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Click on this link for a ChetChat with Manisha Girotra talking of her life as an investment banker, her success story, career in investment banking, a day in the life of an investment banker and how it was to be a woman in an investment banking career. Manisha talks of her career in investment banking, how she became a woman achiever and lots more

Hey bear today on ceo stories we profiled the life of an investment banker and with me is a very special guest we’ve got in the studio manisha guru ron who’s the ceo of mallis india and at the age of 33 was one of the youngest ceos of a global bank ubs and has been on almost every list of powerful and influential executives that there is including fortune for wall

Street journal world economic forum business today india today i could go on so let me quickly get manisha on to the show hey manisha thank you so much for being as having me it’s a pleasure to be here tell me you’re this huge role model i know girls and women and men look up to you and say how did she seem so much at such a young age well that’s nice of you my

Daughter doesn’t think so when you said he was talking about the list i was like when will i get out of the best mom list that’s my that’s my ultimate goal i’m sure you’re right say in your baby’s heart but a teenager you know how these things are but yeah i think look you know just the usual things nothing new just perseverance hard work i guess i was lucky to

Find my passion and my colleague nhi was an accidental banker but you know so once you do it once you love what you do it just becomes simpler yeah tell us about the accident with beef when you were young what is it that you really did want to do back then so you know i when i was young it wasn’t as if there was a big focus that i want to be x or y i think my mom

And kept me very narrow and focused on the grades we had to like top the class so that was the only goal okay if i die joke winner that when i was in stevenson as a college student and in the second year i got a b or something in one of those subjects and she locked me up in the bathroom and said go ahead introspect and why you got to be and come back and give me

A good answer why she totally denies it now when i talk as i grew up i think i wanted to be an economist i loved what i did at stephens and d school my father was a banker so i guess somewhere those seeds were lying dormant and then forgotten of year i decided to couple of years with you join green laser make a just a two-year stint yes a problem sir you know as 33

In a male-dominated field like investment banking and you will see you of this great big global bank how does that experience for you in terms of acceptance in terms of you know show you personally when you and i started off we were a batch of large number of women who joined so i think that sort of was sort of setting the trend for our for the women in our industry

That more and more women were going to join having said the first phase was tough there was a lot of objectification there were times the people wouldn’t take you seriously because thought you’re just here for resume building me and my husband used to compete for business and they would go into a meeting they were talk to him straight and narrow but the business

Hit me they would say so when are you having your child when i you have completing your family and i’m like i’m here to talk about my business right so i think that’s different for women but you know so that the initial bit i think was much harder when you just struggle to be taken seriously both externally and internally and i think there’s no other compromise

To it that but hard work and you know a grit that we just keep going and you don’t take these things too personally and by the time i think i became ceo it was it was easier because i didn’t even more women at work i had sort of proven myself more about it and you know when i became ceo i had my daughter at the same time so that came with its own challenges yeah

But you know i think it was it was much easier then plus also if you’re ceo you can sort of you know there are people to support you i think if you ask me what was the toughest phase i would say the first few years to just be taken seriously in a very male-dominated industry the minutiae you said you will see you and you had a larger baby almost immediately right

So tell me you know while you’re saying it wasn’t that challenging i’m sure it was i know those were not the days when you had questions and that kind of support substance i remember there were times that tata would fly with me to bangalore for a pitch and we hidden away not in a little hotel and yes i will go and also or she would come with me to office and you

Know i was for the first month after my maternity leave of three months the first six weeks used to just stay in a hotel next to the office and you know i used to go and see her off and on and then of course when kids get sick as you know as women our program for guilt i think it was just used to be devastating to leave her behind etc while i mum was a teacher she

Was just fabulous mum she is a fabulous mum she was always there for us you know having come up with that are bringing you sort of feel guilty so guilty my constant companion and it’s not gone away so i lived with that and i want to live with it i’ve made peace with my guilty but it’s wedded romania i think what you have to do in life if you want to be a working

Women and have a family life in general marry right and i think i was lucky you know i was from a family where they were all working women and i night it into a family which is all working women and his entire family is doctor in fact he would get buffs because you know he would go to these birthday parties and moms would say to him you’re such a great dad and he

Was like i say i’m the dude and i was like no you’re not this is fine going for one out i feel but the party isn’t like the greatest thing you cannot eat everyone said i’ll acknowledge my so really okay but he needed help you know at times when you know child is on the way we need to take the flight to new york etcetera better die it really bothers you yeah and he

Would be like look i’m there and you know my parents already supported my in-laws were very supportive they would fly down she just had to build that ecosystem around you of nannies parents because in the indian ecosystem is very supportive i mean for some of us we are very blessed right tell me going forward they talk about this glass ceiling and they talk about

You know like i said clients won’t accept you but sure within the organization did you find they were stumbling blocks shining within the organization in the early years which was a very especially when i went to work in london and hong kong it was very white male dominated from british private school so the kind of bankers made it to mvs etc or you always have

To be careful yourself because you know you are my i was a you know always juggling multiple roles right so i had to make sure that i don’t carry too much of my personal life into my professional life while i didn’t want to be like the guys and not talk about it at all but i just want to just overdo it and continue to talk about how beautiful my baby is but yeah

They actually don’t care don’t care each other the first step or set of first world or you know you have a bit case for yourself i think a lot of onus lies on your so stalking about life of an investment banker because a lot of my viewers they are thinking how can we become investment tell me what is it that you love the most about your job so it’s it’s a hard life

You know the initial bit especially is extremely hard in terms of hours the hours are long so i don’t want to fool you by saying that you know it’s easy 15 to 16 hours a day you walk through weekends and you know it’s just the nature of a job because the task tends to be very finite in terms of time delivery there’s like four months to six months of the completed

M&a you can’t say i’m going to let this you know really go on for another year it has to be chunky remember times where you could have downtime it may be much easier but a lot of times you do and you don’t want to have as much downtime or you may want to make money and you want to win so it is hard you have to be passionate about it like most careers because

You know it’s extremely like it’s like a gladiator sport right because you win every day you win and lose daily you can’t rest on your laurels you can’t see your knives build this big organization and i’ll just sit on top of it every you’re as good as your next class yeah and then on a log sheet is as good as your next tier loss dealers in the back it’s got now

What about your next year chennai huge you should only get into the speed if you have hard hard work persistence which i think a lot of the youngsters have but also an ability and resilience to women lose daily because when is not easy to lose and go home and you know it takes a lot of away from yourself is giving away oh my god i mean when we will kill yourself

And then you have to get back onto the field next day and say i’m going to play again and i’m going to win again i’m going to have to believe in myself and so i think that if you had that driven only then you should enter this field because it’s challenging yeah well it’s fun is gratifying i mean i think i love it you know i think the kind of exposure it gives you

These amazing entrepreneurs the government you know people who succeeded at the child level generates such a different conversation you have passages by being in that field and iving i am blessed to be able to meet such high achievers and you know be amongst them because it constantly challenges you to be at the top of your game yes and enriches you and enriches

You exactly yeah yes so i i know i mean i love it but i know it’s it’s not for the weak-hearted absolutely if you were to you’ve already warned them enough but if there was one thing that you absolutely didn’t like about your job if i could ask you if there was one thing no i i think i was one of those very sad cases like it or my job including you know going under

My table and sleeping there and coming back the next morning and working here is my toothbrush a machine that areas were very tough when i moved to london i remember i had a desk i had a laptop and you know i would just retire and some days i would just go down and sleep for a couple of hours take my toothbrush brush my teeth and be back to work well i still look

Another this is terrible you look so terrible and i’m like it’s okay you know we really care how i look at this point so manisha sends a lot of college students watch us and they’re very interested in knowing you know what to do next if i could take you with all this experience if i could tell you for 225 years back and ask you today you can choose any field of

What were you two or anything to do with technology i am so a handicap technologically right you know my daughter and my husband are continious i just moved to an iphone by the way i was still a blackberry emotionally attached to my blackberry sorry i want to be more tech savvy and you know the way the world is changing in a positive way with all of this artificial

Intelligence and you know cloud computing and all that i would love to do something in that field i think that really is the industry for the next 50 40 years and it’s not happening in the genesis lifetime because i’m just about done yet i guess yesterday got onto facebook and i have no idea how to work so that’s how challenged i am but tell me one more thing if

You could actually look at yourself 25 years ago today should give yourself that one piece of advice what would you say mmm i think it would i would say think more before you act you know my daughter says by the way you know i’m punjabi and sure this is when i go and meet your family everyone talks at the same time i listen they rely on the listening business so

I think i ask what’s probably gonna think a little bit more well you know every time it’s very important before any step you take you must think and pause them if i do that now but i think my younger self can’t do that probably yeah you were so excited maybe that’s the energy you needed at that age so you know i’m not i’m not taking away from the energy so tell me

From being at ubs a large bank and you shrink a good almost two decades there shawn yeah yeah and then moving to virtually a startup yes how does that change for you she’s a – a wbs in india also i went through the same phase because uvs was not a known animal in india and western banking was not known i remember when i used to go in teddy to government offices they

Used to say well career valley mida mine because it should include me for ups so i’ve been through this before but having said that once you’ve been through 20 years of a very large organisation we attend to a thousand people in india it is challenging i wouldn’t say you know it’s it’s oh it was version 2.0 and version 1.0 made it easy for me but you know i think

It reinvigorates you it really does you know it’s because you follow guess who used to the routine you get so used to being supported by everyone that you stop challenging yourself and i think this challenged me a lot more it you know challenged every bit of mine you get to know where true friends are either way and you start again you know who your real friends

Are how important family is because really the people who come in when you’re starting something new i have a great boss ken who started molars so it’s my busin ubs and that bitly the internal bit was taken care of because there was internal comfort but that doesn’t take away from the fact that setting up a new forum in a very competitive country like india comes

With challenges yes probably at a time when investment banking was going through a bit correct exactly though phase yeah which was actually in a way turned out to be positive because the big banks was so lost you know given what is happening post lehman that you know if you could provide and you know something which was more focused and more committed to clients

It will actually got rewarded more and the other thing that worked well is you know that was the best phase in india you know india sometimes the challenge which is good because that’s the time when you can actually go out build your franchise your business here and then you know and your credentials and then you know two years later when the business actually

Started kicking into the country we were able to get our fair share the money shot is 12-15 are and having a child at home and having a lot of travel but i’m showing stills because some time for yourself some hobbies so what is it that you do for yourself yeah sure so i think you know when i took my gardening leave from ubs tomales is when i realized how important

Me time is till then i was just on this treadmill and my gardening give us about five months thankfully at that time i thought i was too long but you know i really that’s when i picked up my golf again i respect good golfer i picked that up i do some yoga i read i listen to music of course i music scones from frank sinatra to taylor swift given i have a teenage

Daughter which is a bit shocking i can also adjust in vivo concert i didn’t think this phase go to justin bieber and watch him take his shirt off and get excited when i think you know all that people say that when you take out me time you’re a better worker a better mother a better person is all true because you feel better about yourself yeah and that’s really

What i learned through that five years ago because i never used to because i said to my guilt was my overriding companion i wouldn’t take downtime at all i wouldn’t watch a bollywood movie i would know what shahrukh khan oh i was royce and even though i didn’t like it but how does the happy million shell mean all of this you’ve had a lot of support but who would

You say has been your biggest cheerleader so i think these are different people at different phases of life i think if you were to ask me what what i credit my success and my being here today and working is my father because you know i see now that i work a lot with women on how at whom itself you build these gender biases right and in my case if you ask my brother

Even today he says my father that i was a favorite child i got the best room i got the best clothes he protein you should have hand-me-downs frogs deliver three years old so you know i think you know that built at conferences when you go out in the world and people are making biases against you you don’t think anything is wrong with you you think something’s wrong

With those people right because you’re like this is not how the world works i am the i am gods you know best thing that happened to my family so i don’t know what and this was my whole family should think like that by the way so that then as i said my husband because any i think he just because he came from an ecosystem working women was very supportive and to

Date is very supportive my daughter is extremely she’s like well using at home she has her exams going on and i’m like you know i’ll come early and she’s like no you work don’t you have a job i know that is so nice because she feels pride and she goes you know your son was in a bunny school you have that page where you have to write your mother’s profession she’s

Like i don’t want you to i don’t wanna write housewife and that please go to work so long any weekend pays your dollar and they can do the delighted yeah yeah so i think she learns from it so i think the same people i think it you can’t attribute a success to one person and just lucky i had all these people at a time when the world was so anti or didn’t believe in

Women as i don’t the anti women was didn’t believe in women you needed that ecosystem to say look i can do this they’re easy you’ve been in the public eye there’s so many articles about you people have you know so many people have met you would tell us tell us something about the minutiae that nobody really just is that if in always feels i can tell so i hope i

Don’t read that if i have to i’ll do it well i think the minutiae in don’t know are probably if people who knew me in my growing up days and similar would describe me as a shy child and you know i really there is a part of me which is still shy which is still happy to sit at home and wedge over movies and you know but that’s not what my business is agreeing that

They are i put just all out there and put your best game forward so you know so i think i think that part of myself i have overcome there’s still a part which will remain shy i’m sure but you know i nobody buys it any more than a shy but is the truth but that’s a lot is a big statement for those of them watching there and feeding i’m shy i don’t know whether i can

Beam in this and banking feeding put a little mascara suppose money i don’t worry everyone shy it was hiding a little bit become bad suppose we you would see so much already i mean if i were you were just be retiring right now what still gets you up every morning nobody wants me at home my husband i start nobody wants me i really do since at home so i wanna but i

Think i love what i do so that bit remains but i think what i would like to do is to do a little bit more now than just my work and you know i would like to work with a girl child i’m very motivated by rupa porsche watson who runs the school collab sarah whatever i can do to help the girl child the women to have a more its live in a more equal world is really what

Drives me beautiful thank you tell me when all of this gets over how do you want to be remembered what as a good mom photographer very important my mom was a great mom secrecy the latent pressure to be mother and somebody who would just live a life with dignity and honesty and higher tricks and and somebody was resilient i think more than 80 is what defines me is

That i keep coming back you put me down you hit me down but i come back i feel i feel bad for myself and wallow in self-pity got the world’s against me but i come back so i think wow thank you so much money to speaker malicious because pleasure being a friend of yours all these years and it’s been a pleasure having you on the show thank you thank you for having me –

Really nice of you to happen thank you so thank you for watch for watching to the end and if you’ve enjoyed this episode and you have any questions to ask me you want to ask manisha something please put all of that down in the comment section at the bottom of this video and press that little red button do subscribe to the channel and keep watching a new video every

Week and happy watching

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