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A software engineer from Indiana (John Mulaney) feels out of place at his girlfriend’s (Ego Nwodim) cousin’s wedding until they get out on the dance floor to do the “Cha Cha Slide.”

Any other wedding, okay. >> but i’ve never met any of your family before. i’m just kind of nervous. what is there to be nervous >> i don’t know. >> these people don’t bite. >> all right, all right, all that was a good one. that was a good one. alright, let’s get it going, because i want to make it funky, clap, clap, clap your hands. >>

It’s just — i don’t want to embarrass myself or you. >> fine. >> take it back now, y’all. one hop this time. two hops this time. left foot, let’s stomp. cha cha now, y’all. ♪♪♪ >> i’m sorry to be weird. >> i told you, everyone’s here. >> take it back now, y’all. one hop this time. now — cha cha now, y’all. >> is this the

Radio? >> this is the club remix, the >> i mean what do i even say to we have nothing to talk about >> you’ll be great. i told her all about you. >> now pull out your church fans. and wave that fan. >> church fans? i didn’t bring a church fan. >> oh, i have an extra. >> wave it all around. now wave it all around. cha cha now y’all.

≫> no, i barely know half of >> hey, daniel. how are you doing? >> oh, my god, jermaine. >> what are you doing? >> i’m with my girlfriend. >> hi, i’m lisa. you two know each other? >> yeah, we were in the same >> which one was that? >> you know. >> and about five years ago, we went on a tom joyner cruise where

We saw sinbad and >> wasn’t that special? looks like my son’s acting up again. put that down, boy. >> i guess somebody’s going to >> you know, good to see you put your pants back on, boy. i mean it’s not so bad. you have a friend here. >> yeah, one. right foot, two stomps. >> it’s just — it’s hard for me to be in a new environment.

But we all have to do it i thought that was you. >> hey, ms. staley. i didn’t know you was here. >> you know daniel? >> we was partners in the stage — down at the church. >> we sure did. hey, are you still watching “power?” >> no, child. i had to cancel starz. it got too expensive. >> oh, it’s a damn shame how hey, how’s your

Foot feeling? >> they feel much better. thank you for asking. i have been soaking it every >> well, i’m going to pray on >> well, thank you darling. you know, i’m cooking greens. >> oh, my god. you know my aunt better than i she is just being nice. >> slide to the left. slide to the right. now beyonce one. good job. all right, everybody.

And my break was scheduled for >> you are going to be fine, all >> you think so? >> yes, i swear. my brother’s the dj. >> hey, what’s going on man? how are you?

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