Bibi: My Story: Israels Longest-Serving Prime Minister on Securing the Life of the Jewish State

Few leaders have made their mark on the modern state of Israel like Benjamin Netanyahu.

Well over the last quarter century no leader has made his mark on the modern state of israel like benjamin netanyahu much has been written over the years about his life and leadership and now he takes his turn in his new memoir bibi my story chris mitchell reports most of the world may know him as israel’s longest serving prime minister netanyahu expands on his life in

Israel from the early days of independence to its emergence as a global power he recounts his family’s impact on his life including his father a world-renowned historian his zionist mother and his older brother yonatan who died in the famous entebi raid to rescue more than 100 israeli hostages educated in the united states netanyahu fought in the idf special forces

On the world stage he served as israel’s ambassador to the u.n and back home moved up in the government from finance minister to foreign minister and eventually 15 years as prime minister credited with transforming the country’s economy he set the stage for israel becoming known as the startup nation netanyahu managed u.s israel relations with three presidents

And helped forge the historic abraham accords now is israel heads to its fifth election unless the in four years netanyahu’s liquid party is the front runner in one of the country’s most turbulent times in recent history given all the accomplishments netanyahu says his life work can be summed up in one sentence that he helped secure the life of the jewish state

And its future well former prime minister benjamin netanyahu joins us live for satellite from tel aviv and mr prime minister thank you so much for being with us today good to be with you uh well let’s start with a real broad question your life paralyzed and parallels the life of modern israel you were the first israeli prime minister who was born in the modern

State of israel so give us your assessment how would you assess where israel stands today well look the founding of israel came after centuries of exile pogrom’s massacre culminating the greatest massacre of them all the holocaust and the the founding of the state was meant to really to do two things one to fulfill the biblical prophecy of the in-gathering of

The exiles and also the renewal of jewish sovereignty in our ancient homeland the land of israel that was achieved but once it was achieved it wasn’t necessarily permanently guaranteed unless we made sure that it was guaranteed so while my father’s generation was charged with founding the state my generation was charged with securing its future and i devoted my

Life to make israel strong stronger economically strong militarily strong diplomatically to be able to create what i call the iron triangle of peace were so strong that the arab countries around us instead of seeking to to destroy us recognize that we’re here to stay day and so one by one we make peace with them and we’ve just made as you said the four historic

Abraham accords which i describe in detail how that was achieved with the help of president trump and his team and i think that that’s uh that’s the future of israel from being a tiny state on the eastern edge of the mediterranean is now ranked as the world’s eighth power with one tenth of one percent of the population that’s not something you can explain away it’s

A miracle of faith and fortitude and i think it’s it’s a an allegory for all of humanity this is what you a free people with sufficient resolve in faith can achieve and that’s up to everyone to achieve yeah a shining light to all the nations uh one of the things i like about your memoir is the detail you go into in terms of the conversations that you’ve had with

World leaders i just want to focus in on uh the american conversation editions and let’s go back in time iran is threatening israel they seem to constantly do that you bring it up with president obama and here’s his quote bibi he said nobody likes goliath i don’t want to be an 800 pound gorilla strutting on the world stage for too long we acted that way we need to

Lead in a different way what was your response to that quote what was your response to that that’s a sea change in american foreign policy what was your response yeah well i was quite surprised to be frank and i i thought in the middle east and the world where you have iran racing to for a nuclear arsenal terrorism abounding everywhere uh and the international

Order being challenged everywhere i don’t i didn’t want to be an 800 pound gorilla i wanted to be a 1200 pound gorilla because i think people respect strength and i think this was one of the things that i disagreed with with president obama who by the way i respected we were both what are called uh conviction politicians that is we are guided by convictions except

Our convictions didn’t always mess up and here they really clashed because i think obama believed that peace brings power and i believe that power brings peace and also maintains peace uh vis-a-vis non-democratic neighbors so i thought that we have to make israel very powerful against iran as well he thought that you could manage uh he could forestall iran’s quest

For nuclear weapons or contain it by a deal which essentially would enable iran to become a threshold nuclear state and i thought that would endanger israel but it will also endanger the united states because iran says israel is a small satan the u.s is the great satan they chant death to israel and death to the united states now do you want a regime like that to

Be armed with ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads that could reach any one of your cities of course not so it was a palpable threat against israel but it was also a palpable threat against america and our free civilization and since obama disagreed with me on how to oppose this iranian move i had no choice but to go to the joint session of congress in which

I spoke out against this deal and i was very glad when president trump decided to to abort the deal the only way you’re going to stop iran from having nuclear weapons is not by this or that agreement the only way because they cheat anyway the only way that you’re going to stop them is the combination of crippling sanctions and of strong military option that’s the

Only way to stop it and i hope that america will eventually pursue this but today you know everybody can see the true nature of this regime that is subjugating its people murdering its citizens killing these women who are protesting for the most basic human rights i think you can’t we cannot allow iran to have nuclear weapons and i talk at great length about the

Operations that i authorized not all of them i can’t talk about all of them but the policy that i engaged in which was to say iran thou shall not have nuclear weapons period um do you have any hope for the protests currently happening in iran to actually change the government do you see i know you famously reached out to the people of iran with a glass of water

And say israel stands with you and and can provide provide you water do you see any hope that they can actually change their government yes i do i actually made some video clips for uh the iranian people on a number of occasions and i was amazed by the enormous number of responses that we got with names with addresses and that told me that there’s a level of of

Resistance there and frustration there that was not fully understood and i think that’s coming out now will that change the regime perhaps not right away but it does open up possibilities for action in the future i i think that to have the radical islamic regime of iran committed to the destruction of israel the destruction of the united states the destruction of

Our common judeo-christian civilization to have them with ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons i think is a palpable threat to our common future so i would not hesitate to use whatever means that i i could to bring about the end of this regime because the iranian people the brave iranian people would like to see that regime that oppresses them removed from the

Scene we should help them in every way that we can let’s turn to some of the entrenched attitudes in the american foreign policy community whether it’s the state department or the u.s senate there’s a quote in your book that i think it really sums it up it’s from then senator john kerry he’s with joe biden you’re having dinner together in jerusalem and here’s his

Quote come on baby everybody knows what the solution is you know what it is you just have to admit it and get on with the program i assume he’s talking about a two-state solution do you ever get frustrated when you when you talk to americans and do you ever just want to shake them and say can you please understand our history can you please stop making these stupid

Comments uh do you ever do you ever get fundamentally offended by what they say well i i try to uh um channel my frustration into positive action uh in this case it wasn’t only our history this is the land of of the bible i mean we’re not occupiers in the belgian congo or the indonesians uh the dutch and in indonesia we are we come from judea that’s where the word

Jew comes from that judean samaria is the heartland of the jewish people to which we’ve been attached for over 3 000 years jerusalem has been our capital since david established it is that king david three thousand years ago so this is our land and when people say yeah you gotta cleanse it ethnically from jews i say if you said that about los angeles if you said

That about nashville i mean people would go crazy and yet that’s what the foreign policy establishment for years has been saying and they argued two things first they said well uh you can’t get a broader peace between israel and the arab world without first getting peace with the palestinians uh john kerry said that as much many times he said that’s just not going

To happen and i knew that that was an impossible obstacle because the palestinians don’t want to stay next to israel they want to state instead of israel and so for 25 years a quarter of a century they vetoed any peace agreements that we would have with the arab world because they don’t want israel to be recognized by the arab world they want israel to disappear

And so i said the way to get to the broader arab world was not to let the one percent of the palestinians wag the 99 percent of the arab states i’d go directly to the arab states and we’ll deal with the palestinians later maybe they’ll give up their goal of destroying the one and only jewish state later and people disagreed with that but in fact once we got that

Program underway that’s how we got the breakthrough that’s how we got four peace agreements in four months well i had to work on it obviously clandestinely and also with the help of president trump but we got these four piece of ribbons and i believe that if i come back to office then i think we’ll get a fifth and a sixth and a seventh ending the arab israeli

Conflict and isolating the palestinian rejectionists until they too come around well how do you overcome the the i guess the fixation with trying to solve the palestinian issue that seems to be a fixation even trump had but you seem to be able to accomplish these peace agreements and and sort of say well uh let’s let’s talk about this but here’s some important things

That we can do you know going forward the biden administration i have to point out he called for a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders i mean i was absolutely stunned that he would do that it means he doesn’t recognize the reality on the ground he wants to redo recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel israel it just seems to be some giant reset how

Are you going to move forward with these peace agreements when there seems to be this fixation with let’s solve the palestinian issue well you know the problem is that people don’t understand what the palestinian problem is the problem with the palestinians is the palestinians because they refuse to accept israel in any boundary they refuse to accept the jewish

State in any border and as long as they persist in that you can’t really solve their problems you could be stuck on that for another quarter of a century i i think i have the capacity to reach out to other arab countries i’ll reach out if i’m elected in two weeks to my longtime friend president joe biden who said just recently on his visit to israel he said baby i

Love you but i don’t agree with the word you say and i said joe it’s often reciprocated because on this matter i think i think that the traditional foreign policy of the united states and other western countries is just plain wrong there is a broad piece to be had out there we just proved it with the abraham accords it can be expanded it can include all the arab

States that wanted live in peace with israel that want to enjoy our technology which is immense and could change the lives of their people for the better and want to also partner with us against the common threat of iran and this opens up just a vast possibility if you’re going to be stuck on the palestinian rabbit hole just sink into that rabbit hole you’re not

Going to get anywhere so i think that what you do is you focus on results and you plunge ahead and by the way that’s what i did with the arab states in 2015 and described this in my book i went to congress before president trump came to uh to office and i spoke out in a joint session of congress against the impending iran deal and that was a very tough decision

To make i mean i it wasn’t easy to do because america under any president is our indispensable ally and to go into the lion’s deal at lion’s den of the joint american joint session of congress to challenge a sitting american president as i did was no easy matter her but i decided to do it because i knew that the deal with iran the nuclear deal would endanger the

Survival of my country the interesting thing was and i write about this is that while i was speaking we got phone calls my delegation got phone calls from gulf leaders who were amazed that i was speaking up for what they you know were saying in hush stones and you know in the corridors so to speak and they said you know if your prime minister is willing to stand up

To iran this way we’d like to meet him and that led to clandestine meetings and ultimately to the abraham accords so i i think you just have to be very firm in your belief do what you think is right politics involves a lot of times compromises that’s natural but i don’t compromise on one thing on israel’s security in our survival that’s something i stand on and

If need be i stand alone but i know we have many many friends in america and around the world and by the way a great majority of them are evangelical and believing christians and it’s an opportunity to say thank you to all of you well i want to take this opportunity to think say thank you you may have thought you’re going into the lion’s den in that joint session

Of congress but those lines gave you a standing ovation and afterwards i heard from a lot of my friends could bibi run for president here in the united states so um congratulations for standing firm uh and we’re with you and we’re with israel uh and i i hope everyone can get a copy of his new memoir it’s called bb my story we’ve just scratched the surface here

If you want an in-depth conversations uh you know all the details of the peace agreements the abraham accords what david friedman did all of these wonderful things that have happened get the copy of the book and mr prime minister thank you again and thank you for all that you do and thank you for standing strong

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