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Eighty nine-year-old doris haddock whose nickname is granny d is trying to draw attention to the need for campaign finance reform after the watergate scandal congress limited the amount of money an individual could give directly to a politician direct contributions were known as hard money but there was a loophole candidates couldn’t take more than $1,000 in hard

Money from an individual but their political parties could and the parties could send unlimited amounts of that money to the candidates this was called soft money during the 2008 election citizens united a conservative nonprofit organization wanted to release a video on demand criticizing presidential candidate hillary clinton and advertised their film on tv

Broadcasts this was in violation of the bipartisan campaign reform act of 2002 and the case eventually made its way to the supreme court they’re ruling changed the role money and speech play in american campaigns today tration somehow you’re not patriotic and we should stand up and say we are america that we have a right to debate a disagree administration prior

To citizens united individuals could only donate $2,700 to attend it in primary and general elections and could give a maximum of $5,000 to any pac however corporations and unions at this time cannot spend any money directly on federal elections supreme court’s ruling in this case change the way that campaigns would be financed moving forward and significantly it

Established a new interpretation of the first amendment right to free speech because money equals speech doesn’t matter if the speech comes from money or comes from your mouth so you agree with the supreme court on almost everything money equals speech therefore the more money you have the more you can speak after citizens united the amount of money that individuals

Could donate directly to a candidate did not change they were still limited to two thousand seven hundred dollars per candidate and 5 thousand dollars per pack what did change however was that corporations and unions could now spend unlimited amounts of money on federal elections by donating to super pacs and political nonprofits senators need to raise $3,300 a

Day for six years to get reelected representatives need 1800 dollars a day and local officials need $600 a day this leads to politicians focusing all of their efforts on mega donors drowning out people like you and i more than eighty percent of the money raised by both trump and clinton came from mega donors democrats have had more money in every election since

The supreme court case and ironically hillary clinton has been the largest benefactor campaigns aren’t the only way that finances influence or politics the american legislative exchange council or alec is a special interest group made up of corporations and lobbyists to create laws alec is backed by over a quarter of congressmen and politicians giving corporations

Direct access to our congress floor alec rights laws and the government supporters enacted laws exchange from campaign finances and other luxurious benefits alka has been in the news recently because wal-mart wrote and delivered the stand your ground law in florida the law was intended to increase gun sales in the state of florida but instead aided in the proven

Innocence of george zimmerman the man responsible for trayvon martin’s tragic death

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