DEBT vs EQUITY | meaning – comparison | Tamil

This video is all about the meaning and comparison between the debt and equity in tamil

When i come sonique a depth equal to other kind of idiocy and insulting of a power problem so depth 9 and bettina similar to loan no loan or cutting hundred kana or paradigm on the depth so equity in a nice wing shares on order business aura punggol abandoning occurring average burn on equity surrender is in the world line levin don’t work with us in the red room

Neptina some on the male a overalls on the panama here on business not at the perot i’ve been out there are no i work anomaly go in this i’m on dominica’s it panama to anger bomb as a mary ii quit deena someone the melodica london among the shire is chiffon a poem after sherry super number on our economic company come some on the three a tire nama campaigning

On the relationship create a bow on the deputy he quitted and de commandement but in a capital one dry his contrary capital responder take a second animal to get out of the i’m a company to capital on increased menorah company with the paris opera i’ve been sold to more i reckon both among the shares issue among banker and on the loan a topanga enlargement of

The colonial era for nice punt of the kelowna depalma so dip now on the alone longer the equation shashi control a pen ibaka from now at one a depth or advantage is equally equity equity a depth allegra advantages in an insult paco poem other than donna equity would adept learn disadvantages have been borrow so equity adept in document anythin and disadvantages

Advantages number relationship quality popper on equity water depth learn advantage equity or depth line and disadvantage have been shortened amparo first own advantage papa equity better depth learn advantage of in papa so lender no claim on equity of business one as if of in-studio con so lender no claim under the iron on amount enamel con the current could grab

Out on the claim enamored re unlikely mohammed arrived in wadena business he could eventually claim inomata ray and i’m not a one and she found the code insulting manometer karna mañana our going to some and america and i’m not a so no marie our tech are denying here poem a d’amato now on the relationship with our our come business in the relationship in korea they

Know another business line up under the concorde – kukris a lepercahn the bank lassoing now a reason and sumo really when the finance madonna i when the reason it really i wonder than a moon so de panama intended ambition square though penny turbo so when the other one do useful on the to go to town a are now in the business sort of ownership on the clean monomer

Yeah they business or a equity on the plane man umbria the englishman the punk couldn’t handle this has couldn’t have partner and have been sold as allah but he claimed monomial are the number thing now our wang the principle along a principal nominal to the business else gonna so now i’m gonna principal connie interest to montana no mikata foreign interest him

Principally martina got a promotora future land our ongoing in am of business not an animal occurred as a profit i’m monica future like a cape or a prophet allah our on the punker come here they could have a shim cariad so when the day when the equity everything na were a shareholder our going to evolve on the nominal profit to rosalie equal i would’ve on guru no

I’m not gonna work ilana i’m monica de man in america hello profit on the rooms are you blah blah profit owners area were ke kula on this has waiter no on the depth lebryk area they won’t aim number 10 and i’m on the overturn the depth juanito vying in on my business on the running intercom so i work on the on the depth to our soon and the interest martin on the

Fixes rate above floating right now i work on the chrome etowah at the monument i’m gonna go at a profit i’m a businessman but anomaly cover a profit on their cat there well this shareholder say they share liquid to london to my shareholders ivalo profit our commutative are no manta cap little cap but try go share why in a perez didn’t i’m a company when the buying


Ramon profit money you like or share i do so however come on the three pokemon anime heroes row atom guru or a patron grew the table a patron cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo no so in the depth on in or advantage directly given the forecast pond ions will tap and mana and i’m on the in a given the current among a poem with a habanero pollen i’m on the plan porter po but towards

The kindergarten on the aircon repayment period path or so so particular masa masa grow quietly courtly awfully hopefully i hope insulting i’m a fixer vapor lily do a thousand calculate pinata copernica no angry pod they made a concurrent repeater so he didn’t do put in a forecast for now moon arena given the condition liabilities late to sigma 1 reo businessman

Pnina no no do the koopa maximum profit all over the poem in chatham on this hello penny go home it’s a tom there is opening and i ended he reverses the copper cooker india mountain am i payin day forecast whitney plant but near the taconic are no hang on buddha encarna and i’m gonna be interested in see the moon i diablo principal their insidious operand rinses

Day so now i’m gonna calculate when you mass mass on the forecast paneer third sigma he they even the equity lopatina number allah forecast for pneumonia did evening i’m a company or – hi love allah and there is no more company on the shelves at the amana they didn’t come here a llama so you blow edema prophet of allah la soon the shareholder served among so under

A more for caspari adorn a million now and it’s share market on the forecast for mom didn’t but he now and they’re all look accurate on the forecast for nominated or campaigning allah so when the didn’t showers could on the didn’t she have come home they didn’t it out the politics not become pinnacle – chefs welcome mia home so in the matter crab per annum on

The equity when the forecast burn in amount the panetta moon are your thoughts come there’s no more amount editor to come but curative and evil on our shareholders kakuka no opt-in sultanahmet to mdl so are they mary padian i’d when the actual cost of loan on the campano yang carmen but in a custody marwan they equate in an amount of prep on almost a big eater

Overturned the permission wanna know are they marinum company on the list panama initially obviously on the list burano lace pnina they get a medicine a broker’s porno ipo release porno on the commercial brokers put all a brick you know first two and the ipo release poonam buddha bravo and the attract or economic advertisement bruno so no more no more company a

Particular daily good news on the social media new newspaper solomon dada shareholder salam particular on those in verses la película number one – among applicants one impose an amorous shareholding increase ie and i more capital capital and increased sound so when the diamond actual cost to the buyer mark superior process not activate are they marry tax rate

And monitor the period customer he he they when the developer ticknor home base e poro maximum poorer and the mersenne montano marathon draw sanction against all and they may private lap anonymity pondrom document super degrom so capital inc respond wrong so total amount a i into around capital inc respond i’m with principal interest on the cross so it doesn’t

That actual cost of wrong on their own becoming one of it so the only come be on a complicated nomination amaryllis complicated so say be obtained row romney pick area there is a great are they married rules korea the regulations career they prototypes career they so you they make it a rule says megadeth so at the i’m on the permission under the so nadia cell

Up unknown brazil ax so easy i wanted i’m on the depth on the corresponding long and complicated to come me they when the ii could deal about the nsa beta on the permission wow no rules regulations or gonorrhea complication review so i did both in an idea was a diploma holders lombardi now on the shareholding will go in the meeting go to the table of notation

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Of ownership on our age phenomena who talk on the personal meeting meeting manoa they marry i’m grounded i’m on the owner mental dependent are no voting now manner dependent on the murray and the wish you may take whatever they ego 18 about the inner shareholders meeting reckon article ii preference shareholders who not even open on thorough no at emory equity

Shareholders come to voting rates is our decision at the membership member polled leather decision or voting romano again mary complications or demon on the button equity every in the than the points on the depth oven this year in the power along upon the even on even on our own the equity would at depth in the depth or advantageous and papa pato if on the path

Inequity evident dipped leonard disadvantages regret in baja so those are interesting on a point and and bettina unliquidated abdomen depth to muster repaid every important and unlike equity a really quitting are nominal uma thurman cupertino copenaghen in sonoma equity on the mokra wipe adapter becoming so my ana daughter share taken on the number of share good

Performance are in a shareholders mahal paparangi or so emotional motion whole phenomena become so upon then i’m gonna go in there and then the typical to marry or worse than the trip but trip you do not bring carry alec he do recommend or you or some pollution then i’m gonna equal to sham whole pond wrongly ripping i’m gonna share a performance about the day so

And then the repayment the colonel or at the man who was my repayment whatever i’m gonna rip em 183 are they attacking on the repairmen burning hampden solemn did so on the patina and musty repaid up dinner or tom on the equity la concha can mccune jack a minimum do it learn from the other on the debate on a monday people know so on the mastery paid in what on the

When you come me equally so hard to known but then i interest fix the cost rises break-even point i mean porch again so interest fixed the cost packin bettina i’m a businessman for its addendum a supporter tv cable so sales from zero profit on zero loss from zero a date i mean i’m on the interest to and the master carter my interest on the loan amount the katia

All respondents upon the topanga profit do not profit upon the tobogganing so equity la puerta grande therapy katya who normal class and nonprofit and on the mossad morty katya so nada patina on the and the marcellus shale similar profit to minimal energy breakeven and no profit no loss or the break-even point so in the la semilla profit to milano normal economic

A castle is neither to put a condom are your own element to me quitte canova rather i am a patent adept to a minimum the depth nano period disadvantage in risk of insolvency insult nominally insolvency nominal khatami upon economy on among a depth on the columbia they don draper and return america dn a– prophet of allah la semilla nominee castle ergonomic as a

Bangladeshi at the port number gotta get wild on the castle combe so non-zero home bank balance wom zero i’m gonna get his coffins insolvency i know insolvent i everyone sabri insolvent and i’m not going the business oompana maria the liquid liquidation among caleb pond homeless owned or period is gone then i’m on the table for ovum financial during the indefinite

Difficult financial period nominal memory profit all our love and our atlanta my revolution our internet not a period but owner key so equity now but they don’t carry on the last name pondered upon our just have so – lamian to go and then you are we kill mundo volpone turn upon a prima donna buy less sell more of dinner or concept darkish our market left so on

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The patina i’m already pulled up and i we keep around a maximum of 80 percentage of shares from the atomic bomb and 11 the pianola so under but in high leverage redo period of t difficult to go see pre-op wait rinse and put in a more company amana to bertha so number ticket even the i malaga i super impose norman karen over dean girl cotton cotton kind of a deity

Animal agree i’m gonna profit on malayalam a pyramid over ah come on the apri increasement rosin i’m a pretty reserved and increased ponder this so on the other kind of difficulty or period difficulty okay put even then i’m on the company on the group but on the other maximum on the 8080 person is when the financial on the nominal at depth of chitra companion

Group on umbria they so are they marry but then a cash flow for both principal and interest so principal echo cashflow principal guru kun i interest to come cottenham so adam nadia so no maria then the the cash flow a continuous period cash flow can continue a continuous period an annuity no muscle amla so continuous and makutano masa masa masa masa market iranian

North away or no other category so restriction on company preventing alternative financial options no more no core business opportunities so on the patina so abram in the normal depth is a key to compose and i’m either using umbria to put the sounds in the finance to go see cambodian upon our debt on the end up on la push and migrate from non company like they may

Refine and cielo and then i’m on the every capital rice por la oddity am stupid irish england i’m not up on umbria only in the depth and the principal and the interest among the cotton amla i’m on the company or and poonam amita numberland the core business opportunities nomura business given what our single dragon amount in our to put the innovation bond or lamb

Business kay and the mary on the marketing mama in the myra we shall have a single amano single number or id provisional animal on the concentrate poonam deal so not considered in market and among investors and other business people our customers so on the not considered among the market so on this one the telemundo rupee react are not among the market to conduct

Korea this on the body not depth or equity at depth loud or period aside one digit again i’ll in the meditation when a core business opportunity and i’m gonna panama deal on the patina in the depth on the market one the business people una all considered wanna matranga so on the bottom on ocean plates are hypothecation are collateral pleasure hypothecation lombardi

Normal dinner canna in the bungalow mono a mono multi cooker and the security done the charges on the theory so collateral i’m on the security could come home depth or mother i’m on the security could kono machi i’m on a point so the casillas ultra carmela mckay mana point security on the conform economy they acquitted up at dinner security tyrael our seemingly

Neuropathy were a good new system button and equivalent security ana allen the new system party on the marine amla patina my company with an unlikely but in a non-profit printer and k do but then i’m wrong wrong so no physical security for equity so on the patina collateral makoto-kun bonus personal guarantee cumin or wrote a personal guarantee even the repayment

Pineiro up this altima braun would like il-2 photo group amla and emory i’m on this time protocol the pocono so the is now on the path any equity a tippler gittisean one digit so roman on difference in the video courtesy fearing about the roman entry would your personal like button and sharpen a personal dimension monaco district remote command condon i reply penny

Other kinda video i wanna upload country so i’m a channel in a subscriber lucky lucky subscriber nekoma on day in northern allah with your own son degree monetary

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