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Hi this is tony johnson and in this presentation i’m going to show you the condition the true condition of the financial industry for over 40 years the purpose for doing this is to show you where the real problem is first of all you see red and you see blue blue represents non-financial companies that have received bailouts from the government and the red represents

Financial companies companies that are directly related in the financial industry that have received bail outs over the past 40 years now you will notice that 10 of the 15 companies are red financial companies who have received over 2.2 trillion dollars in bailout money compared to 6 billion for the production companies companies that produce a product or service

That is not transactional related in terms of processing fees and so forth the companies that actually produce a product or a valuable service such as the airline some of those companies or government subsidized anyway because they’re considered national resources and national monopolies but anyway this is very interesting 2.2 trillion dollars later on we will

See what 2.2 trillion dollars look like um the reality of this is so clear that if you are a consumer in america or you are a finance professional and you’re filling squashed disoriented upset or the like know that you’re not alone every american it’s filling the same thing and may not know why well it’s solution time and it starts with you where production really

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Begins anyway now we have the solution the technology the creativity the know-how to see markets we know how to leverage the internet to bring mark together so that producers can produce and buyers can buy and transaction occurs in our economy recovers but we want to make sure that this never happens again that you never get duped again all of this debt d values your

Product and your your productivity it devalues your purchasing power and think about the future generations now we’re going to look at what a trillion dollars looks like starting from a hundred dollar denomination here’s a hundred dollars and this is what ten thousand dollars would look like a stack of hundreds and this is what a trillion dollars would look like

You could put it in a paper bag and carry it around and this is what a hundred million dollars looks like basically a bit more impressive and this is what a billion dollars looks like this is what a billion dollars look like six of these a little bit over six of these is what businesses over the past 40 years have received in bailout now hold on to your seats this

Is how much the financial sector has received in terms of bail outs over the last 40 years one trillion dollars notice here’s our little man this is double stack one trillion dollars two and a half of these is what the financial sector has received over the past 40 years now let’s take a shocking look at the uss youth the us national debt as of march two thousand

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Nine eleven trillion dollars the situation is obvious this has been tony johnson thank you for your time we have a solution to turn this around

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