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Hello everyone welcome back to my latrines my name is sear spoil an experiment by nature are oh hey world bank a behemoth see international business keepeth whole world bank e-bot na ho a thought of winning sata to his video i am joining geeky world bank hekia q aya kebaya kiss situation mayor or add cadet maker takia hey john t nobuta the international bank for

Reconstruction and development ibid commonly known as world bank was a result of bretton woods conference subset belly – hey john lee jakey world bank ik or nam be here carol hey international bank for reconstruction and development about bullying in mom it’s an oculus girl robin don’t know what’s but a bit of focus carnival it’s easy you keep jong-nam me to behave

Rahim cacao reconstruction karna development karna yeah him come main come tower yeah he perspective see existence may it bretton woods conference may have may si decision leah hija mayock se international organization kisser rata joha make hina can he help kriegie finance key related kimiko help correctly i guarantee the main objectives behind setting up this

International organization were to aid the task of reconstruction of war affected economies of europe and assist in the development of the underdeveloped the nations of the world algorithm is a bifurcate karena to hit though functions one thing eight hey reconstruction or ducie hey underdeveloped development in on a beulah first world war ii world war metal of

World wars with him separable hot surreal i know is he in subpoena boards other nukes on bachata europe coup you gear up middle areata it directly uglier today directly ocular to the beach my color today europe ocular today to europe key holic boards or the bigger eighty a be arab ku sorority tiki-taka open economy could stabilize kurosaki ethnic anomic of bihar

Nikoline subproblems to ecto income in madurai he tacky be a reconstruction kamehameha rock economica destroy incoming mutata kajitani be underdeveloped nations and una he development pay focus carnahan – yaja pancake dough main objective states killing any existence may i atone for the first few years the world bank remain preoccupied with the task of restoring

War-torn nations in europe you vote every initially to go jota jota while the banks of a geek on miiverse theta or voltage engine economies go were key whether say whatever the color guns of katakana – yeah it’s in a major calm tacky poets a lot at the world bank nor could calm kia hearing development given me to escape bhagavati palatable to d good economists even

Co stabilized cannibals or de rata reconstruct condemned is over there arthur having achieved the success in accomplishing this task by late 1950s the world bank turned its attention to the development of underdeveloped nations he will take he 1950s meter high school agha kiha up here aku threes or those kids ratna he escaped bad snap now focus shift icky icky

Stir of development hitter of consummation ki underdeveloped the nation’s key as a money opcode oh camilla where i’m dunamis a panic occur top knee priority to skirt away coin succumbs are they important egg barack neck priority choose curly whiskey battaglia patna first come finish guru gives ki baat second pigeon kururugi same come word bank nakia is kapa haka

Is kiddo come a reconstruction or underdeveloped key development but police key priority cathy reconstruction kenickie who seek about to development cut papaya to snip la boƮte salute acapella campea escape bad second camp area variable t its realized that by investing more and more in these countries especially in social sectors like education it could bring

About the needed social and economic transformations of the developing countries is come on not a key developing countries nagaram social sectors miss others other peso lorena touka hina here companies cal countries cackling he could kamala kirk addict ie variable t to give shape to this investment aspect in the underdeveloped nation the international development

Association was formed in 1960 he voltaic e ect school or she got sicker nicola nona katya aco or association from kids come id a bolton short may or full for hmmm scott international development association 1960 may have missed surf ec purpose aec purpose casa de intensively mechanically michalka idea form here the main objective underlying setting of idea has

Been to provide loans on concessional terms and conditions evolve a idea from carnegie beachy yeah he mentality three key are cool loans then a hand that took concessional townsman mclubbe aqua hot sorry concessions they may attack equal only nice if la niƱas oj the oracle on me to gonna forego call it sky interest rate be topic on oppressor couch known came on

Me two years of cheesy naho to be idea for kia grata he will take confessional terms and conditions may jota kekaha first repayment period for hotel america normal to occur repayment period right 18 charts are the soil a scenario you bought lumber agra keep exo potage salgado then aside sal gardener tray i say my bundle tourism is chain to take here it initial

The burden of case are pending in yoga second evil thing the bordering nation need not pay any interest on the borrowed amount keyattr a scale of ahah may interest to be in any way kenapa raha may happen but l’homme kisi se lo lieh ami interest being a pecan opera ab soto may up cavallo would say lowly low interest to be motto or low income amount to be boat’s

All about the baker tina up – cuchillo jogi a beluga savory or catch ahi – bus sae coached our ideal gas system build on a bsa coach concessional rates pewaukee oughtta know neighbor lucky him up centrist hillinger idea does provides interest-free long-term loans yaiks intended opening up me sorry it is exotic whovian but a better idea interest-free long-term loans

To poor nations very her kasey kahne editor mr. garriga codata surgeries nation’s coup d’etat ibid also provides loans but these carry interest charged on commercial basis yay voltaire sunny ki bi di doo para para panic bologna data bobby data leak in the ago interest article 2 interest-free loan nevada the idea interest-free loan data whereas i ibrd interest-free

Loan he data but loans a rule that i will be over the time additional organizations have been set up under the umbrella of the world bank they both pay up to be abort sorry organization world bank and the kisuke but the world bank a qian leakey no scandals have branches open evasive or three associations cool agree him as of today at skied americas right the

World bank is a group of five international organizations while the bank part international organization ngo malakhov around were responsible for providing finance to different countries much love harry country kalahari country has any key you icicle each ionically skillet meaning her each category of countries calico because of the poro take we underdeveloped doe

Take we can see a quick as near go hurry categorically allah gala ironic abhinav a associations when are the engine co-funding can make a calm day incurring a finance day conquering you the group and its affiliates headquartered in washington dc capturing to various financial needs and its affiliates so basically what they say key is key joe main rancho cuca

Higher washington me or you boss a pods or the help provide kirti here world over how a country co twista result i have world bankĆ­s el cielo kiev ola many world bank is basically queue iata dough papas quesadilla meesa pella papa’s nebahat selita for lochia escape pod second purpose bishop or job escape first purpose all whole gaia those new skills at a core

Organization called the a core association called eid a dookie sister dahm ooby metabiotic confessional terms were up balloons deadly interest been a charge committee or long term loans theta t so essay or article net part association melaka world one where my tour ala gala category of people call a girl category of countries cueca curtin loaned anika calm curtain

So yet amara world bank i hope a quickly wave it out a comment section instead ramesses make america can weapon it out with us opinion or a grab could note she hit a magnet range or comp a jockey up north feel a sub pair whose car link up core description box member tyga thank you so much

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