Before Repairing A Mobile Home Watch This (For Investors) | Flipping Homes Inside Mobile Home Parks

Before Repairing A Mobile Home Watch This | For Investors Flipping Inside Mobile Home Parks

What is up guys we have a special treat for you today we are actually in the field me and j going to one of our appointments in california by the way and so we wanted to show you what things you should be looking out for before you look to prepare your next mobile home so stay tuned and for the best mobile home investing advice don’t forget to subscribe smash

The like button and the bell button to be notified of videos we post every week all right guys so we’ve been a part of hundreds of mobile home transactions and many of them involve mobile home fix and flips so believe me when i say we’ve experienced it all the good in the bed and i would honestly tell you guys if we would have known about these four aids before we

Started mobile home investing we would have saved ourselves a ton of time and money yeah so you’re gonna want to pay attention to these four aids that we’re about to go into and so that you understand how to evaluate the community that you want to work in how to evaluate your home before you purchase it and how to do that before you ever spend any money on repairs

Or purchasing the home so you don’t want to miss this one guys you want to check the application requirements before you even think about investing in a park there’s been a lot of times where we are going into parks and we found great homes but they actually require a 700 credit score or they allow certain things that are just not normal compared to the majority

Of parks in the area so you don’t want to get into a home where you know you fix it up is ready but then it’s going to take you months in months to actually sell the home and you get stuck paying the lot rent in between that time so always be sure go into the community call the community figure out what those requirements are to make sure it makes sense for you

As an investor so the next a is amenities you want to think about what does your potential buyer want in their next home and in their next community i’m having something like a gate and a pool like a playground all of those things club houses those are things that buyers want because they want to be able to come home and do things with their families and have

Those things to enjoy so make sure you’re looking at the community drive around make sure that there is amenities for the families are for the seniors to enjoy and when they move in so one of the amenities you guys are gonna want to look for is a gate it’s so simple but it creates so much security and buyers love it yeah for buyers for families they want to know

That they’re gonna be safe in their new home and so that’s a huge amenity that actually brings the value of the homes up and then simple things like look at the pave road you know you see there’s pride of ownership with these houses as well i don’t see a lot of trash all around i see that these rolls that look like they’ve been recently paved as well our guys

In the next 8 is a peel this is a home that we’re actually looking to purchase and before we do that we always want to look and see a what are the other homes looking like that our near madara in this community does my home have any appeal compared to the homes that are already at that park stand at that market standard so if you can see there’s a couple homes

Right across the street this one right in front of us and the one to the left that have done some recent rehabbing some requirements the park have them do we got that insight from the seller okay and you can just see eyeballing and see how does my home compared to those other homes you know right across the street they give you a good idea of what to expect on

Your rehab from an exterior point of view and i helped you save a ton of time and make sure you understand the budget the cost is going to take to bring your home up to parks and all right gone so as we’re leaving the community first and foremost i want you guys to always think about what is the buyer going to experience what’s around here what are some things

That they need whether it’s guys whether it’s groceries whether it’s community schools you want to think about the bio you want to keep them in mind from beginning into the end so we’re leaving out of this community here if you guys look across you can see the gate there this is a gated community this is really really good this is going to add value to the home

Because buyers are thinking about security horsham oh yeah so you want to just drive around the neighborhood and figure out what is the round here is there gas stations around here is there restaurants around here is there things that families are gonna need like different stores and whatnot so we just want to make sure that we’re in a convenient location close

To the freeway close to different things that people actually want to be by so it’s pretty simple just drive around and make sure that this is an area that you wouldn’t want putting in other family in yeah as you can see here that’s a small community college right across the way that lets us know that’s really good i’m sure there’s some students that not only attend

That school but live in this park across the street there’s a small gas station here so that’s really good we really like seeing that because we know the individuals that live in these mobile home communities they go to work and they need gas think about your bio guys you want to make sure that the mobile home is situated in a convenient area area is very important

With your buyers in mind you really really go we’re seeing here we’re coming right out of the community we see am/pm gas station there’s a couple gas stations here there were some signs let us know there’s a grocery store nearby as well this is really good this is what we like to see i even see a small elementary school around the way i’m not sure if you guys can

Tell from the car but these are all good signs this is all what our buyers want this is what they demand they want to be in a good location they want to make sure that they’re not too far away from the schools not too far away from the shopping and what do we have here we have a church and a school yes so we just want to drive around the neighborhood before or after

Our appointment and make sure that it’s in an area that’s gonna be desirable for our buyers in a location near freeways and their grocery stores and their food yeah everything that you’re going to need to live your daily life we want to make sure that there’s access to it near the community so we hope you guys took a ton of value away from this video our experience

Showed us that hey you must evaluate the community before you do any repairs or buy your next home but if you’re not sure where to get started with mobile home investing maybe you want to get your first deal under your about jay when you tell them about some of our programs that we have available yeah for sure so first and foremost we want to help you guys get

Started regardless if you have any experience little experience no experience it doesn’t matter we want to give you guys the blueprint we use to close over 300 mobile home transactions to date and we’re not stopping we’re still going so if you’re interested in getting your mobile home in investing journey started go ahead and apply at the link below this video we

Have multiple programs that are built and tailored around what you actually need right now so go ahead apply let’s get you started today guys so if you got any sort of value from this video do us a huge favor hit that like button hit that subscribe button hit that bell button to be notified of videos that we’re bringing every week thanks for watching guys see you in the next one you

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Before Repairing A Mobile Home Watch This (For Investors) | Flipping Homes Inside Mobile Home Parks By Trailer Cash Academy