Car Salesman Tells All & Never Can Sell Cars Again… (PLEASE SHARE)

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Car salesman your dealership lies and steals every time you sell a car part 2 in the last video i said put your number 1 reason i should give you a free session and that winner goes to v r d z you are the winner of the free session congratulations but i am gonna do a live stream tomorrow night right around 10 p.m. my time floor at a time so make sure to be there

And you can get your questions answered as well man so last video blew up tons of comments great video i got tons of views on it but you know there’s some negative comments or some stuff people didn’t understand so i have 7 comments i’m gonna go over but i want you guys to know last video was to show you how much money is on the back i think people were really

Blind to how much money finance is holding how much the dealerships holding on the back end when you present your pencil comment number one tony what if they ask for a discount ok so i sold jeeps a jeep wrangler off of msrp they’d only give 500 to a thousand off so if you have a popular vehicle or a vehicle that really holds its value at your dealership use that

One as an example explain how there’s not a lot of discounts or none at all that are on vehicles that hold their value maybe it’s because they’re reliable and people still buy them with a bunch of miles on them whatever you guys want to say so use something that explains it holds its value really well any car that has a lot of discounts depreciates very quickly

Number two what if they see the price down the line and you lose front and back so again my first video is just to open your eyes to see how much money there is in the back end and how much you guys are able to take off just by the term in the rate when you focus them on payment now in the beginning i don’t want you to get the best rate possible i’m not trying to

Say take money from finance right away i want you to know that you’re closing them on the finance part and on that rate up front so finance won’t have to do it but that being said i want you guys to still go for all the money front and back because you might get it but if you don’t get it if you try to close even the best of us aren’t going to close that first

Pencil every time i want you to go to term and then after going to term because you can go to term and finance doesn’t get affected if you go for a longer term but i want you guys to go for term first and then rate if you have to don’t go for your discounts first because that’s when you start losing money number three how do you go from $50,000 out the door to

Fifty for five like in my last video so i use that as an example of how much you could have made upfront and still closed them on that payment so upfront you should always give first pencil with all the money on the out the door price okay so add an appearance package all-weather floor mats get creative okay all this stuff you can add profit to it and price it

At what you want another thing you guys might not know is when you do that first pencil your dealership if you’re like a big corporate dealership or even like a cell phone dealership a lot of them get audited so they save every pencil you can’t go from fifty thousand and fifty four or five you have to start off at the bigger number so you have to add something in

Worst case you take it off but add something focus them on payment then term if you have to negotiate and then do the rate and then discount if you must and if it’s like a pre-owned vehicle add reconditioning or something like that which is like a shop bill how i explain that is just like if you had a trade-in you’d see us take pictures if you were to trade it in

We put it on the website like starting tomorrow because we turn vehicles and sell them very quickly here so it’ll still need to go through the shop and that’s something that we add later this is just like crazy you know how many objections and how many things there are without the door price that they’re gonna bring up i would never go to the out the door price

Unless they’re paying cash okay if they’re financing then talk about payment only talk about out the door if they’re paying cash and writing a check so when i train people i always train them in a way that they can overcome the out the door price the the client won’t even look at the out the door price because of how much value that you build not only in the car

But also in your dealership if somebody were to ask me about my pricing or anything on a vehicle before we even test roll this is killing emotion they’re trying to kill the emotion in the sale and i don’t want to feed into it so i’m gonna say something like listen i did a lot of research before picking this dealership okay i looked at every single dealership and

I wanted to make sure if i handed out pricing nobody beat it by five hundred or a thousand dollars that’s why i picked this dealership so if you like the car i’ll make sure you like the price you like the way it looks perfect i’m gonna go run and grab the keys right back into the process and that’s gonna bring the emotion back up so that does three things to the

Client first you’re putting yourself in their shoes and saying i did the same thing you’re doing looking for the best price then you’re overcoming that they need to keep shopping and look for prices you did your research for them you already looked at all the dealerships before you pick this one to sell at because of pricing then you said if you like the car you’ll

Like the price and you brought the emotions back up see when you do this to people when it gets down to the pencil they’re not even gonna look at the out the door number you already overcame that and told them you did your research for them pretty much also you got them to enjoy the test-drive they weren’t thinking about price the whole time see people don’t even

Know the best price they think that the internet price is in a good price so that shows you right there so you have to make it appear to be the best price and say something that makes sense to the customer even if i were to land somebody on a pre-owned vehicle i would say hey do you guys like the way this one looks i got a really good deal on it i just took it in

We actually own it for under what it’s worth we have an average shop bill around $2,500 but this was in great condition so it didn’t need much done you like the way it looks and see right there you guys that person’s not going to look at the outdoor price what you’re selling it for they don’t know what a good price is if it’s fifty nine or 79 they don’t know what

It books out for they don’t know what the car is worth so they’re just gonna pick a payment that works number five it’s not your job to close them on finance just sell the car so if they’re not paying cash don’t talk about the out the door price they’re only making that payment take in mind internet price they think that internet prices like msrp constantly people

Try to negotiate the internet price so whoever’s writing this comment definitely discounts the vehicle they try to close them on the out the door price which is not the right thing to do focus them on payment and use the tips that i gave you earlier now let’s say somebody gives you you know some objection like i’m not getting enough for my trade and they go over the

Out-the-door price they might see one thing give you an objection you solve it tell them hey i saw was worth anywhere from nine to ten thousand so we’re able to give you ten for it take in mind we have a shop bill so we’re gonna own it for a little bit more or average shop those around two thousand dollars but the good things is and then tell them about their tax

Savings you know how much money they’re saving in taxes by having a trade-in i have a video on that if you want to check it out but that’s what i do i hit them with that rebuttal and i bring them back to payment now it’s time to push them out eighty four payments seventy two payments it’s a standard loan with money down most of my customers go eighty four payments

When you put no money down you finance the whole car your taxes tag everything a standard loan is eighty four payments and take your mind you can never pay less but you can always pay more if you do pay any more than the eighty four payments its interest-free so even if you go 84 and pay the seventy two whatever that difference is a hundred bucks its interest-free

Just hit them with something like this so if you were to buy a five hundred thousand dollar house you know and you were to get it for three hundred thousand you got a great deal but you’re not gonna go fifteen years your mortgage is gonna be too high but as long as you get a good deal on the house and you have a comfortable payment that’s a good deal so if they

Want more of a discount that’s not the route i’m going i’m pushing them out eighty four payments at first me and finance you know we both don’t lose money but if i have to start working on the rate and get the rate lower that’s what i’m gonna do i’m gonna take myself and my money for my family and i’m gonna i’m gonna hold on to that before i give any money up i’m

Gonna get rid of finances money they still have the opportunity to sell them warranty and sell them products but i’m just saying if it comes down to it i’m gonna hold as much money as i can for me before i start discounting the car if i have to you know go longer term or give up some rate i’m gonna do so so let’s say i close somebody on a certain payment it’s a

Hundred les first thing i’m gonna do is take out my loan calculator like i showed you in the last video i’m gonna put the full amount out the door in my calculator then i’m gonna put the you know whatever term we’re going and i’m gonna adjust the rate to see like let’s say they tell me there are 750 i’ll say hey what’s your score one to ten do you do you know your

Score great seven fifty okay so maybe i’ll put like a 5% rate just to be safe you don’t want to go too low so you put a 5% rate and then you i’ll put in my calculator that way i can see what the payment will come out to so if the payment comes out to exactly what my commitment was you know i put that amount in i put let’s say eighty four payments and i put like a good

Rate in there for what they can actually get then that way i know that i didn’t lose any money so i go to the manager and i say hey listen they didn’t look at the out the door number all they really were concerned about was the payment there okay going eighty four payments they said if they have to also the kind of rate that they’re looking for was five percent and

Once he puts all that stuff in without discounting it i already did it so i know the payments gonna be right where they want to be so to answer the question i don’t go out there would like to lowest rate right upfront that makes no sense at least go for it and then obviously the first thing you want to do is term then rate and then you start discounting the car if

You absolutely have to try to do none of them if you have to term first and then rate and i give you guys a lot of closes switch them to a least comment number six so this guy he only goes over the out the door price finance goes over payment and rate so he doesn’t even show that so my clothes will still work for that and this is the clothes that i’d use for that

You know one of the reasons why i picked this dealership is we have a great finance team on a loan like this without putting any money down or putting little money down you know a few percent on the interest rate will come out to thousands so i won’t be able to save you any more money here but i’ll make sure to take care of you on the backend okay and just hit them

With something like that if they say okay great they just want a reason to sign they want to feel like they’re getting a good deal so you can’t save them any more money there but you’ll take care of them on the back end you’re doing everything you can and that’s how i close deals comment number seven so this person he pulls the credit first on the manager to see

The credit so he’s guessing that they use a correct rate managers are gonna hold like 4% in the back when they do this so they’re gonna hold like the 2% that they can hold with the bank sometimes it’s 1% sometimes it’s like point 7 5 depending on the bank but he’s gonna hold like 4 percent that way if you give it all up front he knows that 4 percents in the back 2%

He can hold on the rate finance makes money off of that they don’t make money off of the whole percentage but just the rate that they’re allowed to hold so that 2% and the other 2% he’s gonna take that off and fill it in with products so in some situations they might leave finance and their payment actually went down because finance couldn’t sell them the products

Even when they dropped the rate 2% thank you guys for watching and make sure to comment down below and let me know what you guys want to see next

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