Chael Sonnen: Charles Oliveira Should Lure Khabib Out Of Retirement vs Islam Makhachev at UFC 280!

Chael Sonnen joins “Triple C” Henry Cejudo to breakdown and preview the UFC 280 lightweight title fight between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev! Will Khabib Nurmagomedov come out of retirement if Islam loses?

What’s up everybody welcome to this episode of breakdown of the fight i’m your host henry sudo aka triple c and we have a special guest here none other than the bad guy uncle chal sonnen and today we’re breaking down charles oliver versus islam macachif ciao what can i tell you about this fight to me this is a fight that’s its base versus a mixed martial arts

When i talk about bass i’m talking about somebody that is very very strong in that one particular area in other words somebody who can take you down and grind upon you and suffocate you and college style wrestling where he’s gonna make you work grind y’all to pretty much put you away this fight with him and charles oliver obviously charles olivera is no slouch

Being on bottom right triangles we saw what it did to justin gaichi we saw he has the most submissions in ufc history how do you see this fight taking place charles oliver will also strike you from the bottom that’s the thing that makes a difference when he throws a triangle much like tony ferguson he will then come up with the elbow so i only share that because

That is a little bit different your posture of what you have to do if you’re going to be on top of him is different now i can tell you what i think about this fight but how about i tell you what they think about this fight because islam believes to the point you just made that he can get on top whenever he wants to and he can stay on top as long as he wants if

He’s right great he’s going to go a decision most likely it’s going to open a lot of our eyes it’s going to be an epic moment if he’s right now charles oliveira is coming from a very different standpoint saying first off you don’t know how good i am and there is something that charles showed i must give him credit and it was the fight with tony ferguson which

Is takedowns i’ve never seen him do that before he hit three double a takedowns uh yeah tony fergus is a lifelong wrestler to the pack point that he’s got a usa wrestling emblem tattooed on himself oliveira got every takedown i’ve never seen him use control like that it’s not going to be about getting islam down here are you and i are in full agreements can

Charles stop the takedown and he’s not even talking about it he’s talking about i’ll start this fight on my back my jujitsu is so good let me stop you right there you’re extremely unlikely at this level to get a submission just to share with you you have not been submitting guys from your back uh that aren’t as talented on top as islam so if you buy into that

Theory if if charles is telling us the truth charles has a problem that he must have position they are more likely than not to go to a decision than any other feasible outcome and he’s not going to be gaining favor if he’s doing it from his back and i think it’s relevant because if i heard from charles oliveira look i brought in jordan burroughs i got henry

Sahuto helping me my takedown defense is going to be on point if i was hearing that i’d feel pretty good if he was saying i’m starting every practice on bottom but i’m scrambling i’m getting up and i’ve got some new wall walks up the fence so we can stand up and get away great but he’s not talking about that and i don’t think he’s playing gamesmanship i believe

He truly believes that his jujitsu is going to find a submission over the course of the evening i don’t like that strategy and obviously watching his rather grow and and could be even watching his success i i hear from a lot of people that islam is he’s almost a better version of what could be i hear that which is blasphemy but i do hear it better on the feet

Just as good on bottoms um we hear this from khabib khabib is the one saying this is the guy that’s compelling when you have the king coming back and saying this is the heir apparent to my throne oh by the way i taught him everything he knows it’s compelling as hell but now libby kind of twisted here let’s say for whatever reason charles silver does defeat

Islam will that bring back khabib right so no no is the final answer however khabib had slipped up one day whether he slipped up or it just came out but when khabib says something you can count on it so if he says it even if he didn’t mean to he’ll do it and what it had to do with conor mcgregor he wanted conor versus islam and to sweeten the pot he said connor

If you beat islam i will come back to fight you and he was he he would have done it now i only bring that to you because the negotiation then moves over to charles oliveira’s about two months later and charles didn’t make that a caveat it’s like charles i don’t think you’re following you could have lured you could have lured uh khabib out here so so i’ll just

Share for the audience that no that’s not part of the deal but i think it could have i think he could have got him to agree but but you know what show it’s not too late it’s not silly because i haven’t fought yet why not try and if you’re able to build that storyline there’s one thing i learned about you uncle joe if you’re able to build that storyline then

There’s there’s a there’s there’s such a great story that needs to be told henry they would put that on sportscenter if khabib came out and said i’m going to sweet i’m so sure in my guy you know jake paul made sports center because he tried to bet eddie her and a half a million dollars right if khabib made the same bet but it was for his return i’m telling you

I mean to your point of a storyline i agree with you and it would it would be great by the way there’s a there’s a built-in narrative to this story that if they’re on their feet it favors charles now i haven’t seen enough from islam to counter that but i’ve heard i hear about the practice rooms i hear from the javier mendezes and the daniel cormier who are not

Out trying to hype a guy they’re answering questions that are asked of him where they do see him on their feet and we do have a history in this sport when we don’t see a guy there ourselves we tend to then just assume he can’t do it i remember when they did in george saints beer george can’t take you down you’re going to lose and then george ran into a fight

He couldn’t take the guy down matt hughes so he just kicked him in the head and knocked him out so what i’m sharing we don’t know how good a guy is right we don’t know because if he doesn’t have to be there then he’s not there charles oliveira does have more weapons the other thing that i do want to say that we’ve seen we what if charles takes him down how was

Islam off of his back i mean these are things that we’re going to have to take into consideration because now that’s fascinating by the way i would love that he took down he took down michael chandler he took down which is a russian all-american he took down tony ferg which is another all-american and it’s like hey when’s when’s enough enough but still man i

Don’t know i just think the simple fact that is on basis is that strong and if it is true from what i’m hearing it from khabib’s mouth which i’m you know super good friends with and i think uh i i think either way whether he wins or he loses i think it’s a great storyline for potentially could be to uh to maybe come back and see i’m with you on that storyline we

Are going to see something different here and whether it’s islam on his back or it’s going to be uh oliveira in the fifth round or we’re going to see uh trading with strikes on their feet like if oliver is going to have any chance we have to see something different from islam and i just think that alone is fascinating everybody you know you got to start with the

Blueprint so you can start to figure out how to how to deal with him and islam’s blueprint is still being written so i mean i agree with you i agree with you i i don’t know oliveira is very upset about the fight he’s upset about the location of the fight which i like and angry oliveira is a very dangerous guy and it’s hard to get him angry he’s angry about the

Location he thinks you know the the fix will be in with the judges uh he’s a three to one underdog which you the audience did i mean that’s just based on the number he thinks that you’re disrespecting they took his damn belt away by the way which i’m not positive there was authority that’s a whole other conversation he’s upset right now and upset world champion

That’s a problem henry no it is and it gives you a chip it gives somebody a chip on their shoulders and when somebody has a chip on their shoulders when they’re that good and they have the belt man it’s uh they become extra dangerous sure last thing uncle chow what is your predictions on this fight if you do want to make a prediction i got let me hedge only with

One thing charles oliveira is a lot better than i thought he was and i thought he was the best in the world however i also thought he was there with an asterisk because khabib wasn’t it was a night that he fought gaichi that’s when i saw you i knew you were good you were better than i knew you were so i must give that to charles it’s just we’ve been setting this

Octagon up since 1993. the strategies that work then do not work today with one exception which is if you take a guy down and bludgeon him you win the fight that happens to be what islam does well i’m taking michael chev oh uncle it’s how you make it super easy for me i’m actually gonna have to agree with you once again i think the base that he brings i think

The fact that he hasn’t taken that punishment like oliveira even though as good as he is he’s been touching that chin a little too much in my opinion and and i’ve seen i’ve seen there’s been times even with that michael chandler fight where i saw a little bit of break when michael chandler heard him i could see the demeanor and his face changed and when i see

Things like that i don’t know as good as he is as good as he’s stopping people that stuff scares me so i might have to agree with you i’m about to go islam too so again guys thank you guys for watching breaking down the fight i’m your host henderson thank you uncle ciao and we are out so thank you guys again for watching it means a lot to me so you guys remember

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