Hopefully i didn’t find why you should not take a loan to do your wedding what in what in your turkey how to budget for your wedding why you should not go for loans yeah okay i have a story there is this a 39 guy from ghana uh he wanted a dream wedding at kempinski one of the biggest hotels in kenya one of the expensive i think it is the most expensive the

Five-star hotel in kenya and he he had to impress their wife and so according to his budget this guy met the girl they’ve been in love they’ve been doing everything together so it was a wedding day and this guy budgeted for his future finance he didn’t know something can happen along the way so when you are doing a wedding so don’t budget for your future finance

Budget with what you have first of all so this guy uh let us call him james james uh james and and jen they were so in love together so much and they wanted to do a wedding a dream wedding and their dream wedding was supposed to be at kempinski hotel yes kempinski kempinski hotel is one of the greatest hotel in kenya he is one of the famous hotel in kenya

Where likes of presidents obama judge bush the likes of the prime ministers from other nations spend their nights in this is a very expensive hotel so you know so this guy had budgeted for his wedding on december and when he was doing his budget he was doing in a future financial here he was doing the future hopes that his business will get more money okay this

Guy had budgeted for over 3.6 million for his budget for the wedding for the dream wedding so this guy then when he was doing his budget according to his salary he was making almost he was made according to his company accountant company he was making around 100 150 100 to 200 000 kenyan ceilings so according to his budget he was well off but he didn’t know

Something can happen along the way you must be calculation you need to calculate for the future risk yes you need to calculate for risk for the risks that will happen along the road so this guy after saving his money he had like 700 000 in his savings 750 000 in his seven and through this he was confident he will be able to do this his dream wedding but one

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Thing that people don’t forget don’t do a wedding don’t do don’t don’t overdo a wedding your wedding is your most important thing in your life but it should not be a a painful memory for you that drains you drains your financial drains drains your energy all of it on one just one day and then everything’s gone so this guy arranged for the wedding he has done

His budget he has uh so he was he had a discrim he didn’t want to do this wedding at the king pesky but the wife insisted so he disagreed with disagreements over the wedding with the wife so he had to give the demands he had to give in into the demands of the wife so this guy he went for a loan he went for he asked for friends for loan but friends didn’t give

Him loan so when you’re doing wedding don’t don’t do it for sure don’t do it for people to see that you have done a big wedding do it for you guys do it for you just you you you youtube do it for you guys make it more special for you two guys not every person you want to make every person feel pressure feel happy that you’re done already these people don’t help

You they won’t give even something on it so this guy went for a loan 3.5 million that is uh that 5 000 us dollar 35 000 us dollar almost 36 to 35 000 there us dollar what this is man so he went for this loan he got the loan from the bank then you know what corona things turn around here to fulfill the wedding through the loan his company went down on

Production his company wasn’t bringing the money that he was making now he went and did the wedding at the kempisky with all those deaths with three million point six hoping that even into the gift he will get money from the gifts so this guy how to do it had he had to make sure that everything that he was doing was to make his friends feel better during

His wedding and now he’s sleeping in debts now they have a kid they’re living in a rental imagine 3.5 3.6 million kenyan shillings can get your land in kenya very well of in a good place you’ll get a good land and even even build a house for yourself yeah so before you do something think about the future so this guy is now he’s in a debt he cannot even pay

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You cannot pay the debt according to he to the agreement of time so this they will be auctioning many things from him his car house you see so you need to avoid sexting and you’re doing your budget let us go directly the topic of the today the topic of the day how to budget for your wedding day and how to avoid loans during your wedding day first of all use what

You have that is one use what you have how much do you have 50 000 look for a 50 000 wedding ring it is just as simple of wedding so i know we want to buy expensive things during our wedding but how long do they stay how long do they add value to you yeah it makes happiness for a one day fulfillment it is an energy in your body okay that is one thing use what

You have how much you have you saved for your wedding how much do you have yourself first before you put into other temptations i’ll say there second ask for help from your brothers sisters make groups i’ve seen what’s up groups people contribution doing a fundraising for their wedding okay from family so this is how you can do it you make your families come in

Chip in help you somewhere you put your budget maybe you want a wedding for over 300 000 which is almost 3 000 us dollars so you make sure your family is in into it there they’re trying to pull you into it families should be the first number one people to help you make your wedding come true because they are the one coming for a wedding that the one why you are

Doing that waiting next friends look for friends that you can give you money who can help you have a circle of friends that you you can make a call and they will help you out even they can give you advice it’s not a matter of giving you money they can also help you get where you want to be another another crowdfunding you can open a gofundme for your wedding

You can open a go get funding for your wedding it isn’t so hard it is not so hard to make a gofundme page where you can every person around the world can help you you see that is a crowdfunding another thing you should go into your investment look for money into your investment for your wedding even you can make your wedding an investment some people they have

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Done reading for free big readings for free maybe you’re an influencer maybe you’re a social media influencer like us being on youtube you talk to companies that i have you make these companies want you you can advertise for them and they give you catering they can give you food for free because you’ve advertised them the ground people you want to advertise for

Them you have been doing advertisement for them you have a good relationship with them make them give you an offer on that they give you they can give even a free ground for you just because you are influencer um okay on church make sure your church doesn’t use a lot of money there is charge make acceleration for your wedding they make it acceleration okay so

When you’re doing budget look on things like that how can you get a free discount from people use discounts they can help you a lot especially if you’re an influencer um they will help you or you have something common to those people you can add value to that business make them be part of you so guys when you’re doing a dreamweaver don’t go for long avoid let

Don’t be the last option but don’t go for long stay with somebody invest do your thing save money for your wedding before you get ready buy a place for yourself before you become homeless and get done already imagine you have dinner waiting i’ve seen people divorcing after wedding people have been going homeless after wedding people are becoming bankrupt after

Wedding because of small mistake that we do we want to rush we want to show off stop showing off for your wedding don’t show off make it something that is belong to you that you want to remember with a good memory for yourself so guys keep it up and continue supporting this channel and don’t forget to hit that button subscribe to this channel i’ll see you thank you so much

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