DEBT PAYOFF & FINANCE UPDATE | Another Milestone on Paying Off My Car Loan | Debt Total: 78,783

✨DEBT PAYOFF & FINANCE UPDATE | Another Milestone on Paying Off My Car Loan | Debt Total: $178,783💵

Hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s time for another finance update as usual you can see i have the bill pay rotation this week i am going to be saving a hundred dollars for christmas presents and what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna buy all the christmas presents with that hundred dollars and with the gift card that i have and then anything left over i’m probably

Just gonna put towards guests and groceries and then skip that next week so that i can start working on these things before the end of the year for example this coming week i’ll need to you know save some money for my car payment and then the week after my insurance these last three are things that i need to note for the end of the year and for january but i just

Wanted to keep them in here so i don’t forget to include them when the time comes but with that let’s go ahead and get into what happened this week well technically last week because i’m filming this on tuesday but this is what i made last week 705 dollars and tithe was 70 50. like i said i took out that 100 for christmas and then anything that i don’t use i

Will just put towards payments for gas and groceries and that kind of thing then i was able to pay 558.80 and if you’re really particular and you do the math you’ll know that that doesn’t add up and that little plus sign is y so i actually paid a little bit more than what i had left over from ty than the christmas money subtracted because i wanted to get my car

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Balance to this number yeah that’s right 3999.99 i just really needed that psychological win this week so i just went ahead and got my car balanced under four thousand just feels so much better because i was getting really discouraged making those smaller payments the last few weeks and i just needed something big so officially under 4 000 on my car it’s very

Exciting that makes our debt total i love this this makes me so happy my debt total is 178 783 dollars even look how low that’s getting oh my word it’s crazy but yeah that’s pretty much it for this weekend i will not be making a finance update next week just because we’re having our giving weekend at church and obviously for personal reasons i’m not going to

Be sharing that with you guys so we’ll have another finance update in two weeks after i guess that’ll be the week of the 20th maybe no the weekend of the 20th somewhere around there is when the next finance update will be but we’re getting close look at that number i guess we’ll see what happens all right on that note i will talk to you guys next time thank you for watching

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✨DEBT PAYOFF & FINANCE UPDATE | Another Milestone on Paying Off My Car Loan | Debt Total: $178,783💵 By thesandrapagethings