BiggerPockets Event Wrap Up, Key Messages and Amazing Networking Event with Like Minded Folks

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Good morning good afternoon good evening folks michael zuber one rental out of time back with the one and only beth traversal how you doing beth thanks mike doing great glad to be here again awesome i uh i look forward to just uh listening you uh you went to the bigger pockets event last week which it was a three-day affair in southern california i believe uh i

Saw lots of uh instagram posts from across the board i thought i would sit back you know you’re very experienced in the real estate game you’ve been doing this a little while uh buying selling and seller financing so i i just love to hear uh what did you take away what were the big notes that you wrote down over the three-day event yeah so there there are some

Wonderful keynotes and and sessions but i have to say really the best thing i got out of it was the networking that happened outside the sessions uh the sessions were really great um i have to say there’s a whole group of people that i only seem to see at that event so there’s friends that i met there last year was in new orleans and so i wanted to go back and

Reconnect with people this year and a lot of them are still there you know the regular is coming back it was about twice the size this year it seemed like so it was a lot more people wow which made it some people i was like oh yeah i know they’re out there somewhere but but i did i met a lot of new people too so um the networking the in-person networking is super

Valuable and it’s something that i’m making time for uh this year and next year going forward i just really want to work on making new connections and strengthening the connections that i have and meeting people who are in this right headspace so one of the takeaways i have is that people that are there investors as a group um are very um positive overall their

Mindset is more about problem solving rather than then oh there’s a problem guess we can’t guess we should just throw away our whole investing business you know it’s more about hey these curveballs are coming and they almost enjoy like figuring out how to solve the problem and get beyond it so i like being around people who are action takers and who are positive

It’s very much an abundance mindset i have found that the people there are really open to sharing and friendly and not too much ego you know as i’ve i you know you might think the opposite but it was everyone was very approachable and friendly um and really um great to get to know so i would say that was my biggest takeaway it was just the in-person networking the

Um being around people who are of the right mindset because you don’t want to get stuck going down the wrong path of fear and scarcity there’s things to be afraid of and there’s things that could make things more difficult but um there’s also always ways to thrive in any environment and i feel like that was a group of people that are looking for ways to thrive

Yeah and i think they will so yeah and be around people like that i think that’s critical you i have this these over at rules right seven rules rule number seven is often ignored in the good times because everybody’s making money everybody’s having fun everybody’s winning rule number seven is there on purpose for what we’re about to go through right the housing

Market is slowing down transactions could go sub 4 million nationally prices may go down they may go flat whatever there will be busted burrs there’ll be busted flips stuff’s gonna happen uh the key is to get around like-minded people that are trying right creativity i think i think the next two years uh is going to be about being creative and you know you did

A seller financing deal that’s all you’ve done this year that’s probably all you’ll do next year that’s all i’m gonna do i’m unless there’s just some screaming deal on the mls that comes my way i will only be doing seller finance deals or creative finance deals going forward and um i think that’s just you got to be around people that are doing people there’s one

Thing to watch crash videos when the market’s going up because you can tell yourself i’m watching the other side yeah that’s fair but in an environment where all headlines are scary where you have jamie diamond talking about 20 you’ve got meet kevin saying a depression is whatever the heck people are doing at some point you don’t need more negativity you need to

See that opportunity lives behind fear and great opportunity lives behind great fear people you’re staring at a tree the tree is called fear back up look around so i’m excited by what’s coming because i’ve been here a couple of different times so i know in my core how to do it but a lot of people this is their first time and it’s uh a lot of people are going to

Be frozen yes i agree and um i edit my what gets into my personal head space i protect it really fiercely and i’ve i’ve blocked some of these um youtube channels that are nothing but negativity because i feel like that doesn’t contribute to my life is it making my life better no i know they’re there and i know they have their opinion and fine if somebody wants to

Believe that that’s up to them but i want to be around the people that are um uh finding ways to make it work not the people are going to say all the reasons why things aren’t going to work if you don’t want to invest in real estate fine i i don’t care if you do or don’t honestly i’m here for the people that do want to make it work and i’m going to make it work so

And you’re going to make it work that last statement i’m gonna make it work i hope that should be a t-shirt yeah i’m good i’m gonna make it work and that’s what the next two years are going to be about is there were people that have to sell and you’ll do creative financing or silent seconds or sub 2 or uh you know assumptions on va loans just talk just communicates

Bad things happen to good people sometimes they got to get out sometimes they have equity sometimes they don’t let’s see what we can help people and again i’ll i will knock on wood buy more properties in the next two years than i bought in the last two years and that will be okay with me exactly so and one thing i wanna i this might be a topic for another video

Another day but one thing that’s really been strong on my mind lately is um if you feel like next year like you as a person out there watching if you feel like next year is going to be a horrible year and you decided that now what are your chances the next year being a great year i say pretty much none you know what yeah i’m deciding that i’m gonna have a great

Year next year will i will i take a beating maybe on something sure you know but i’m gonna figure it out and i’m gonna come out on top and i’m gonna have a wonderful year i’m gonna spend time with my family i’m gonna enjoy my life i’m gonna i’m not gonna waste a whole year because of what’s going on in the real estate market even though i’m exactly i’m knee deep

I want my neck in the real estate market but i’m gonna make i’m gonna find a way to make it work and i’m gonna have a great year and i hope all the rest of the people out there do too i i hope i hope more people have that mindset right there’s no question and you’ve heard me say and it probably doesn’t feel good to hear it that real estate transactions across

The country could be down 50 from the peak as a commission-based salesperson as somebody has overhead of a team that kind of makes you feel uncomfortable but beth is more than that she has a family she has experience that she’s an investor you’re gonna have a great year yeah this side of the business may be down a little bit but all these other areas will blossom

It’s kind of like if you lose one sense you know the other ones take over yeah i think that’s a great way to i think that’s a great way to look at it yeah so um back to the bigger pockets though i mean the people there there was none of this i didn’t feel fear anywhere in that room now there once something can be said for foolish over exuberance and there might

Be some people that are doing that you know yeah but that’s fine you know they’re whatever you know but most people there were experienced people who’ve been doing it for a long time if you’re going to lay down the money and go to the conference like you’re probably doing stuff in that world probably that’s a lot of them been doing it for a long time so um it is

A bit like drinking from a fire hose and you know what i can say is you just take what you want and leave the rest like if you’re not into the whole whatever strategy it’s not for you fine you know just there’s others there’s there’s a lot of short-term rentals stuff there was you know um you know wholesaling there was um there’s a whole lot of syndicators there

You know time endless indicators not my thing but that’s cool if they want to do their thing great you know exactly what you want there was a lot of there’s private lending people there which i thought was kind of interesting oh private lenders you know that’s something i should learn more about were there people talking about burr was burr there not much burr a

Little bit of burr but not much people aren’t really talking about burr too much right now bird and flipping goodness you know yeah so happy about that i’m a little happy about that thank you i know i crazy going on there honestly if people were just mindful of what you know but there there’s all it’s all about the pivot and the adjustment and just keeping things

Positive so that’s awesome that was again that’s just my my my takeaway was you know that you don’t have to do it all and it does it always makes me question when i go down there like should i scale like some of these people that own thousands of doors or like one percent of thousands of doors and you know it’s like i don’t want to own one percent a thousand dollars

I’ll just have my my portfolio that i have you know and so that’s one of the things i always think when i go there like am i big enough you know to get people are just doing huge things and um so you know i still toss it around it’s always good to see people doing different things and seeing it does sort of stretch yeah my own thoughts about my own strategy so i am

So comfortable sitting on my ledge i don’t need to climb any higher i’m okay yeah not being quality happy happy life choices yeah the bigger is not always better bigger yes not always better and i i’ve been seeing more i’ve been listening and hearing that more lately and again my coach i was talking about before it i work with you know we’re working on goals for

Next year and it’s more about like hey he knows what makes me happy and so he’s like let’s just get you more of that yeah yeah i’ll take more of that stuff you know like trips with the family and doing the things that more time off you know um while still doing a killer business you know keeping the business going and and doing great i mean i expect to do hit my

Numbers and more next year honestly so this year has been um the best i’ve had so even though the first half was very different than second half so um so at any rate yeah yeah um i’ll definitely i’ll be going back to bbcon next year it’s going to be in florida uh orlando week of october or something like that they announced that there so i’ll go yeah i uh i’ll go

If they ask me to speak i i don’t know if you saw it but i i created my own bigger pockets i saw that and i watched it and i thought it was great if you were doing the breakout session you know i’d be there so ah thank you so much so bp i’m here if you want to invite me but remember i’m just gonna tell it how it is so you probably won’t invite me but that’s okay uh

Beth where can people find you uh people can find me at or just google me awesome thank you so much and again this is why you’ve gotta you’ve got to ask beth some questions put the questions below for the november 12th event in fresno yeah thank you so much questions in the event yeah it’s a month away it’s one month and a day away yeah it’s gonna go fast thanks

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BiggerPockets Event Wrap Up, Key Messages and Amazing Networking Event with Like Minded Folks By One Rental at a Time