Best Investing App For Beginners 2021

I’ve researched and analyzed the most popular brokerages on the market today in order to give you my list of best investing apps here.**Open Me**

So it seems like nowadays there are hundreds of investing apps and platforms that are just begging for your hard-earned money i want to make sure that in this video you don’t screw up and choose a bad brokerage to start investing with i’ve researched and analyzed the most popular brokerages on the market today in order to give you my list of best investing apps

Here not only that you guys but i have first-hand experience as a regular jung to give you my honest thoughts and feedback as a newer retail investor just like you as well so make sure you watch this video till the very end because i also got a special little treat for you and i’ll be giving some free stocks away on top of the free content and value we got so if

You enjoy videos like this on youtube be sure to like this video it really does help out the channel and let’s get started i want to first talk about why it’s so important using a reliable app i’m sure 90 of you all know about the recent wall street bets amc and gme historical movement you may have been a part of it you may know someone in your life who bought

Into it as well the reason i bring that up is because when robin hood one of the brokerages who was under the pfof business model and they decided to stop all buy orders on these stocks we learned more about the leaks and holes within a commission-free brokerage like this and how important it is to know exactly who we’re giving our money to not only did this

Decision cost retail investors potentially millions if not billions of dollars but it really upset the entire world to me reliability transparency ease of use and extra features are all principles that i value when considering what the best investment service would be so i finally decided to create a list of my top three brokerages that you can check out as well

Also keep in mind each one of these apps offer a particular benefit or service that really complements one another with all the thousands that are out here and some of the dinosaurs and even the wannabes i’ve truly narrowed it down and i’m going to be explaining to you what they are what it is the pros the cons the disadvantages and the final thoughts and how they

All really just glue together so this is really just the three you’re going to need in order to potentially become that millionaire and i’m rooting for you i want every single one of my viewers to become that millionaire soon alrighty so let’s get started for my true beginners best investing app i believe acorns is actually one of the best apps to start using

Today so i have personally been using acorns since 2018 and let me tell you it’s one of the least stressful investing apps to exist on this planet so let’s talk about what it is the pros the cons and my official bottom line so what acorns is is they use a robo advisor model to automate savings from spare change so imagine this say you go out to chipotle and you

End up buying a burrito for ten dollars and fifty cents you can set up acorns where you round up your purchases to the next dollar and they invest the rest for you so that 10 50 cent chipotle burrito it would get rounded up to 11 they would then take that 50 cents and invest that into a wide a variety of different assets depending on your risk profile for your

Own account this is amazing for any beginners who want to invest but don’t really have the knowledge or time to start now one of my personal favorite features of the app is the hypothetical projection it gives me based on how much i invest today this is so important especially to new beginners when you’re able to see the long picture and realize hey investing is

Not just this short term yolo short squeeze call that’s going to happen this is gonna be something that you’re doing for the rest of your life and if you’re able to take a look and take a stand back and see that long-term profile it’ll help a ton of new investors to realize slow and steady may be the way to win the race i highly recommend anyone who is a college

Student you don’t know anything about investing or even people like my parents they’re first generation korean americans that know nothing about stock market they just work traditional jobs and this is such an easily automated service where i would recommend this to people in my life my loved ones that have zero experience or knowledge about stocks at all now on

Top of that i’ve actually had my portfolio set up on aggressive for the acorn settings and although we’ve been going through some extremely volatile market movements i’ve had a beautiful consistent growth of over 40 percent for my entire portfolio now look i know what you’re thinking with an app like this there’s got to be some caveat right there’s something’s

Gotta be wrong and uh like every most good thing there are some slight disadvantages so acorn does charge a one dollar a month fee to start but if you use my link down below you’ll get five dollars to sign up or you get five free months i do believe the one dollar monthly fee is such a tiny drop in the bucket in comparison to the savings and resources you get

With this app so it’s really completely up to you the other disadvantage of acorns is that it’s so automated you won’t be able to make those yellow to the moon plays with an app like this that’s why for our second best app on this list we got a bomb so unlike acorns public allows you to be much more hands-on with your investment they recently dropped

The payment for order flow business model since the wall street bets catastrophe had happened so the easiest way for me to explain what public is think of twitter like having babies with robin hood this is a platform that allows you to make those commission free trades with no minimum deposit all while adding a nice little social media element that allows you

To follow and browse other people’s portfolios if you want to go on and see what i’m trading you could go ahead and do that as well public is 100 free to use and even covers the transfer fees if you wanted to move your money from other brokerages over to their platform on top of that they allow you to buy something called a fractional shares meaning

If you can’t afford to buy for example tesla at the 600 per share mark you can buy a small fraction of it say you want to buy like a 15 20 amount of tesla because you love the company but you may not be able to afford it right now public sounds great and all and i love the social media aspect but they still have their disadvantages as well the interface itself

Seems a little bit crowded to me this may be because you just have a lot going on within the app when it comes to mixing social media elements and putting robust analytics and details from invested companies i personally feel like there’s just a lot going on in there and it just seems a little crowded to me now other than that my biggest disadvantage and complaint

With public is that they don’t have a desktop or website platform you can only use this app with your mobile device which can feel pretty limiting at times other than those really picky things i believe public is a great place for intermediate traders and if you love the social aspect you’ll really enjoy using this app now just for my viewers public gave us a

Special link where you’ll get anywhere from 25 to 50 dollars if you sign up using my link down below in the description you don’t have to use any of those links if you have a friend or a buddy who may have one go ahead and take their link but i know that if you sign up for public just going on the app store you’re not gonna get any type of bonus but if you use my

Links they will provide you with some free stocks free cash just to get started now on top of that if you really want to take it one step further and really heighten your skill levels as an investor i believe the next best app on this list is going to be weeble so i’ll be the first to say it i here was a very strong hater of weevil in the beginning i was not a

Fan of their ux and their ui and i really didn’t understand why they thought weeble would be a good name for a stock trading app like this now over the past few years my opinion has definitely changed and that is because of really one main thing and that is their desktop app so just in case you didn’t know weibull is a fintech company based out of china and in

My opinion still falls short in their overall brand presence in the states what this means is if i’m an active retail investor and i use other apps like m1 finance or sofi or even charles schwab or maybe some of the other banks like goldman sachs or jpmorgan i know those brands carry much more weight and when i decide to tell my future girlfriend’s parents hey

I invest with uh weeble i it just doesn’t hit as hard as say being with some of these other brokerages like m1 finance or even any of the ogs and i know that can be an unfair comparison but i still feel like in the year of 2021 it’s really important for a lot of these companies to focus on their perception that other users may have outside of the investing world

So weeble definitely falls short in that category and i don’t really see them as that premier luxury investment firm where multi-millionaires are using them every single day but let me tell you something else i do want to highlight after resisting weeble for many years and finally trying them out once you get over that initial learning curve and you have access

To the level 2 data which you can easily unlock through some of their fun programs like their little wheel that you can win free stuff on i haven’t seen any brokerages come close to the sophistication that they offer you will rarely catch me saying this about most companies but their interface their ui their ux with the weeble app is absolutely gorgeous on my

Ipad and on my macbook so when it comes to how they look and perform coming from their good old simple uh trading app which started on the mobile device they’ve really made a lot of great upgrades to their system and i do know many people who are using weibull now and finding so much value and if you are an intermediate user trying to become a day trader you want

To become an expert i feel like weeble might be the position that you want to look into as a trading platform traditionally in the past in order to get some of this high level access like the level two data you would have to use thinkorswim or some of these other brokerages that are seriously outdated but with the way weeble is working right now i truly believe

They are making great strides into the future of where we are headed in terms of more advanced users trying to become better traders now at the end of the day weibull is easy to use they still offer zero dollar trades yes there’s a learning curve but it’s easy to get over that and it’s hard to complain weibull is offering two free stocks one valued up to sixteen

Hundred dollars if you’d like to check them out in the description of this video as well now to sum this entire video up i personally recommend signing up for all three brokerages because i believe they all have key components that really complement each other i know for me acorns is really the one that i don’t ever have to think about it’s going to have continuous

Growth regardless of where the market is headed now if you want to step a little bit more than that and you have a community or you really appreciate social media public is just killing the market right now with onboarding all these other influencers and seeing where the direction is headed for that i also know that they won’t make a mistake like what we’ve seen

With robin hood in the past in terms of the business model and stopping people from buying a certain stock so if we ever do get a another short squeeze on whatever happens in the future i know that public won’t let us down because they’re not constrained by any type of regulations from some of those companies on the back end cough cough apex now one last thing

Weeble is really the king right now in terms of being a full-time day trader and actually making stock investing your living now i know many people who are able to replace their entire nine-to-five income not only just replace but actually retire from it or make more money than you ever thought was possible so if you were to do that you know acorns is not gonna

Help you in that situation but something like weeble would be you have options you literally have options where you can leverage other people money you can get contracts you can go on margin there are more things that you can do with some of these other brokerages then it would be beneficial of just having all your money in one place if you enjoyed this video

And you’re watching this till the end comment down below any questions or thoughts you had or comment down below peanuts that’s the key word for this video comment down below peanuts i’ll be reading all the comments now don’t forget to like and subscribe to this channel if you want to follow along on this incredible journey of brian jung youtube finance making

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