Careers at Arkansas Federal Credit Union

Arkansas Federal places emphasis on employee engagement and providing outstanding service for our members. Here you are encouraged to challenge the status quo and bring new things to every area of the Credit Union. With an open-door policy from the top to the bottom, we are able to professionally develop our staff to cultivate leaders and top talent. We’ve even been named one of Arkansas’ Best Places to Work by Arkansas Business four times.

I absolutely love arkansas federal have since i started here the people really make a difference in why you want to walk through that door every day our staff is phenomenal at arkansas federal and we just have a really caring and compassionate group at the credit union that really takes pride in everything that they do if you come here and work hard you will get

Noticed there’s a wide range of opportunities here i started off as a drive-through part-time teller and now i’m the senior vice president over information technology and strategic initiatives and i never would have thought 32 years ago that i would have gone from being a teller to where i am today i started as an hour employee and whenever i i was you know given

The opportunity for moving up in different positions it’s always been you know instilled in me that they want to do everything possible to give you what you need in order to be the best person that you can be and to do the best at your job that you can do we have 98 engagement with our employees which says that when they’re motivated to come to work they want to

Be there they want to accomplish the things that we want to accomplish as a team so i think we’ve done a great job of one hiring the talent that’s required to meet those accomplishments but then also these folks want to come to work and they want to make a difference in people’s lives so i think our culture is indicative of the fact that we have such a highly

Engaged group of individuals you’re learning new things and people are actually training you and showing you the ropes on how things actually work that’s one of the things that i do feel like we’re really good at here is finding what your strengths are and finding a role that really brings out those strengths becoming an employee at the credit union allows you

To have an amazing benefit package and it is more than just compensation it’s more than just your health benefits it’s more than even retirement and pension we do invest in our employees in various ways some of that is online training whether that is skill development or leadership development the tuition reimbursement program has meant so much to me personally

Because the credit union not only encouraged me to continue my education but they also contributed financially so i was able to obtain not only my undergraduate degree but also my graduate degree simultaneously while continuing my career at the credit union we have 48 hours a year employees can use to help the communities whether that’s going to a local school

Or maybe they’re working with an animal shelter whatever it is that they’re passionate about as long as they’re helping the communities we are very supportive and give them that time to really go out and make a huge difference first and foremost we take care of our employees and because we take care of our employees i feel we are very successful in taking care of

Our members it translates so very well in the fact that our employees feel valued they feel appreciated they feel heard and so because they feel that way i believe they can listen to our members and they can value them and they can appreciate them and they can hear the needs that they have and provide amazing solutions because that’s what arkansas federal credit

Union can do for them if we always take care of the employees first and we expect the employees to take care of the members then that leads to our success everyone at arkansas federal regardless of their position understands why we’re there and the mission that we’re there for you know you actually feel as though the people here they care about you to say that

I’ve grown up in the organization and we’ve grown together that is a true statement and it’s pretty cool you don’t have many employers that give you that kind of opportunity you

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Careers at Arkansas Federal Credit Union By Arkansas Federal Credit Union