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Receiver revises issuance of contract letters to workers

Hello again and welcome to the second segment of business news now there’s growing apprehension among some car washing operators in the country as a result of the introduction of automated carwash and joins the fate of these operatives of the ones booming industry seems to be hanging in the balance as many of their customers are now drifting into the automated

Washing space better be sealers through the satellite on the extent of which the car washing business is being threatened by technology over the years the traditional car wash in industry has gained much popularity ranking in significance retained for operators perhaps the business was facilitated by dusty untied woods which made it necessary to watch vehicles

Frequently unfortunately with the introduction of automated car washing services in their country many people are gradually changing the trend despite the cost involved many people are now compelled to go the automated way because they do not have adequate time to go for the manual washing johnson is a taxi driver and he prefers the manual which is mahon or

De macedo or getting inside the car that’s when i pour the cotton to the washing business david well it’s about the car has been fully tested on it so a month may be costly with an automated car wash little man eyes are applied as the vehicle is driven into the automatic car washing machine to get it worse and dry without much hassle some manual car wash in

De let’s say their future is threatened as their services will no more be needed as the automated much becomes more populous customers when they come here they used to tell us there’s some automatic massive e i rant maybe when the cars good that they used was it’s faster than our here once the machine is there and the car is safe enter and it’s worth it it’s

Only where little work with that kazu its menu two or three people that do clean it and i mean i rinse some things inside and and finished it’s five affiliated because that is the work i’m doing it for now if you guys know this work there’s no anywhere for me and i am a family man so it’s going to be a difficult abortion idea – frank obama washing of cars has

Helped me because i use the proceeds to take care of my family but most of these workers feel threatened that their jobs could be on the line i’ll bet apiece you for joy business a receiver of the 23 financial institutions that have their licenses to both eric banana pie is now looking at issuing contract letters to the affected workers next week this is the new

Period he’s looking at after he was not able to complete the exercise this week signifies how about showing that workers would not be worse off in terms of conditions that would be offered them he’s poking an interview with joy business and agreed that your claim is valid it is then admitted in the receivership process then we move to the arena of payments where

Depending upon the timing and consume of realizations known generally they’ll be notified as to how you’re going to be paid and where you gonna paid i must mention in this instance which is also very similar to what we went through or what we are going through with the microfinance companies as the government has voted sums of money for the purpose of meeting the

Indebtedness of these companies to some depositors not all of them okay but to some depositors as to how much asked to this the ceiling i’m not in this position to say no because these are leds and i’m engaging with the government to come out with three attitudes you know what the size of the wallet is going to be and how much is going to distribute it and how

Much is in terms of percentages and all of them they probably get into some clarity on that one but we say by imagine that entenmann’s operates a fast-food joint turning check check she had every money about 40,000 lock this firm that has closes lines that’s why she needs even just 5,000 to go to the markets on monday morning to do her business from what you’ve

Given to me i don’t think it’s likely that she’ll get her money on monday money no not at all not at all it’s she says no but she has to go through this elaborate process that i set out and it can be definite timelines the timeline being that’s when and simmons are submits a claims have filled claims all right we have a deadline what we see is that by the truth

Of september all right all claims should have been received including anthem anthem answers okay then we also have another deadline where we say that by the 11th of october okay all claims received should have been validated including and some answers okay then post the 11th of course over the payments but we are not seeing that it goes in the other in terms of

Payments payments will be will be done concurrently and therefore an samantha me submits a claim on monday and then have it immediately validated and and then communicated whether indeed a limit a glimpse are valid and then she moves into the payment zone but those detours as i did indicates i cannot speak to now in terms of consumed an entire mint i i need to

Engage with my principles governments bump of gun actually for us to come out with all these details will later develop and there is says yes issued letters to more than 2,000 workers or the liquidated microfinance institutions gerry business understand the last part of letters were issued on tuesday august 20th now with a bank of garnets most recent action on

The savings and loans companies the issue of confidence has risen again on tonight’s business edition of p.m. express philip non-free and his guests ceo of private enterprise federation nonna’s abramson and executive secretary of ghana association of savings and loans to network cobra bochy will sit through all the necessary questions facing the banking sector

Stay tuned as pmfs unfolds at 9 p.m. on join news channel and that’s it for the business news tonight minute and for your company for more businesses log onto my joe slash business

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