COMMERCIAL LENDING FINANCE UPDATE #1, Peritus Corporate Finance, Michelle Dean 30th June 2020

Commercial Lending Finance Update #1, mortgages, bridging, development finance, airspace, bounce back loans, mortgage holiday. Michelle Dean gives us her weekly update and tips for lending in this new post coronavirus market. Giving us the latest lowdown from the lenders themselves.

Commercial mortgages and we’ve got we’ve got michelle dean here from peritus support a lot of our events just a ten minute quick discussion on the as well so over to you michelle what’s happening in the marketplace okay well we are seeing more lenders returning to the market and i don’t think we’ll see percent of costs and really high loan-to-value bridges and but we are

Back in the market some are still outs or some are still very very low like 55 they don’t want any but at 55 percent they’re not going to get any yeah but we do want to lend and the biggest problem that lenders have is that is that they last three months so they’re in a situation where they would like to lend we’ve got any deals that we can discuss with them so that’s a

Really good i’m development market bridging and bridging is but you know nothing has really have come down marginally and rates have probably gone up a little bit but not so we’ll just up the rates a little bit and they may well bring them down and they’ve come back in again which is really good and then the really the same commercial finance and the the only big no-no at

The moment on commercial but but saying that if it’s retail below residential above and you know it’s a three flats above people will look at so many commercial like that but if it is unless you’re talking about the likes of iceland or aldi home food shops a big popular but some lenders are specific to were lending and they would look at and to see if the area is overexposed

So and student accommodation regions as in you know liverpool or manchester or no not at the moment and i think that’s specific to each lender rather than over top 30 and they’ll only lend in that area but they’re not that the type of point that i wanted to get across today was that funding is definitely out there and we can help you with that you find it i know we talked

About bounce back mortgages or taking out i know jake mentioned it last week on by two that mortgage holiday or a bounce-back loan as well yeah what do you find well and straightforward and and we have been told categorically that c bills and not give a lender a reason to say no because you’ve won and now it’s very been asked to fund the somebody that’s gotta bounce back

Over c bill but i that you’ve been in trouble but no it doesn’t mean that it means you’ve needed want to help us didn’t want to help the smes then they wouldn’t have put it out bounce back c bills and that kind of thing will wouldn’t adversely affect saying you need to make sure that the reasons why you took it you can you know we took it because we could you know it’s you

Know you do need to you do need has announced the relaxation of airspace and you know the new pd rules and we’re on what the appetite for lending is for this new pd routes okay and the the new about air rights which and it’s an interesting development proposition air me there and but m we’ve done we’ve done air rights developments and i currently interested in doing this

Prior to you coded and are still interested when i and it is a very niche market not every lender will do it and you would need to it sixty five percent you’re probably going to be because it’s it’s deemed as of course something like that and but yet i write i write development is i rights questions or a thinking of doing one and want me to have a look at it i’m deep dive

Into the new pd and happens should lynch having a look from the view about four weeks or so just to see what you know what’s happening bit more about happening and but that yeah it’s it’s a it’s another great area to get into to to build out so going up is a good idea i mean what i’m seeing like in derby is space isn’t there and the build cost is the same as it is down

South so it something you know for us to keep our eye on for future oh for sure properties and all the good ones have been snapped up and been pd door already places is definitely worth worth considering yeah thank you ever so much next week so thanks for listening and you can even catch up with michelle i’ve details or below in the description if you want to get in contact with them

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