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In this video i’m going to show you the 10 best apps that you can use to get real life money i’ve noticed that many of you guys don’t have a computer to start making money using the other methods that i post here on the channel so i decided to make this top 10 apps that make you money videos so you can make money using just your phone all of these apps are completely

Free so it’s free money and i’m going to explain all you have to do to get paid by each one of them now i also want to tell you that i’m doing a free giveaway of five memberships to my pro university course of one month so if you want to enter for a chance to win that one month membership all you have to do is like this video comment your social media handle so

I can contact you and subscribe to the channel and if you want you can share this video with a friend if your friend wins you also get one month membership as well so don’t hesitate to share this with as many friends as you can because if they win you also win and i’ll be announcing the winner of this giveaway as soon as i hit 100 000 subscribers so it’s basically

Free for you to enter liking is free commenting history and subscribing is free in fact you make money off of doing it because i post free videos every single week teaching you how you can make money on line here on this channel and if you’re not subscribed yet what are you doing you’re missing the future videos so app number one is called honey gang all you have

To do to earn money from this app is create an account sign up and you’re going to start making money at the end of every single month you don’t have to do any work you don’t have to do anything and if you’re wondering how that’s even possible it’s because the app runs on the background of your phone to gather information on how you interact with other certain

Ads from other companies don’t worry this ad won’t keep getting your information it’s just going to see how you interact with other ads and it’s going to use that information of how you interacted with ads to sell to other companies so they can make you better ads that are more convenient for you so if you take a look in their website it’s you’re going to see

That the average people earn is around 55 every single month it depends obviously on how much you use you can earn at least 19 a month and the maximum of 184 dollars a month it also depends on how many phones you’re going to be using it on but i would say the average you’re going to be making with this app is about 555 a month if you don’t go all in it’s not life

Changing money but it can definitely help you pay off some credit cards or some late that you have right now so app number two is called clip claps and basically what this app does is you watch a video until the end and it pays you a certain amount of money and once you reach a certain threshold then you can take that money and exchange it for real life money and

Cash it out the website is not going to pay you any huge amount of money it’s going to pay you around one to five dollars for hour that you use it and it has some pretty good reviews as well so that shows that many people are using it but even that they’re paying you to watch social media so what else can you get hey guys i just wanted to drop in here really quick

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You can even affiliate yourself to the program to be able to earn a 25 commission every time you make a sale so that’s it let’s get back to the video app number three is called user fuel and user fuel actually pays quite a bit of money and the way this app works is companies pay you to try out their website and other applications as well usually these testings

Consist of you trying out someone else’s website testing out their apps taking small surveys trying to find flaws in someone else’s website rating advertisements and this app can definitely be worth of your time if you’re making less than thirty dollars an hour in your current job all you have to do to sign up to the website to start earning is go into their website

Or app and click the button get paid to test all right on their website it says become a test and earn around three dollars to thirty dollars per test each test lasts from 5 to 60 minutes and and is completed on your computer tablet or smartphone read the following instructions and watch the example video to understand what your customers are looking for for from

A tester so you can get paid from three to thirty dollars per test that takes from anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes so if you’re making less than thirty dollars an hour this is the way to go the cool thing about this website if you’re underage is this website pays in amazon gift card so you don’t have to be 18 to get paid through this website or this app if you only

Have your phone and if you’re under 18 and you can’t get someone to open a bank account for you or a paypal account or something of the sort you can just come to this website do some tests you can do i think up to five to six tests every single day and you can get paid in amazon gift cards so you don’t have to cash out app number four is called money app this app

Pays you to do certain tasks and it has a very very good rating on the app store so the way this app works it makes you test someone’s kind of game that hasn’t been released yet and makes you play a certain amount of levels and you get about five bucks each time you do it the developers of the apps or the games they give you certain tasks like finding bugs on their

Stuff and if you can find it they will compensate you for it on average this app can pay you up to ten dollars per day for doing this stuff and the way you get paid for this website is every time you reach a certain threshold you get paid in coins and you can exchange them for real life money the downside to this app is that the only way that you can cash out

Through this website is using paypal so if you don’t have a paypal account or if you’re not 18 then you’re going to have to find someone that can help you out app number five is called co-op it’s an app that we’ve covered here on the channel before and this app is great because it pays you to do something that you’re probably already doing and that thing is taking

Photos so instead of taking pictures of things and posting it into instagram which you don’t make any money you can easily sell them to follow up this website pays so well that if you’re really good at taking photos and videos they can pay up to 20 dollars each and if you’re a photographer and you know how to take really good photos you can accept missions inside

The app which companies pay the app for a specific type of photo and if you can take that photo then they will pay you really well for those photos or videos app number six called dash so the way this app works it pays you to do something that you already do which is online shopping so let’s say you buy a t-shirt online and that t-shirt costs you 50 bucks when you

Buy that t-shirt your 50 bucks is gone but if you buy that same t-shirt through dosh they’ll give you 10 cash back so just by using dash you got the same t-shirt for 45 bucks instead of 50. so the way this works is the company that’s selling the t-shirt gives dash affiliate link and every time you make a purchase through dodge website they earn a commission every

Time they make a sale so it’s kind of like the t-shirt costs 50 bucks the company gives dash 10 bucks discount on that shirt and when i buy it dodge gives me a five percent discount so it keeps half of it and gives me half app number seven google opinion rewards this is another app that we’ve talked here on the channel before you’ve probably heard that you can get

Paid to do service on the internet before but you know that those surveys pay penis right or don’t pay at all but this is actually a google app it’s called google opinion rewards and if you know anything about google then you know they’re credit worthy this app alone on the app store has 158 000 five-star reviews so people love it so on google website they say

That they pay one dollar per survey that takes an average 20 seconds to complete so if you can do about two servers per minute which would take you about 40 seconds each minute it would add up to 120 per hour app number eight field agent so the way this app works is brands will pay you to act as a customer and go to retail stores and see how their product is

Being presented in the store so basically you’re going to pretend that you’re a customer you’re going to go to some supermarket and you’re going to see how the products that the company is selling in that supermarket are being shown on the shelves you’re going to take pictures report it back to the company and you’re going to get paid for that to you this might

Sound like something trivial but the companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for specific places on the shelves where their products are more likely to be bought and if they’re not being placed on those certain shelves then they’re probably losing a lot of money and that’s where fuel digit comes in pays you to go to the supermarket for them and see how their

Product has been listed on the shelves and the app works with mission an average mission takes from 5 to 10 minutes and pays anywhere from four to fifteen dollars and if you go to a busy area like a mall then you’re probably going to have a lot of jobs that you can do at the same time app number nine taskrabbit this is an app that i use myself and this is an app

That people use to get paid more than six figures a year so what does taskrabbit do exactly so if you need anything to be fixed in your house like plumbing or that kind of stuff you can just go into taskrabbit and find someone to do it for you all the way down to cleaning so if you want a list of some of those furniture assembly home repairs help moving cleaning

Mounting yard work shopping delivery lifting those are all things that you can find people to help you do inside the app and if you know how to do any of these things then you can list yourself as one of those and trust me when i say people pay a lot of money for people in taskrabbit to do this stuff the average hourly rate on taskrabbit is over 80 an hour so this

App can easily be your full-time career making you more than six feet you and number 10 is social media and don’t worry you don’t have to be famous you don’t have to show your face you don’t have to make videos you don’t have to speak on microphone you don’t have to do anything if you want to learn how that works you can just click this video right now and i’ll

Show you in that video i’ll see you there work hard play harder

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