Busting Myths: Pay off Debt – Your Birth Certificate is Worth Millions

We’re busting myths and today, and discussing an unusual way people are trying to pay their bills and other debts – using popular conspiracy theories to access “secret” Treasury Direct Accounts.

Hi there michael bovee thanks for tuning into our youtube channel deadlights today i’ve got cheeky i’m gonna cover a pretty heavy topic in moving forward with our busting myths series today i’m going to talk about tva or treasury direct accounts and how you were supposed to be able to pay your bills and discharge debts using some secret account let’s let’s get

Started heavy topic so some of the popular advocates that popularized these theories date back to the 80s roger l vic with the redemption theories and ucc financing statements and you know having gone to jail for fraud issuing cite drafts fraudulent instruments and other supporters or people to pick that up from roger avec also in jail and even recently two of the

More known advocates of this type of process for discharging that are being indicted federal indictments for fraud and money laundering that kind of thing there are plenty of resources for you to tap into to learn that this is not correct scam and we’ll have those in the video description below but let’s begin with some of the histrionics okay and it begins with

The fact that you were born so you’re born you’re a natural person and suddenly you know and then back in the day in history you know your your birth was recorded in the family bible there was no such thing as a birth certificate and then along come government and the society and a more organized situation and you’re issued this birth certificate and this birth

Certificate by some of these theories is what creates or is is a bond and has a dollar set value that value changes from one person talking about this to the next these advocates that promote this but the assumption is is that that birth certificate created an account with your name on it and all caps and it’s got money in it for you to access and to prepay your

Debts or to come up with some form of a financial instrument that taps into the fact that this account exists and it’s tied to your social security number so right you need a you need it in that count number right because the birth certificate is just a certificate so how do you get to the money and now you’ve got these different theories and people advocating

That your social security number is the path to access the money that was created by your birth and or the certificate thereof and what we’ve got today and this is all histrionics goes back to the bank act and a whole bunch of different things when people argue about the 16th amendment ratification 14th the member ratification they’ve got a foot in all of these

Different theories because when you run out of room to explain your current theory about redemption and ucc financing statements you’ve got to put a foot in over here about the birthday i don’t want to get ahead of myself i’ll tie this all together in the end the fact of the matter is is that and really what the main purpose of this video is is that because i don’t

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Want to argue history i’m not here to argue with people their beliefs is to just focus on the fact that there is no account there is no account that you can tap into that has money because you were born or issued a birth certificate or a social security number that gives you the ability to issue payments to people there’s a link below in the video description

To one of the press releases out by the atlanta federal reserve and it talks about over a hundred million dollars worth of payments that have been reversed the assumption by folks that think that they’re going to be able to pay their bills is often the fact that it works because for a second it actually appears like it did so here’s what happens right you think

This might work for you and people have otherwise we wouldn’t have a hundred million plus of payments being reversed from from the federal reserve but you send in this payment and the people at these departments say for your car or some other build power company whatever it is and they open this up and it looks like a payment to them they’re not for this kind

Of thing they’re just posting payments opening mail doing this doing that they see this and they post a payment you log into your account for your car your your monthly payment for your car loan and you see that they accepted it and they posted it as paid you know and you don’t see the rest of this or people don’t post about the rest of their experience although

There has been a few people that have and said hey i had to do this to the fourth time i’m are you doing it and it’s not working because it there’s no account so you the payment department post it and then two weeks later after it’s reversed or a month later or however long it takes to catch up with this it’s reversed and now you owe and plus a late fee if it’s

Credit cards and after two payments of you know they’re allowed because of the card act to jack up your interest rate actually so you think you’re doing the right thing doing these things and things but you’re harming yourself because there is no account you see because the trick that federal reserve doesn’t have accounts for individuals they only have accounts

For member banks that’s it you don’t have an account there they’ve even said so in some of the links that you’ll see below then you’re your social security number isn’t an account number it’s a so security number it’s it’s not going to be something that you can tie to one of these routing numbers of the federal reserve as an account number and have it actually go

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Anywhere other than a two week maybe a month long fallacy because somebody in the billing department posted your payment because they didn’t know any better and it’s reversed and all the trouble begins right what kind of trouble well behind me is the fbi screen page warning about these scams and schemes and they’re calling them things like be wary of individuals

And groups selling things that claim to inform you how to access secret bank accounts what i’m talking about treasury controlled bank accounts for all citizens they don’t right we talked about that advocating speeding ticket summonses bills tax notifications or similar documents can be resolved by writing acceptance for value on them and in fact let’s let’s move on

Right so we know that you’ve got a social security number we know that you’ve got a birth certificate now there’s and the whole idea the concept of there being a all caps name right get yourself security card look at your birth certificate your names and all caps and when you see these kind of things and when you tie these things together as an advocate of these

Kind of programs manok you just borrow from each of one of these things and it starts to bring a whole picture of what yeah how come that how come when i spell my name it’s got an upper case m for michael and then i see a je l all lowercase that’s normal but why are these things all caps and the idea or the concept is is that your name and all capital letters is

A entity that’s created for you to operate in commerce and for them to exert control over you the idea that your name lowercase is you the real person and your name upper all uppercase is a fictitious person and that’s how they get you they got you because your names and all caps and if you don’t acquiesce to your name and all caps but you commit fraud and pass

Fictitious instruments you’re not gonna get indicted nothing could be further than the truth people are going to jail and they’re all caps name is going with them so what’s happening is that you have this fictitious name and you want to control it and so you file a ucc statement financing statement with your secretary of state and i’m absolutely summarizing this

There’s a whole lot of histrionics and legalese even that goes into these things but it’s it’s with the assumption that you can file this ecc financing statement take control of your straw man and now anybody that uses your name and your name in all caps you can file liens against and people have tried that and gone to jail filed liens against federal judges and

Things like that using these ecc financing statement schemes and it’s a problem it’s a big problem you’re creating for yourself if you follow them and anyway the acceptance for value is often tied to all of this in the ucc uniform commercial code variation of you know accepting something as a bill and discharging it through that acceptance a lot of advocates out

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There have you write acceptance for values so i want you to use reading some want you to put it diagonally across the page and then sign the signature line and blue ink but essentially sending that back like in the form of a bell as supposed to discharge the debt so all of these things as the fbi is bringing up behind me and there’s plenty of links to the ftc

The irs more than just the the atlanta federal reserve that talked about these things and it’s not really until recently that we saw such a massive increase because like i said this has been around since the 80s really and i’ve saw a good push in the 90s some of it tied to the sovereign movement some of it just tied to you know political dissatisfaction right

It boils down to and in this warning for me and why i’m creating this video is is that and again just to repeat myself from the beginning i’m not here to argue somebody’s beliefs if you believe this stuff have at it i’m not here to argue history and whether this amendment to the constitution was properly ratified or the bank act or things to do with the irs

History is history but there is no secret account that you can use to pay your bills there’s you know the the birth certificate and i’ve got all my my cheat sheet here you know the birth certificate does not prepay your debts okay the us aid declared bankruptcy in 1933 in the country went off the gold standard actually a fully went off the gold standard when

Nixon was in office but that’s beside the point taking all of these things in their totality didn’t create a situation where you can get a free lunch there is no free lunch there is no million dollars ten million dollars 100 million dollars sitting at the treasury with your name on it just waiting for you to tap into it it’d be nice it’d be nice if i could do

That and pay my bills and not have to go to work but it doesn’t exist and it actually can cause a lot of trouble for people because you assume it works and you find out it doesn’t work it cost you more money and you can also be on a list of people that are remitting these kind of things and problematically causing the disruption in our banking system and causing

A problem for the vendors that issued your credit or you know turned on your power however you’re using these things and thinking is going to work for you buyer beware caveat emptor these things are not there for you to pay bills and there is no treasury account or federal reserve account with your name on it or your social security number attached to it that

You get to cash in to see on the next video

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Busting Myths: "Pay off Debt – Your Birth Certificate is Worth Millions" By Michael Bovee