Hey youtube what’s up with y’all what’s good like i’m in a good mood today as y’all can see by the title today’s video is going to be about me breezy getting my first car okay this is not my first car insider but um the way car buying should be this is the first car experience where i’ll go get a car and it should execute out perfectly because uh before

In the past i tried to get cards of my own and let me tell y’all i literally set myself up so when your mama says listen to your mama listen to your mama so i’m currently getting ready uh i gotta be there at six o’clock it’s 4 30 past 4 30. the place is 30 minutes away like the reason why i’m so in my a like let’s start there forget everything else it’s

Because y’all my job has been throwing me for a loop like i thought i was about to start school in august didn’t start school in august i was mad about that um because of my job but i finally just found a department in a position in a time frame that works for me so i can be able to go to school and make this coin so i’ll be starting um school back up in

The springtime if anybody was wondering and really that’s what’s been throwing me off like i would get off so late and literally only have the energy to come home take a shower eat and fall out okay so youtube and me recording it was not working and that was literally blowing me because i love youtube oh my gosh youtube is so entertaining and so fun i love to

Interact with y’all but besides that i wasn’t in the best head space because of petty petty petty drama and i feel like that story is too long to tell right now so if you guys want me to do a story time because you know not that much crazy stuff happens in my life but this was pretty crazy i can definitely do a story time on it so comment down below okay back

I can talk to y’all now because y’all can’t see me from waist down but um the point i was making before i really interrupted myself was that everything is back to normal right now and it feels good i like my life like going to balance and yeah that’s where i’m at so i’m good we ready to go okay we ready to get this thing on the road like i got some stuff

In store for y’all for my birthday month which is november so look forward to that get hyped with me but yeah let me tell y’all a short story um before i log off until we get in the car the other day on instagram right this girl had posted her man crush monday and just so happened i knew the guy so my comment to her post was like oh um that’s my play nephew

Congrats like wish y’all luck you know simple short sweet she then responds dot dot dot um okay and to me i’m like um did i say something wrong because i thought i was over here congratulating that i guess this is your man crush and wishing luck like nothing nothing should be wrong with it right so i told her that i was like maybe you’re misunderstanding blah

Blah blah and i gave her a short backstory my dad knew his dad when we were younger we grew up together and now i just view him more like a play nephew and i’m trying to be nice that’s what i wanted to say but i didn’t say that she was like i don’t really do that fake fam and i was like oh i could take it there but i mean being me it takes a lot for me to

Give people the time of my day so i was just like oh da da da okay i see and then period and i said l o l in caps because baby it ain’t that deep basically i had went on a rant because that really threw me off like especially i used to even know her in middle school so we were cool in middle school like nothing bad so that was just weird to get that type

Of energy from her and so when i went on a rant on my story one girl really commented and did like a voice message and it made so much sense she was just like you cannot internalize you know other people’s um interactions that you have with them because most times like she was saying she could have been cheated on in the past she could have um dealt with a

Girl who you know i guess was out to sabotage her relationship in the past and she was just pretty much saying like don’t internalize that bad energy because you just gotta keep being the best you and it’s sad to say dang y’all more incongested and she was like it’s sad to say but a lot of our generation are like really like stuck like just a whole lot of

Bad situations bad attitudes bad vibes bad energy the more people can encounter someone like me with um nothing but a genuine intention hopefully that can eventually change the race yeah um hopefully but i mean do y’all see how 2020 is going i think we’re going downhill and i don’t know how i’m saying that like with so much enthusiasm because it’s really sad

Um but that’s another conversation next slide me please oh my god i felt like a spider oh it’s gnats okay y’all well i’m just showing y’all the rental car honestly um when i get back in the car and i start driving i’ll tell y’all um a little bit about this process there’s so many nasts out here let me hurry up and get in the car okay y’all very cute car very

Cute car they got the whole little um carplay thing but oh my god because i’m using my phone right now um i can’t really show y’all but it’s pretty cool pretty nice in here um yes so let me get back to the what’s going on okay so basically um the lady hit my car i called the insurance told you all that i think and um the insurance basically investigated

The situation came to find that i wasn’t at fault obviously because i wasn’t even there and gave me a rental i’ve pretty much had the rental this is like my second going this year my second week um and with that i had to like in the midst of me having a rental so i can go to work and stuff i had to send off my title i had to communicate back and forth with

The adjuster um and long story short sorry if my lips is crusty like i always put the mask on so i don’t i’m starting to get out the habit of putting my lip gloss on like i need i don’t even know where my chapstick is but anyway besides point yeah so i was communicating with the adjuster she sent me a text message link where they literally sent me a check

For the worth of my old car and now that i have that money in my possession we about to go find me a car baby that’s simple so i’m gonna um obviously pull my phone back out when i get oh i can’t see by the dealership okay y’all so i’m here and i met up with my mom um yeah i know i’m not gonna see i was just literally about to say that i know when my mom

Does business stuff she want to handle business but i wanted to show them so say hey yeah so um we just got here or whatever and i’ll probably like show y’all when i guess we start looking at cars because the conversation part i know that needs to keep private mom i know this all right so see you in the field and it was a personal use though that’s one okay

Y’all so i kind of got my search down um right now i’m looking at this red here no my own okay um yeah so when i get ready to test drive it i’ll show it to y’all so give me that okay y’all so my mom wanted to test drive it so she drove it up thank you all right y’all so here’s my baby um so my so so know so you

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