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Good morning good afternoon good evening guys wherever you are on this beautiful world whenever you’re watching this youtube video welcome to the bitcoin family youtube channel for my newcomers my name is diddy yes on my rooftop again because the last couple of days was really rainy the sun starts to shine a little bit here at the sea but guys it was terrible

Weather today the bam bam probably can’t even um be happening because of the rainy weather guys but i have some amazing charts today it’s like i think 10 charts it’s like a 10 to 15 minute video but watch the video completely because it will give you a beautiful friday feeling on bitcoin and what is happening in this beautiful market guys now let’s quickly jump

Into the first shot over here oh i have some really cool new as well that you need to see now let’s quickly one um foreign as you know i always trade a five bit it is my favorite exchange of course yes this is again in racing weekend so a good luck to max stopping he’s pondered by private if you want to join by weight you can scan the qr code or click the links

Down below the video and claim up to 4 400 us dollar bonus and a 30 free discount and yes also access to the bid launchpad and there is zero percent fee on spot trading anymore at the moment so there’s many spot trades that you can do for free now um let’s go and check this chart this chart is very cool this is the four hour chart and with the bam bam indicator

On that four hour chart we can see the long flag over there and people think that this is signed to take the long but that isn’t this only means that we’re indication that the long will be there then we need the confirmation of the camera closing above the l7 which happened but it was followed by a red triangle and while all of this happened guys on the bottom you

Saw that there was a lot of blue and yellow this is not a valid long we also started a white line was pointing downwards when the blue line was crossing it not a valid confirmation of a long if you want to know what other confirmations you need then watch all the other videos guys now i’m zooming out to the weekly over here the weekly shows something really cool

We are closing the scandal in two days and 16 hours we are touching that downward trend line you know and why is it the download trend line if it comes from the top all the way over here and then it goes down and it is resistance at a lot of points over there over there here the support here the support here again the broke support and that became resistance again

Many times so this line is an important line and at the moment we are fighting that line as you can see if we break that line with the scandal that is positive news but the wick should be smaller on the top now it is a mixed candle in my opinion so it’s mixed feelings yes we can break it but also yes we can still visit that 300 weekly moving average that is in

The bottom move there around 17 786. so both scenarios are possible but both scenarios are also indicating to me that the bottom is in or that we are very close to the bottom but more about that later because you can already see on the bottom multiple people flashing completely green which always happens near the bottoms guys now let’s zoom out let’s take a look

At the month on the month we can see that the candle is going to close in 10 days in 10 days we need to close above that purple line and uh preferably a little bit more closer to the 200 weekly moving average at 23 700. is that possible in my opinion yet it is possible and that would make that next bar a light pinkish bar and then we form a new bar and if that

Also is a light pinkish bar then we can see the macd is turning around and in the end the blue line on the bottom will start to cross that red line to the top and that is the moment if you look here to the left where the bull run starts again so this is the chart that we zoom out and we look at in the bigger picture okay also there’s some very cool news guys we

Have now the bam bam indicator light for those that have been saying the batman indicator is too expensive and it’s too full this is the light package you have less information but still there’s enough information that can guide you and taking some kinds of directions in a trade so we have triangles that give you indications we have the green and the red bands

That give you indications and we have the blue sea and the yellow beach and the grass hills that give you an indication if you want no more information about it then go to the guys and you will find it on the products indicator packages you will find all the indicated packages and and then you will find the bronze vip package um it’s a light

Indicator on training wheel this includes the bitcoin family 2.98 and the margin called light really cool you can see it’s 0.025 lifetime subscription which is a nice price to be having a cool set of indicators guys for all the beautiful vips out there you will get free access of course to this indicator it will be given to you in the next couple of days up to a

Week and then you will have access to that indicator as well because you already have the gold on the silver package now let’s go to the next shot damn here guys this is really cool this is the r hollow ratio um i can tell you a lot about of this but what it means is that when the orange line comes in the top area the market is overheated and when it comes in

The bottom area the market is oversold now every time we come in these greenish areas wasn’t a more amazing moment to buy bitcoin amazing moment to buy bitcoin and now we are again getting into that green area which will be an amazing moment to buy into bitcoin so you should be buying that is also what i just showed here this one as well telling you every time

When we touch that greenish area with the orange line that should be the moment you are buying into bitcoin because that would be the bear market bottom here it was happening here it was happening here again you could have bought here you got a ball in the cover dip and now again we are massively in that green area already for some time just like a bear market

2015-16 here you can see we are moving in the bear market and yes it can take some bit longer but it’s a beautiful moment to dollar cost average in two bitcoin guys and also the 12 multiple yes telling you the same every time we on the green and the greenish area that’s the end of the bear market that’s the start of the accumulation phase and it’s done after the

Leading into to the bull market the end of the bear market the start of the accumulation phase and the lead into the bull market the end of the bear market the start of the accumulation base and they will lead into the bull market what is the accumulation phase that is the phase that you should be accumulating bitcoin dollar cost averaging into bitcoin buy at

19k 18k if you think 17 and 16 and 15k will happen buy a little bit there as well but keep stacking sets now let’s jump into some more really cool charts and there will be the last couple of charts let’s go over we’re here bam this is the first one guys these charts i found on twitter i really like this one this one was great i think by bit harrington or shared by

Bit harrington um it’s bitcoin on the monthly and it’s looking at how many months we are in the bear market and as we can count over here we were one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one to twenty to twenty one months in the bear market over here i believe this

Was only 17 to 18 months in the bear market and if we take from the moment of the first stop till now that is already 22 months in the bear market why the moment from the first stop because a lot of indicators said that was the bull market top yes this one was higher so that could also be considered as the bull market top then it would be only one two three four

Five six seven eight nine ten eleven months in the bear market so we should have a long time to go depends on where the month comes from again you can also look at the bottom when the blue line and that one is crossing the red line that would be the end of the bear mark and the start of the bull market here as well and here there is a long distance to go still

To for those lines to cross culture now here a very interesting chart as well guys and this one is the percentage um the monthly percentage of empty blocks and that one went for the first time bam there below 0.1 so that means that the amount of empty blocks in the month of august went below 0.1 percent which means the blocks are pretty full which means there’s

A shitload of adoption because all the blocks are almost full people are transacting bitcoin and using bitcoin so the blocks are full it’s beautiful because we’ve never seen such a low percentage of empty blocks really cool and that is also that needs to discharge bam also a beautiful chart what shows you um the adoption that we are currently seeing because if

You look to the united states of america and we look there to the bitcoin adm in amounts per month we can see that the amount of bitcoin atms is grow going steeply at the moment we are somewhere around 63 000 bitcoin atms and you can see which companies are responsible for these edm so we have liberty x coin square coin flip all of these are responsible for the

Bitcoin atms and it’s growing steeply which means it’s more easy to convert cash into bitcoins and bitcoins into cash now really cool adoption we can see the same numbers happening i think in europe and the rest of the world but beautiful chart about the united states now pam that was really everything and there was a beautiful amount of charge i hope you really

Enjoyed the charts and the news of the new bam bam light indicator if you did enjoy the video give it a thumbs up share with your friends and family subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell leave a comment what do you think about those charts what do you think about all of the information i shared today thanks for watching hopefully i will be back a

Little bit more regularly in the next couple of days but i was a really busy time last couple of days without having the bar opened and i have some friends here that wanted to visit some cities but you know i want to make some more videos again when i get the time thanks for watching see you hopefully tomorrow again

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