work well that’s not so bad because you start to make changes and the seven of wands is you’ve made some changes you know so it’s you’re on the path to something better and

The page of wands is a new start so definitely is following suit that there are changes for the better coming your way and you are doing them so this is not just something that’s happening this is you taking uh action so any other cards now we’re going to use the dark mansion uh tarot cards since nothing else came out from the uh the ryder weight deck any other

Messages for aries career and finance for this week october 26 2020 career and finance for aries seven six five four three two oh boy what okay so we got a bunch of cards but let’s see here so as some of you may know i don’t do read reversals and i always figure the cards know that that clumps just kind of see and this is so funny because you got the fool and

What did i say you are changing things this is good luck and it says a change so you were when you went from being very unhappy at work to you know fighting to make changes working on the changes what you’re going to do and you’re going to be making a new start because that’s what the fool is but it does say be careful you know you have to be careful don’t don’t

Get crazy don’t don’t do it blindly do your due diligence is what this says to me because it looks like he’s going in the past so it means to me this would say that yes make that new start but be careful that you’re not walking back into the same situation all over again and i find it interesting because your next card is the ten of rods the ten of wands which

Is releasing a burden so you do need to move on and by moving on with your new start you are releasing the burden because here’s that offer the ace of wands so and the ace of wands i want to say that could be a new start i want to say that was the one that um was that publishing or was that the ace of swords either way it’s a new start so you are making changes

Whether it’s this week or maybe this week is when you realize that you you know you’re trying to make changes but they’re not making you completely happy and that’s when you realize you have to go out on your own you are going to make a new start drop those burdens and if you have resumes out there or have you already filled out some applications you will be

Getting an offer look at that a new start and that’s a new beginning that’s just not the offer this is the beginning of it this is the page of swords he’s got an idea and it’s a winning idea and you get justice and that to me just kind of bookends the reading because you go from good luck being miserable trying to make a change and it’s not really working to

Justice that to me would say that you are in the beginning stages of making a career change that is going to make you happy i believe because you got justice and things are balanced now so sounds great aries take care i hope you have a wonderful week and good luck and i guess just remember this week even though you’re halloween and it’s black cats when you

Think it’s bad luck for you it’s gonna actually be a symbol of good luck and change so take care aries bye-bye

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