Dave, My Finance Professor Says Youre An Absolute Idiot!

Dave, My Finance Professor Thinks You’re An Absolute Idiot!

Mikey is with us get us out of this mikey he’s in indiana how can we help hello how are you good how are you pretty good um i’m a junior at indiana state emerging and business administration and mining entrepreneurship cool good for you my name is yeah i want to start my own business um i’m taking the finance class right now that we are learning at real estate

And how to manage money but i’m struggling with what my professors teach us because it goes against their free principles that i believe in and learned in financial peace class in high school like for example some of the things that he says is that we should use credit cards for everything sure so you get money back and can’t rent a car or hotel or buy airline

Tickets with a debit card or cash yeah he also said uniquely like a credit score in order to buy a house and if you ask him about dave ramsey he’ll tell you dave ramsey’s an absolute idiot oh yeah yeah that’s fine yeah and then he said we should take our equity in our house buy new cars he also said that payday lenders and cars are necessary you need to pay

For something so here’s the thing mikey he’s a finance professor okay he doesn’t have any money you’re getting a degree in entrepreneurship and one of the things is you have to learn to think critically and how to avoid these situations okay so what do you think the odds are that you’re going to change anything he believes or teaches i would say close to

Zero wouldn’t you think ken uh yes guaranteed i don’t think there’s anything that you can do or say or i can do or say that are going to change this guy’s misguided bad teaching and bad advice she’s going to continue to do it okay is that you believe that to be true mikey he’s going to continue to do it no matter what we do agreed true okay so now you got

To decide now you got to decide are you going to pass the class or not yeah i have an a in that class just pass the class and move on okay because you’re not going to change the guy and you’re way too smart to follow what he’s saying you know he’s wrong you’ve got good critical thinking skills you’ve compared his advice to what you’ve learned from us and his

Advice came up short and you found our stuff to be the truth my joke always is is that i learned to borrow money from my finance professor in college who was broke a finance professor that’s broke is like a shop teacher with missing fingers i’ve been telling that joke for 25 years and it still gets a laugh yeah it’s still funny because that’s exactly the case

Here so here’s a funny one mikey get this so my daughter denise ramsey at the time she was not married at the time was taking a personal finance class in college and the guy not only did everything that you’re talking about but he always spent five to ten minutes every class trashing dave ramsey not realizing his daughter was sitting in the room wow and at

The end and she called me and she’s upset and she’s angry because she wants to defend me and i said darling just pass the class but at the end of the class make sure you introduce yourself and she said when she introduced herself at the end of the class she got an a because she answered his questions the way he wanted them answered it didn’t change her opinion

She’s never borrowed a dime didn’t change anything and then she introduced herself at the end of the class and said i’ve been sitting here for the entire time listening to you trash my father but i wanted to make sure that you knew i was here and that you gave me an a and i wanted to thank you for the a and she said the guy almost threw up he almost lost it he

Almost lost his cookies right there so i mean that you just got to have some fun with this dude because it’s you’re not going to change anything those convinced against their will or are the same opinions still sweet little denise because she she’s non-complicated she’s not like rachel she’s non-confrontational rachel would have been standing up in the middle

Of class having a heyday right there and we’d have to get her you’d still be reading headlines we should still be reading headlines like her father she would make the tennessean

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