Hello guys and welcome to crypto bull in this video i’m going to review another project which i find very interesting and where i see a perspective where we could make money and this video is not being sponsored guys and i am not your financial advisor so guys if you are investing in any projects at all which i’m reviewing and as you know guys on my channel i’m

Reviewing different projects which are at the very very start rate which have just been released and which has a huge potential of growth however is this project also have a huge potential potential of risk guys so always whenever you are investing in something do your own research like i already mentioned guys this project is also not sponsored this is something

What i invested in myself and i will show you this also in this video this project is bonded finance i will not be deep diving into this project as my purpose of this project or investment in this project is making profits in this video i will tell you why i think that this project could be good investment and why i have invested in this project where i see a

Potential and i will give you final my price prediction of where i think where bonded finance will go in next let’s say six months first thing why i invested is that this is also like i mentioned this in some of my projects which i’m reviewing guys on this channel that this is very new project as you can see here on coin market cap it is registered only on 25th

Of november and now at the recording of this video we are in 13th of december guys so project is very very new so i see a huge potential while many people have haven’t discovered it haven’t found it and haven’t heard about it because that’s the best time when you can get into any project and if if that project has a potential in the future guys because when

You get at the very small price it is easy to double up for example to make hundred percent of your investment if you are investing at two cents as you can see right now guys if i invest in two cents it is much easier to grow to four cents rather than if this project will be already at four cents and you will want to make hundred percent from your investment is

This project will have to go from four cents to eight cents already which is much bigger gap but if you are invested at two cents then you are investing a two cents which is very cheap guys it is easier to go to four cents and you make hundred percent then your next hundred percent will be already at six cents and your next three hundred percent of investment or

Earnings will be already at eight cents so your investments grow much faster when your investment invest at the very low and yes guys like i mentioned also these new projects they have much more risk but ever however guys i am looking for some projects where i see a perspective versus where i see some perspective of growth and i still look at the projects which

Have a good partnerships and then i also do a research on explorer and see with how many wallets they already have created what are what how much transactions are and i will also show you this in this video so let’s get into this project i will just go a quick overview what this project is about not no not a deep dive i will just read you pretty much this if you

Are new and watching about bonded finance and you would like to know what this project is about and this is d5 project the centralized finance if you don’t know what is dfi the bonded platform was created to incubate deploy experimental high-yield smart contract-driven financial instruments that push the bonds of open finance bonding is an algorithmic model that

Aims to unlock aggregate and the risk 50 billion in dormant value distributed among untapped digital assets bonded proposes a new fintech solution deploying both permissioned and and permissionless high-yield exotic financial products in the rapidly growing d5 sector so another decentralized project guys like i mentioned already and they have a nice website if

You are interested in more information you can go to their website which is here so as if you are interested you can find a roadmap here which is also here guys on their website as you can see they are following their plan they already have done their private sale and they already have done their public sale as well so they already sold out all coins which are

And they are all which which were meant for this purpose and they are already out and there is much more information you can come and check out website here for yourself i will like i said i will not be deep diving into website however i i was reading the business logic document this is a light paper for this project where you can read the purpose of it if you

Are interested this is also available on their website where you can read what this project is about how it works what’s the intention of project and as you can see there is a lots of different information which i will obviously not be deep diving into this in this video as well but like i said i was doing research and i researched my this project myself before

I dived in and got my tokens next thing what is about what about bonded finance if you look at token token economics then total supply of this project is 1 billion and another huge thing about this project is guys that you can make 50 returns on your investment if you buy bonded finance guys tokens then you can start taking them straight away and if you are

Doing simple staking which i will also show you in this video you can make 50 if you are doing liquidity staking which is for more people who understand or if you are new to cryptocurrencies then you might not be able you you you might not have a good idea what is liquidity is taking i’m doing not doing liquidity staking myself guys but i am doing simple staking

For 50 but for liquidity is taking you could add up to 100 percent however on liquidity is taking you have to stake a little bit more in this video i will talk about 50 liquidity is taking a 50 simple stacking and we’ll quickly show you how you can stake your bonded finance tokens as well guys and how you can get them if you want and they are available on uni

Swap and they are available on pitmax as well bitmax cryptocurrency exchange we have total supply of one billion however on c in circulation we don’t have this one billion and now we are able to make these tokens by staking i am investing in this project exactly because of reasons that this project is one billion total supply i don’t invest in any project at

All guys which is more than 1 billion because if the project is more than 1 billion it is very hard to move the price of the project or price of the token and you need much more people to be invested in that particular project to move that price or grow that price whereas this price for example now for two thousand dollars you can buy one hundred thousand of

These tokens that would already give you a substantial part of these tokens and like i mentioned at the very beginning of this video guys the later you get into any project the less tokens you will get the very first investors who are investing at the earliest stage like now guys you can get the most of tokens because all next people who will be coming in they

Will be probably buying this bonded finance bonds tokens already for 10 cents and that is already five times more than it costs right now however i think that this token could go to one dollar easily next year because this year we already getting into bull market and this is very good time for investment and that’s why i think that here you could easily make

One dollar and currently even this token is growing at a rate of 5 to 15 percent every single day guys because more and more people start discovering as you can see here since 25th of november it was here on coin market cap and then you can see that price has changed and since then this price is just going up up and up and up and i see i think that 10 per 10 10

Cents per token we will get very fast and then it could it will go up to one dollar and i will show you now my staking on bit max and if you are new to bitmax or you haven’t have never been using bitmaps i will leave a link my referral link in description on in first comment of this video guys this is pretty much the same cryptocurrency exchange as you would use

Binance because everything here is exactly and even layout and buttons and you will have exactly the same feel as in binance here as you can see currently i am staking 105 and 219 these bond tokens and i just got them yesterday here if you would like to stake here on bitmaps and you can also buy these tokens bond tokens on bitmax which is bonded finance if you

Would like to stake you go here into investment products as you can see here and here you will see staking just click into it and you will get redirected here and as you see here is bond here is a lot of different projects which you can invest in and some of them look kind of dodgy i wouldn’t trust them guys as you can see there is one even some type of project

Which is act which looks i i looked into it but i didn’t see anything really about that project but here is bonded finance project and if you would like to read or invest into this project first obviously you need to buy tokens here you click on view and you get redirected to this page where you can see read more about terms i will create more in-depth video on

Staking however this is just fast if you are interested here you can buy if you click this link and if you would like to delegate just click on delegate and here you will see your total amount how much you have available as you can see in my scenario i don’t have any available to delegate because i’m delegating all of them and as you can see compound mode if this

Is enabled then you will know those tokens which you will be staking you will be getting them every single day however if you enable this this will be adding them to the total collateral which you have invested so every next day it will be adding these tokens and to your collateral and you will be getting more more tokens and every next day which will be staked

More tokens you will be getting more rewards and you are getting rewards every day if you disable this this means that you it will not be adding or compounding to your base amount or your collateral which you have invested guys but it will be giving you to your accounts those tokens which have been staked from your total amount and you will be making profits in

My case i am compounding when i am staking so every stake tokens in my scenario they get added to my hundred five percent my my my total amount of talk bond tokens on this exchange guys so yes this is like also easy to use bitmaps like i said many people could would have problems with new using new cryptocurrency exchanges but if you are thinking about bitmarks

Then this is also reputable exchange and pretty much if you are using it it will it is the same as binance if you have been using binance cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy it so as you can buy the token on uni swap if you use metamask wallet just add this wallet and by the way let’s go back in i wanted to show you in explorer if you go here in coin market

Cap on bonded finance page if we go into explorer then here on explorers page you can see that it has already in couple pretty much in two three weeks already it has forty 1974 transactions which is huge and if you go here into transaction history you can see that transactions are happening pretty much all the time 34 seconds one minute two minutes two minutes

Three minutes eight minute and so on and so forth all the time is happening transactions for a new project like this and this project like i said it’s already on bitmax where you will see a lot of transactions happening also on bitmax cryptocurrency exchange and there is already 1875 holders of this token or addresses so this is also huge for a new project so

Yes guys this is just my opinion like i said not a financial advice and i am invested in this project myself and if you found this video useful leave a like if you have questions ask in comments and see you in the next one

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