Company Profile of Ashutosh Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

A presentation on our company Ashutosh Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Sixty years back late mr dinesh guthari started a firm in the name of mrs khotarian company to provide tax and allied laws advisory services later in the year 2001 the activities of the firm got expanded into a corporate entity in the form of ashitosh financial services private limited over these years the company has emerged as a prominent player in the field

Of finance and taxation the company operates with a quality management system certification of iso 9001 2015 and is now a complete financial services solutions enterprise ashitosh financial services private limited is presently serving through its four different services namely ashitosh investment services ashitosh insurance services ashutosh nri services

Khotarian company ashitosh investment services which is in the activity of connecting people with investment opportunities for indian markets mutual funds for investing in equity debt and hybrid portfolio management services for investing into equity shares alternative investment funds for listed and unlisted equity shares direct investment in shares of

Unlisted companies advisory stock portfolios for investing in curated portfolios of equity shares investing in bonds that is tax free bonds taxable wants and capital gain bonds investing in fixed deposits of top-rated corporates and investing in precious metals through soaring gold bonds for investing in global markets through mutual funds direct investment in

Shares of foreign companies and etfs and precious metals through etfs ashutosh insurance services providing insurance solutions for life insurance for life risk coverage health insurance medical and personal accident insurance of assets for all types of risks insurance for liabilities retirement and pension planning needs an investment through insurance for

Guaranteed returns and ulips ashitosh nri services is a one-stop solution for nris to address the needs of investments in mutual funds pms aifs unlisted stocks foreign equities and advisory stock portfolios insurance for life risk health assets and liabilities retirement planning and investment through life insurance complete planning and compliance for indian

Income tax estate planning for indian assets advisory under fema and rbi regulations and complete support for compliance related to foreign tax laws in respect of indian incomes and assets kotarian company works as a solution house for complete income tax planning and compliance and estate planning for advisory related to inheritance laws and preparation of

Bills our company is a unique setup which is truly a one-stop solution for all the financial and taxation needs of the clients the company enjoys a state of the art infrastructure facility having its office in the middle of rajcode city spread across 4000 square feet area consisting of separate setup for each division the company has a fine mix of personnel

From financial and legal background like chartered accountants lawyers certified financial planner and management graduates to form a dedicated team of skilled and qualified staff the team works under the dynamic leadership of mr dakshesh kothari who is the md and ceo and the other directors of the company all the divisions and departments manage their operations

With high-tech versatile softwares and the entire iit infrastructure is connected with integrated file server for seamless exchange of data with security and regular data backup facility the company has a fully equipped conference room with projection and video conferencing facilities which makes this semination of knowledge information and interaction convenient

The company has its regional office at mdhabat which is the emerging metropolitan city of gujarat to facilitate the clients the company website www dot and mobile application ashutosh finsau gives an overview of the happenings in the world of finance and is also a useful client user interface we operate multiple investment management softwares

For managing our clients investments having interface with our website and mobile app with the help of our website reporting software app our clients can carry out complete paperless investment transactions and can have access to their investment portfolios on real-time basis we regularly update our clients with latest happenings from the world of finance and

Taxation through the digital mode of interactions using youtube videos whatsapp broadcasting sharing the updates on social media that is facebook instagram and linkedin the company has been conducted presentations on analysis of the union budget since last 16 years organizing series of presentations for non-resident indians on aspects of taxation regulations and

Investments since last four years the company is also arranging presentations for various sectors of economy and society by covering topics of vital importance related to finance taxation and estate planning the company serves to more than 3500 satisfied clients spread across the world and is actively maintaining business relations with many clients and groups

For more than 60 years ashitosh financial services private limited is growing as a complete financial solutions enterprise with its presence felt not only in india but also globally waves

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