Cruise Industry News Update Time! Carnival Corporation is risking its cruise ships to pay off debt. MSC has committed 3 cruise ships for usage as hotel in support of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Antigua is celebrating a cruise milestone and how long should dinner a cruise ship take? Cruise News and Views. Let’s talk about it.

Cruise news time well let’s talk about debt most of us know what debt is most businesses carry debt and certainly the cruise lines are burdened with debt right now and one cruise line making a risky play carnival corporation risking 12 of its newest cruise ships to deal with debt this story is wild wait till you hear this there’s a cruise port celebrating a big

Milestone we now know the price of what it would cost to stay in a cruise ship being used as a hotel for the world cup and then there’s a hot debate region over how long dinner on a cruise ship should take i did the chef’s table here on royal caribbean’s allure of the seas a couple nights ago how long do you think that took and what do you think the food looked

Like i’m going to show you that we’re going to cover the debate look cruise news and my views let’s talk about it hey what’s up everybody welcome to la lito loca i’m your host tony here with the latest cruise news and views for your face for a wednesday the 19th wednesday the 19th of october 2022 i am on location on royal caribbean’s allure of the seas and today

We find ourselves in aruba tomorrow we find ourselves in curacao and i’m not getting off at either port my lovely bride jenny b has not been to either port and we’re going on a cruise on october the 29th that visits both of these ports and so i’m going to wait for jenny b to explore the port all right let’s talk about some really important breaking cruise news

Yesterday carnival corporation was able to raise two billion dollars that’s a lot of money in this troubled financial time the interest rates have basically been uncapped by the federal reserve and we have it’s a it’s a lender’s field day they’re able to charge very high interest rates to people looking for money and if you tracked along with the financing of the

Cruise lines during the pandemic many of these businesses are already bent over the barrel exhausting the good credit that they had and taking a less favorable loans throughout the process and so carnival really doesn’t have a good access to money that has a low interest rates because interest rates are skyrocketing they already kind of have a challenge situation

Because of their debt load they have over 36 billion dollars in debt and they have the payments for that debt coming up and so they need a way to pay for even those principal payments as they’re waiting for increases in cash flow so that they can deal with this burdensome debt and well they they got creative yesterday they were looking to raise 1.25 billion dollars

But they ended up structuring a deal that got them two billion dollars but what they had to give up was significant they had to transfer to the company that loaned them the money 12 cruise ships 12 cruise ships that were built in the last two years from carnival corporation i didn’t see a list of the cruise ships but it’s a pay off the debt or lose the cruise ships

Kind of deal could you imagine that could you imagine if all of a sudden you know uh joe’s finance is all of a sudden the owner of the carnival mardi gras again the ships haven’t been listed that’s speculation but wow it’s a challenging time but you know who liked this move yesterday the stock market we saw the carnival you know stock go up in a way that it hadn’t

In the last few months carnival doing their best to take on and pay off their debt risky move but i feel like it’s probably a calculated risk that they know that they’re going to be able to handle how you doing with your debt out there it’s not my business i’m just kidding but be careful because things are changing interest rates are going up this may be the time

Not to make big purchases because we some uncertainty there again i’m not a financial analyst that’s just what i’m thinking about in my head it’s it’s a wild play it’s a wild play to get money for or less interest rate cruise news story number two antigua is celebrating the fact that this year they will have hosted 600 000 about 613 000 cruise passengers it’s

Just another one of those stories where cruise port heavily dependent on crews tourism uh completely shut down for two years for the pandemic and now starting to see recovery and they expect that 2023 will be even better than 2022. it’s just a moment of celebration as cruising returns and we see these communities so dependent on cruising tourism are now starting

To become revitalized as tourists come back to those areas and i know there’s folks out there that say well typically cruisers they don’t spend a lot of money in the cruise port that could be true that could be not true it’s probably going to be different on a person-by-person basis but one revenue source for these cruise ports are docking fees and they’re able

To charge a per passenger fee for cruise ships to dock there plus other agreements financial agreements and so just having the cruise ship there becomes a revenue source for most cruise ports and uh yeah of course then on top of that the tourism that happens in the local economy uh continues to bolster those economies and so that’s exciting another popular cruise

Port back on the rise what’s your favorite cruise port in the caribbean let’s just do the caribbean today what’s your favorite cruise port in the caribbean leave a comment below cruising story number three we’ve talked about it a few times the world cup is getting ready to start go down over there in doha qatar and we talked about the couple whose crews got canceled

Because doha doesn’t want to allow any cruise ships in during the world cup but the the true story is they don’t want to allow cruise ships to come and go they want to use cruise ships for hotels and one cruise brand has given them three cruise ships or you know they’ve chartered out three cruise ships to use as hotels and we’re talking about msc cruises three

Cruise ships are the msc opera the msc policia and the msc world europa they will all be docked there in qatar for people to use as hotels and while the price for those cabins start at 469 dollars per night with a minimum two night stay and the interesting thing is the deal that they have structured with msc is they realize that the demand for those hotels will

Come and go as teams exit the world cup so it really is a brilliant play because all of a sudden if you no longer need a cruise ship’s worth of cabins or worth of rooms because the demand for rooms have gone away in that city they can just tell the cruise ship to go on and go back to cruising we know that cruise ship cabins are traditionally smaller than hotels

And hotel rooms hotel accommodations so it’ll be interesting to see i would i don’t know how we would talk to anybody over there but it would be interesting to find the person that could not get a regular kind of hotel there in doha now staying on a cruise ship did they dig it did they not dig it but very creative by msc would you be disappointed if you’re going

On a land-based vacation and the only accommodation you could get was a cruise cabin would you be disappointed in the difference in size leave a comment below now i want to talk about the length of dining on a cruise ship because i’m all about the nightlife on a cruise ship and sometimes i feel like dining cramps my style there’s somebody complaining over there

In the carnival social media space i don’t know if their complaints valid or not so we’re going to talk about chef’s table on royal caribbean we’re going to talk about this big complaint over there on carnival and i really want to know what you think but before we get there let me quickly invite you to subscribe if you’d like to staying up to date with everything

That’s going on in carusing please consider subscribing with the notification bell on that way you don’t miss out on any of these episodes thank you in advance does anybody know where i’m at on the allure of the seas deck and location that’s that’s the bonus today okay let’s talk about the length of nighttime dining on a cruise ship and what’s appropriate what’s

Not appropriate chef’s table the other night very cool six course meal we had five glasses of wine we had a pre-dinner cocktail and we also had a post dinner or a dessert you know cocktail uh espresso martini loads of good food loads of good time but it wasn’t quick and can you speculate how long that took and then there’s a post over there in the carnival social

Media spot where somebody is complaining that they were on a carnival cruise recently and every night that they went to the main dining room but most every night took them one hour and 20 minutes to eat in the main dining room and one night it took them one hour and 30 minutes and it’s a travesty everybody that they talk to everybody that they know in life says

That one hour and 20 minutes or one hour and 30 minutes is too long and that the standard for main dining room service should be 60 minutes it’s an interesting quandary a lot of times i skipped the main dining room because it feels like it’s even longer than one hour and 20 minutes it feels like it’s longer than one hour and 30 minutes i i personally don’t want a

Two hour main dining room experience but i don’t know if i want a one hour rushed main dining room experience either so that’s the that’s a question what is the appropriate length of time for for the main dining room experience and then beyond that what’s the appropriate length of time for a six course all kinds of wine and cocktail chef’s table we we met at 6 15

And we did not leave that experience until 10 30 pm 4 hours and 15 minutes to consume six courses i did not drink all that alcohol because that’s how they get you that’s how they get you to forget how long the whole thing took and like we didn’t even touch on the amount of time it takes to do a specialty restaurant i guess we’ll leave that one for another day

But our especially restaurants worth it i answered that question in this video here if you’ve ever been curious about especially restaurants or if you’re curious about my philosophy on actually restaurants watch this video next this is tony for lalito loca and until the next time we’ll see on the lido bye

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