Biden adviser has this response to student loan handout criticism

DNC Advisor Cedric Richmond joined ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss Biden calling the MAGA philosophy ‘semi-fascism’ and criticism surrounding the president’s student loan handouts. #FoxNews

Joining us now one of the president’s closest advisors former congressman cedric richmond of the democratic national committee congressman welcome back to fox news sunday thank you for having me gas prices are down the president passed his climate and health care bill and he has kept a promise to forgive some student debt thursday night he made the case for

Democrats in a fiery dnc speech he told fundraisers quote what we’re seeing now is either the beginning of the or the death knell of an extreme mag of philosophy it’s not just trump it’s the entire philosophy that underpins the i’m going to say something it’s like semi-fascism what did he mean well i think he’s very clear about it that he’s drawn in comparison to

A party that wants to unite us a party that’s worried about families and what they’re dealing with in a party that’s still litigating uh the 2020 election the party that’s taking away reproductive rights for women a party that is attacking families in law enforcement and questioning the fbi as opposed to a party that really is about lifting up america to fulfill

Its best promise and that’s that anyone can live and be the best that they can be and we want to help people do that and i think the president is riding that rave bringing down cross cost of prescription drugs and all of those things and i think the best thing that he can do and what’s appropriate is to draw a contrast between what the two parties stand for here

He is in november of 2020 after he won it’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric lower the temperature see each other again listen to each other again and to make progress we have to stop treating our opponents as our enemies how does that square with calling his opponent semi-fascists people have compared this to hillary clinton saying deplorables on the campaign

Trail well people who say that would be dead wrong the president works across the aisle all the time and gets criticized for it we passed the infrastructure bill with bipartisan support in fact presidents for decades have talked about passing the infrastructure bill but he did it with republican support he just passed a bill to help our veterans with bipartisan

Support he passed a chips bill so that we could build semiconductors in this country and secure american independence and leap towards the future with bipartisan support so it works with republicans and democrats all the time but here’s the difference between the last president and this one this president focuses on people and their families not himself so we will

Work with republicans we’ll work with democrats and i think he’s shown that over and over again and that’s what he was saying in that november clip that you just showed and that’s what he’s doing every day let’s talk about student loans the president announced his plan to forgive ten thousand dollars of student loans for borrowers earning less than a hundred

And twenty five thousand dollars per year and twenty thousand dollars for pell grant borrowers but take a look at the average tuition numbers in recent years ninety four hundred dollars for public universities thirty seven thousand dollars for private universities meanwhile the average ivy league tuition is seventy eight thousand a year even though the average

Ivy league endowment is 22 billion dollars critics say these schools will simply raise tuitions higher we’re going to continue to to fight that and the president has been very clear about the rising cost of college education and the fact that we need to bring it under control and he’s working on that but let me be clear about all those criticism we have a bunch

Of things in this country this country is not a zero-sum game where somebody has to fail for others to succeed and so we have historic tax credits we have business tax credits to help those who own businesses and not everyone in america owns a business but we help business owners because we want to promote it so what the president is saying for those people who

Fight and search and go gain an education that we’re going to help you because education is the best way out of poverty and you shouldn’t be saddled with that debt because homeownership is the best way to pass wealth on from generations so this is about helping working class people ninety percent of this benefit will go to people who earn less than uh seventy

Five thousand dollars a year so those plumbers and electricians and police officers and teachers this will help their children reach that american dream that they want and remember everything doesn’t benefit everybody but it’s about the common good and this president is focused on working families and empowering people to reach their full potential i think that

This does exactly what he’s trying to do but is the president’s move even legal here are the president and speaker pelosi just last year i’m prepared to write off the 10 000 debt but not 50. mr president let me ask you because i don’t think i have the authority to do apply assignment people think that the president of the united states has the power for debt

Forgiveness he does not he can postpone he can delay but he does not have that power that would has to be an act of congress what changed well congress acted and if you look at the legislation that allowed president trump and president biden to delay loan repayment it’s the same legislation that allows him to forgive ten thousand dollars worth of debt and twenty

Thousand dollars worth of debt to those who want pell grants which is the hardest and lowest income people that are going to college so it’s the same thing and look i i call it how i see it it’s the same thing that allowed president trump to do it that allows president biden to do it legal experts expect court challenges you know conservative lawyers are already looking

For the right person or group withstanding to sue will this even hold up in court yes it’ll hold up in court just like the 2020 election which the president won by over 7 million votes why is the president doing this right before the midterms isn’t this just a election gimmick it’s not what it’s doing is empowering people to get an education lift themselves out of

Poverty free up the high cost of the debt that they owe to colleges so that they can invest in american dreams buy a home invest in their children be better community members this is about lifting up america and the president said from day one that he would lift up america from the bottom up in the middle out and the country voted for him to do that so this is not

A surprise we said it on the campaign trail that he would do this and he’s fulfilling a campaign commitment that he made to invest in america’s working families and this is what this does and look i just don’t understand the criticism that we’re getting from the right we have business deductions everywhere and all day long we just gave in 2017 two trillion dollars

To the top one percent in businesses 99 percent of the country did not benefit from the 2017 2 trillion dollar tax cut people all across the country are going to benefit from this debt relief and so look we’re not picking winners and losers america is a country about the common good and what we’re doing here is making sure that we invest in all of america and right

Now we’re investing in working families so those viewers out there that are busting their behinds to make ends meet we’re investing in you and we’re not going to leave any family behind whether it’s rural or urban that’s what this president is going to do he campaigned on it and he’s living up to his campaign commitments congressman thank you for joining us we hope you’ll come back

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Biden adviser has this response to student loan handout criticism By Fox News