Career Opportunities for Finance Majors

Instructor Robert Donchez came to the school with experience from Salomon Brothers as an analyst in global equities and capital markets, and IBM World Trade working in international accounting and financial systems. Here he offers a seasoned real-world perspective on the wide variety of career opportunities for Leeds Finance majors.

Everything from corporate finance and a big corporation to wall street jobs investment banking through the financial analysis work working in financial institutions like banks or money market centers i really have full range you can do accounting you do consulting you can do international finance so really with finance the range is pretty broad finance departments

Are paired with our career connections in the business school to do a series of programs we have senior conferences in finance we have panels finance panels we have career nights we have guest speakers coming in we also have different clubs that finally have students can get involved in like the finance club like the investment club the investment club is one

Of the more unique ones in the sense that students use and invest their own money and it’s a couple hundred dollars it might not be a hundred fifty dollars or something like that but you’re investing real live money and as soon as we’re doing the research and who are investing their money so it’s its own entity and it’s all student-run you’re not dealing with a

Professional money manager logical mind a little bit better with numbers and less better with numbers it’s more quantitative but even though it’s more quantitative you still have to understand the foundations of finance and the building blocks so even if you’re not the strongest person quantitatively if you can get the foundations and the building blocks around

You you can still have a finance career finance is an area where you see a lot of opportunities that way it’s good training ground for the prospective finance worker it gives the student the opportunity and the exposures they’re both paid internships and unpaid internships covering a full range of gambits from financial services and products that work with private

Equity and investment banking every student starts in the b-school with their beak or finance beak or 22-hundred intro to finance that’s where they first get the exposure then if you go into finance you need to take corporate finance finance thirty ten all finance majors are required to take that and reality that’s the type of course that any business major would

Get a huge benefit from if they took that’s the only required finance course for a finance major but there’s a runs the full spectrum of courses from there from courses and financial markets and institutions to derivatives to investment in portfolio management to capital investment analysis where you’re valuing publicly traded companies and the investment banking

And investment management seminars it’s a great opportunity michael palmer has been teaching that thing for many many moons and he saw five weeks with a five week seminar in the summertime and you spend the time over there are you learning about financial markets international finance from not an american-based perspective but over in london in the uk great britain

And final presentation is like a 20 30 page research project but you’re exposed to all the financial workings over there in london creates a whole different perspective because many of our students are aware of how wall street works here in new york new york stock exchange they learn a different perspective over there in london bas create little bit more leverage

But mba sir typically the people who have several years experience go back into the mba and then leverage it forward so in finance there are multiple multiple entry level jobs that are always be recruiting simply because of the nature of the job opportunities working in an ibm or working in a goldman sachs working at a city corporate bank of america or working

In a small startup they all need finance so there’s a plethora of opportunities available for students who come out with a bs in finance probably the opportunities that exist out there for all the students no matter what your skill sets you can find a right avenue to approach you might be a sales and marketing person you get into selling financial products big

Upside big money you can be a big quantitative person you can get into equity research or investment banking run so it really runs the full spectrum full opportunity there for their students and secondarily is seeing the evolution of students when they first come in and start studying finance the b core level to sing where they are when they’re leaving and going

To work out in the business world what they’ve accumulated over their years you’re studying finance and what they’re leaving with well we have two faculty undergrad liaisons tom nelson and myself and we are both people who come from industry who’ve been outside we have just come up in the traditional academic realm and we handle a lot of that type of consulting

With students as far as career opportunities career paths and we’ll do stuff as far as helping with the point of job searches and helping with resumes and basically all those things that juniors and seniors and finance want to get lined up to help them in that next stage in their life

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Career Opportunities for Finance Majors By ColoradoLeeds