Best Practices for Securities Licensing Exam Prep

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Hello everyone and welcome to kaplan’s best practices for your securities exam preparation my name is adam james and i became an instructor with kaplan financial because i am a captain success story for over 75 years kaplan has remained student focused results driven and committed to helping individuals achieve their educational and career goals so how can we use

These proven strategies and techniques to help you pass your exam that’s what i’m here to share with you today i’ve passed seven qualifications exams my first time that’s not because of any special ability on my own but because i was able to structure my studies using kaplan’s materials to their fullest and using these best practices we’re going to talk about today

I’m not alone in this either over the last five years over one and a half million other students have passed their qualifications exams using these same techniques your test preparation program needs to include three essential parts the first is to read our license exam manual also called elem contains all the information you need to know to pass your exam make

Sure you have read through everything and gained at least a basic understanding of all the topics before anything else the second part of your study program is to watch you need to interact with an instructor this can be done either in a traditional classroom setting or you can watch an on-demand class either way you can always ask questions through the instructor

Link email access the third and i think crowning part the whole strategy is to do you have to eventually roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty by doing practice questions that’s where the securities pro q bank as well as our practice and mastery exams come into play you have to actually get into the q bank and try out as many combinations of questions as

Possible i cannot overemphasize the importance of customizing and practicing within the q bank environment let’s talk about some of the tools that are going to be used in your studies the first tool to start with is the license exam manual the lem has a wealth of information and everything you need to know to pass the exam when you begin reading the lem be sure

To start with the introduction the introduction contains specific information about your series exam how the lem is structured and test taking tips the rest of the lemmas laid out by topic in great detail as a result the book is rather lengthy yeah it’s well worth your time to carefully read through and gain a strong understanding of the concepts the challenge

With your exam however is the application of this information the securities pro-q bank as i mentioned is where you are going to be able to apply the information that you’ve been learning in a test like experience the q bank is available online so just like the real exam you have to test yourself on a computer the q bank is completely customizable allowing you to

Build quizzes to test yourself on any concept that you may be having trouble with throughout your studies you should be taking q bank quizzes for example after each unit in the lem you should take a series of quizzes on the material covered periodically you should also take cumulative quizzes to review all the material you have studied thus far when taking q bank

Quizzes however don’t get stuck reviewing the same material even if you’re not scoring perfectly you should continue moving forward with your studies and review any problem areas later once you’ve finished reading the entire lem you can take weighted mock exams which test you on all the material covered with the same weights on each topic as the real test you also

Have diagnostic reports these reports i find are underutilized students need to use these to find out how am i doing in certain areas am i improving where should i study more it’s a way for you to measure how you’re doing on your tests and where you need to focus along with quizzes and weighted mock exams the practice and mastery exams are available these are exams

Are intended for diagnostic purposes for you to find out how you would score if you took the test today i found them to be very representative of what the actual test is whenever i’ve taken a practice exam shortly before an actual test i found i’ve always scored within just a few points of what i received on my practice exam so i find them to be very useful tools

And finding out how am i doing right now of course i don’t want to leave out the last tool to round out your test preparation the instructor-led training this training can be done in several ways one is for you to come to a class and interact live with an instructor like me i understand however that not everyone is able to take time off work to come into one of

Our classrooms so with that in mind we’ve created on-demand courses as well in our on-demand courses you can pull up on your computer an instructor who will go through all the same concepts that i would do in a live class but from the comfort of your own home or office a nice thing about that is the ability to pause and rewind the instructors lesson you may also

Review the videos as many times as you like so if a topic is especially challenging you can watch the video until it makes sense to you as you get closer to the test date it’ll be time for you to start taking the practice and mastery exams now i mentioned to you before that these are used for evaluating yourself to find out how you do if you took the test today

As an evaluation tool they’re only effective when you’ve never seen the questions before for that reason the practice and master exams are only available one time and are weighted just like your real exam the practice and mastery exams will also not provide any rationales they are a comprehensive diagnostic tool to determine how prepared you are to take your

Actual exam now as you go through your studies it’s important for you to take the practice exam prior to going to any class whether it be live or on demand will allow you to know when you go into class what you need to pay special attention to because you’ll know where your strengths and your weaknesses are so now we’ve gone through the three stages of your exam

Preparation first you read you carefully read through the whole lem second you attend a live or on-demand class and review everything you’ve learned third you’ve completed hours of securities pro q bank questions throughout the whole process now you’re finished with your studies and you’re sitting down in the testing center to take the real exam there are a few

Tips i want to mention to you that i have found to be very useful in my own experience and that of my students the first piece of advice sounds simple but it’s important that we remember to read the full question some of these questions are lengthy and it’s going to be daunting even looking at them there will be information that you don’t need in those questions

It’s important for you to identify what is being asked and then pull out only the needed information my second piece of advice is to watch out for hedge clauses it’s essential to read them carefully to ensure that you’re answering the right question there’s one in particular that students hate at test writers love it’s the accept question where the question says

All the following are true except in the case of an accept question approach it as for true or false statements to easily identify the correct answer to answer the extensive bank of true and false statements you’ll need to memorize key points and their details prior to your exam when you’ve memorized those points you can use them as a process as a springboard to go

In and answer similar questions when you go into the testing center there’s going to be a calculator provided for you it’s very basic it can only add subtract multiply and divide use it i’m pretty good with math but if i was given a question that ultimately asked what’s one plus five when i was taking the test i would write down one plus five on my scratch paper

And solve it using the calculator test day is always stressful don’t make any careless mistakes even the simplest math mistake can be made under stress that then can cost you points my last piece of advice is to be cautious of changing your answers too often students second-guess themselves unless you are absolutely sure the answer you gave was wrong trust your

Gut and go with your first choice if you follow the advice that i’ve given you today you will be on the fast track to success on your exam remember follow the three steps of study read watch do as a student and an instructor it’s been my pleasure to share these best practices with you on behalf of everyone at kaplan financial we wish you the very best of luck to

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Best Practices for Securities Licensing Exam Prep By Kaplan Financial Education