Cars To Avoid In 2022

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Unreliable overpriced underpowered and soon to be discontinued some of the factors that go into this list of vehicles you should avoid in 2022. this is a two-part video because i have more than 30 35 vehicles on this list so this is part one of vehicles you should avoid in 2022. let’s begin the ford explorer might be a household name but the 2022 iteration has

Several red flags according to consumer reports during the last four years explorer has shown problems in transmission drive system and power equipment the interior electronics and outside paint have also had issues unfortunately the 2022 explorer won’t be much different with consumer reports giving it a predicted reliability of one out of five in fact consumer

Reports has branded it the second least reliable car of 2022 with an overall reliability score of 8 out of 100 in addition to that insufficient legroom and third row poor fuel economy and an unimpressive 8 inch standard infotainment system make the explorer one of the worst cars to buy in 2022 the 22 infiniti qx80 has an attractive exterior an upscale interior a

Powerful engine and a smooth ride still this three roll luxury suv is one of the cars you must avoid why well you can get the exact same vehicle minus the chrome grille and the infiniti badge at a discount of 22 grand i’m talking about the nissan armada the mechanically identical albeit less swanky sibling yes you will lose a handful of pretentious features but

You’ll get the same vehicle better fuel economy and 22 000 in savings no this isn’t a photo of the 2011 chrysler 300 this is how the 2022 version looks looks pretty outdated don’t you think wait until you see the interior it’s even worse thanks to plenty of cheap materials and a lack of standard tech features besides his awful looks decades-old headlights and

Cheap interior the performance and handling of the 2022 chrysler 300 are said to be not on par with both the muscle cars and full-size sedans offered by its rivals it’s just a huge waste of money and probably the worst car of 2022. ford has decided to discontinue the eco sport so the 2022 model will be the last one just having a look at this absurd car is enough

To guess why it’s been a disastrous failure while ford brands the ecosport as a sub-compact suv practically lacks everything one might want from a crossover a poor fuel economy a dull ride a brazen lack of safety features and an outdated standard infotainment system makes the ecosport one of the worst suvs to buy in 2022. the largest vehicle from kia the 2022

Telluride is the gold standard of the three row midsize crossover segment at an extremely affordable price the telluride has a formidable exterior a surprisingly luxurious interior a thrilling performance and unrivaled value so why is buying a telluride a bad choice when it’s so damn good well that’s exactly the problem it is so good that dealers are selling it

At a market adjusted price of between 15 and 18 000 over the original msrp due to an extremely limited availability caused by its skyrocketing popularity so just hold on a bit and don’t throw your money on such an absurd markup the 2022 mitsubishi mirage g4 has a combined mileage of 37 miles per gallon with a base price far below the average but the list of pros

Stops right there the subcompact sedan has a grossly underpowered 3-cylinder engine that barely manages 78 horsepower not only is the engine noisy but the car also has awful sound proofing the interior is full of all kinds of cheap materials and the build quality is below average worst of all it has got a terrible predicted reliability rating according to consumer

Reports the mercedes-benz gle is the least reliable vehicle of 2022 the gle got a score of 5 out of 100 for overall reliability and a one out of five for predicted reliability problems with engine electrical and climate systems in-car electronics and body integrity caused the decline of gles reliability over the years but that’s not all there are several other

Factors that make it one of the worst cars to buy in 2022 for starters it has a complicated infotainment system finicky steering controls and a not so smooth shifting in short you’re better off without a gle in 22. the 2022 mirai has got sick looks stellar performance a luxurious interior and a zero carbon print still it’s one of the worst cars to buy in 22 why

Well it’s a hydrogen powered vehicle and way too ahead of his time as of now the u.s has less than 100 hydrogen fuel stations almost all of which are clustered around the major cities of california it means you can use this car in just one state and within that is even a restricted area the chevy silverado has repeatedly been branded among the worst trucks by

Consumer reports this time it ranked it among the 10 worst cars of 2022 in terms of reliability with a reliability score of 11 out of 100 the silverado 1500 was the only pickup to make it to the list the owner reported surveys revealed several problems with silverado engine transmission drive system in-car electronics and power equipment an outdated interior with

The usage of cheap materials and harsh ride quality are some other factors that make the silverado 1500 one of the worst pickup trucks of 2022. the 2022 gmc acadia has stunning looks but don’t fall for them the reason it’s on this list of worst cars of 2022 is how little it offers as compared to its rival mid-size suvs the interior simply doesn’t live up to its

Hefty price tag that can reach up to 47 almost 48 thousand dollars while the front two rows are adequately spacious the third row is grossly cramped the fuel efficiency cargo space and driving dynamics are also said to be inferior compared to its rivals the 2022 nissan sentra would have been a great hauler that is if it were the only car in the compact sedan segment

But unluckily for the sentra mazda and honda offer better cars at a similar price point even though the sentra comes with a lot of standard tech features and is comfortable as well it lacks performance it struggles to give you a decent highway ride and is also very dull in handling a small trunk and finicky infotainment further worsened things for the sentra making

It one of the cars to avoid in 2022 the 2022 lexus gx has a great off-roading capability but it comes with more than just one compromise for starters you have to deal with a clumsy outdated design and when you move inside this luxury midsize suv you hardly find any amenities that could justify an estimated price tag of 55 grand another reason why the gx is one of

The worst suvs of 2022 is it’s a gas hog with an abysmal combined mileage of 16 miles per gallon rivals offer more comfort more storage and better fuel economy the 22 infiniti q50 hasn’t been an impressive offering from nissan’s luxury division while it aims to take down rivals like mercedes c-class and bmw 3-series the truth is it leaves a lot to be desired and

Is in fact one of the worst cars to buy in 2022 for starters both the exterior and interior of this luxury sedan are pretty outdated speaking of the dual screen infotainment further complicate things while as overall reliability is average at best the fuel economy is below average worst of all it doesn’t even deliver on its much hyped sporty credentials while the

Chevrolet brands the 2022 tracks as a quote small suv that’s larger than life unquote it is in fact a really small suv that’s unimpressive impractical underpowered and not larger than anything the trax has an outdated exterior an equally dated interior with limited driver assistance features and a measly seven-inch touchscreen simply put it provides a poor value

For money despite bearing an affordable price tag the presence of up-to-date rivals with better everything makes the tracks when the cars you should avoid in 2022. with the reliability score of 17 out of 100 consumer reports ranks the volvo xc90 among the 10 least reliable cars to buy in 2022 users have faced issues with the brakes drive system body hardware and

Climate system of the luxury suv over the last few years some other areas where the xc90 lacks include off-road capabilities an inconvenient touchscreen and a confusing climate control system in the rear while this volvo suv received poor user ratings consumer reports recommends the xc40 and the xc60 instead the 2022 subaru impreza has everything you don’t want

In your car an underpowered engine with sluggish acceleration a lousy fuel economy and a cheap interior even the exterior is outdated although the impreza has an affordable price point that starts around 20 000 the list of reasons why you shouldn’t consider buying it in 2022 is quite long rivals like the volkswagen jetta and hyundai elantra offer much better value

In a comparable price tag the tesla model y has had more than one recall owners have faced several issues with the seven-seater all-electric suv most notably with its body integrity in-car electronics and climate control considering that the model y was introduced just a couple of years ago it’s unlikely that the suv will get any major updates soon maybe that’s

Why consumer reports has given it a predicted reliability of one out of five and an overall score of 18 out of 100 making it one of the least reliable cars to buy in 2022 in addition to that the model y also lacks apple carplay and android auto compatibility and that wraps up part one of the vehicles you should avoid in 2022 based on the data user feedback and

Consumer reports i’ll put a link to the source material in the description below this video stay tuned for part two coming very soon one final note if you are in the market for a new vehicle soon great connect with your local dealership and price and test drive at least three different vehicles a vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses can only be discovered when you

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