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On The Gab and Juls Show, Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens look at the financial hit Barcelona would take if they failed to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League. Barca find themselves on the brink of elimination from Group C after a 3-3 draw with Inter at the Camp Nou.

Just to give you the light of the land in the group is that if interbet victoria pilsen uh next week and look we’ve seen inter screw things up many times yeah um then barcelona are out barcelona are going to the europa league equally if bayern munich beat barcelona um which is not slave control plus i need two wins then barcelona are out so it’s definitely backs

Against the wall and this has made all the more serious of course by the big gamble that they took and when we said it right people said no they have to do the levers blah blah blah whatever okay yeah okay leave her this now you kind of have this nightmarish scenario where you could lose out anywhere from 60 to 80 million in in revenue they had budgeted to reach

Uh the quarterfinals of the champions league i know it’s boring to some but the reality is barcelona did something unprecedented in the summer um essentially to make this very simple between barsa studios and and the tv rights um they decided to get money now from investors um and sell a chunk of their company and they’re going to pay it off against future income

Yeah now la porta sold it to everybody oh this is necessary this allows us to go and buy all these top players that we signed this summer and this and this will create a virtuous cycle because you know we’re going to go and we’re going to be good straight away and that’ll generate more revenue and blah blah blah now it’s skeptical because to me the numbers didn’t

Add up i i’ve said it all along others said oh you’re wrong you don’t know what you’re talking about my concern was always not a finance guy i’ll put there’s a lawyer he’s a politicians leader they do have finance people who make those projections there’s a number of barcelona people by the way who who are skeptical about this who wanted to go more with organic

Growth the reason i was against it incidentally is that there’s only so many ways to drive revenue in in football right you can you can increase your increase your commercial revenue and your sponsorships and whatever if you’re good it wasn’t really a problem for barcelona barcelona as a massive brand right so yeah and we saw with manchester united that once you

Reach a certain level you know even though united haven’t really been dominant for the last decade um that side of it hasn’t really suffered no uh you could increase revenue by getting more prize money if you go further in the champions league and a few weeks that’s great if you win it all but equally you look at where barcelona how barcelona finished the season

Last year and obviously you have to qualify for the champions league i don’t think there’s any question that barcelona would qualify for the champions yeah right yeah uh they managed it last year with half a year of cumin without the new signings um and even if you know so you’re gambling on you know getting even more from the champions league they’ve budgeted

For a quarterfinal the difference between a quarterfinal and a semi-final it can vary because the formula is really complicated i’m not going to get into it but is going to be like 15 20 million that’s the difference between the two yeah they said we need to do this so that we can sell out the um the cam now okay uh maybe so you can charge more more money you

Make more money off the stadium it’s a big stadium it’s not always easy to fill but again you could also sell it through the excitement of pedroofati and whatever plus some signings yeah i think that’s the road they should have taken um they made a calculated risk and now you’re facing a nightmare scenario yes and also i think all this aspect is very important

And you write and this is the second year in a row by the way they will drop out to the europa league if if not if they drop out to the republic or maybe they could drop us trying to the super league them and juventus play each other and they’re the super league winners um but it’s your standing you are this is we this is barcelona we’re talking about despite all

The financial problems despite messy living this is barcelona barcelona cannot cannot not qualify two years in a row for the knockout stage of the trump building this is this this should not happen and i think that this is her this will hurt them if it happens as you said financially of course and the the loss of revenues that they would get and all of that but

I think for the image this is terrible because as well like you rightly said now everybody’s gonna remind everybody about all those levers all the risks all the gambles that they took in the summer where they never thought this was going to happen and we said from the beginning this is a tricky group but i think a lot of the optimistic funds were like okay but

Look at into four defeats in the first eight area matches they’re not in good form we should be okay bayern no problem they’re they’re the best but after that that second place is for us i mean but i think again because barcelona were in top seeds again if you’re talking about purely in the champions league context um you’ve budgeted to reach the quarterfinals

But you knew you were going to get a one seed you knew you were gonna get a barcelona because i’ve got android phone true or you could have gotten manchester city yeah true right and then you you get a second seed and then and then you play bayern manchester city in the round of 16 and you’re not going to be favored so it was always always risky you had more risky

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