Avaii Wealth Management Testimonial

Hi i’m christian dooley president and owner of avaya wealth management in appleton wisconsin at our core of wealth management we are planners whether it’s getting started with saving for investments or saving for retirement or at the end of life and helping people understand what happens to their assets when they pass on and so we do investment management

Cash flow planning tax planning and everything in between basically i’ve always wanted to build a building i always wanted to own my own building and i wanted to find a location that i felt suited the needs of our clients we wanted a modern but simple building by building with keller we were able to get exactly what we wanted from the start with keller we

Designed and built a 5200 square foot modern office building we’ve got a beautiful front entryway that’s bright and airy very welcoming we’ve got a great office break room or kitchen area we put in a workout room with showers so that we can work out here in the morning i wanted to make everything easy for our team and that was adding to our culture when we were

Thinking about the design we wanted to make sure that everybody had their own individual space but yet an easy space for us to come together at early on in the project we were able to meet with keller’s interior designer rebecca rebecca was able to really bring our vision to life she was able to pick up on our thoughts after several conversations we emailed

Her ideas from pinterest and different sites we would meet at the keller office and she had all the materials laid out everything was color coordinated and that just made it super easy for us to make decisions when we were looking at who we were going to build with this was a huge part of my life and i wanted to get it right and i wanted to do my due diligence

Before i committed to anybody i spoke with people inside our area as well as outside of our area ultimately it came down to a gut decision based on my feel with corey at keller he was able to provide basically what everybody else did but it came down to process culture and feel and it followed through right through the project i just felt really comfortable with

Everybody on the team working hand in hand with the on-site managers speaking and communicating with them consistently was really easy and they just gave me confidence and then it also carried forward after the project was done and we’ve been in the space i know that i can call them they genuinely want to help they want to get it right and i never feel like i’m

Bothering anybody they’re always really quick to respond and i really appreciate that when clients are coming in immediately you can see on their face that they really like the space i can tell that they’re comfortable in it right away and it’s hard to get people to leave at times so i think we nailed it i’ve already recommended people work with keller and that

Was based on my project and the communication and just completing what they said they were going to do on time and on budget i happily will refer people to keller if they ask and i will tell them how it is if you do build with keller you’re going to have a great experience i’m convinced of that you

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Avaii Wealth Management Testimonial By KellerBuilds1960