October 2022 Step-by-Step Budget | Paying off DEBT & Savings Goals

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Hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel my name is alyssa and i’m so excited to set up spooky october with you this will be my budget setup for october 2022 using the budget by paycheck workbook by the budget mom i am excited for this month it is already flying by i had coveted the first week so i’m a little bit behind so bear with me as we set up this budget

But i have just a really good feeling that october is going to be a really great month and we’re entering the last kind of three months of the year the last quarter of 2022 which is crazy i don’t know about you but september absolutely flew by like i don’t even know where it went it just came went and said goodbye and now we’re in october which is crazy how i like

To set up my monthly budget is i always start with the calendar so i went ahead and already put the stickers on the workbook for you i think these are a combination of many different sticker people on etsy i will link them all in the description box below as usual so if you’re interested in any of these setups definitely feel free to check them out i forgot to get

A whole kit for october i could have sworn i ordered one but maybe i am mistaken i’m not really sure how i start by setting up my calendar is by putting in when everything is due so i use my bare bones budget worksheet this is a free worksheet off the budget mom website and i put in when all of my bills are due so i can remember what is happening so for my rent i

Pay 780 but i split it into two and i do save an extra twenty dollars just in case i’m trying to build up a nest egg in my like rent account so i do have rent due on the first and then also the 15th i put it into a separate checking account and then that’s how i pay for it so you don’t see it as like a total expense on my expense tracker but you gives you the 400

Expense on there next we have the alaska airlines credit card so that is due on the 5th bank of america because it’s actually the same company also due on the 5th and then this actually does not need to be in here anymore i could actually cross this out the electric for our house is in my roommate’s name so whenever she gets the bill she just divides it by three

And then we each venmo her so that’s kind of where the extra 20 comes in and now that i think about it i know why i wrote this on here because i transfer the fifty dollars into the also the rent account to my monthly savings account so i probably shouldn’t have crossed that off but it’s okay and then i only really do 150 a month i don’t need to actually save this

One so maybe instead of doing it on the first we do keep it on the 15th because i think the bill comes later in the month anyhow so there’s no need saving fifty dollars each paycheck so we’ve got those is covered we’ve got the rent spotify is due on the 16th la fitness i need to transfer this over to my debit card as a payment but it is due on the 24th right now

It’s coming out of the alaska airlines card and then the discover credit card is also due on the 28th and then the last day of the month which it actually comes out the first of the month so i’m gonna say life insurance and then also pet insurance those both come out on the first i think the transaction goes on like the 30th or the 31st the last day of the month

But it isn’t post to my checking account until the first or the second of the month so i’m just gonna put it as a first and i’ll eventually redo this whole form and then for the variable expenses or things that don’t have a necessarily set due date every month every thursday i have twenty dollars coming out for acorns and then every other thursday i have a therapy

So we’ll do to the acorns i like to write twenty dollar acorns and then this is the day i do have therapy okay so that should be all for the month of october in terms of the expenses here we do have some events we kind of need to keep our eye on so every saturday i have soccer volunteering and the last day for that volunteering is actually the 29th of this month

So going into november i won’t have to drive all the way up north on saturdays to do the soccer program that i run and then we do have some home uw games some home sounders games i know here we have a sounders at 2pm then the 15th we have you dub at home also and then as i’m looking at my work calendar that’s actually the only other event this month i don’t have

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Anything these two weeks halloween which is on a monday honestly guys i’m probably not gonna do anything um it’ll be a regular normal monday for me i am not i really love celebrating halloween it’s probably one of my favorite holidays but i’m just like not really in the mood this year i don’t really want to go out and party on a like sunday or monday night like

That sounds miserable for the next day i just think i’m at that point in life where it’s just not really going to be like worth it so next what i want to do is i want to highlight the bills and when things are due and what’s like fun and entertainment for me so really i think the only thing i’m going to highlight is the fun and entertainment just because it’s

Obviously the one that comes out the most expense for me i will highlight the soccer volunteering because it is kind of fun to like run the program it’s not something that i’m kind of sad about doing and then let’s highlight the acorns investment too because these are all part of the investment categories and the highlighters i’m choosing is all based off the budget

Category worksheet that i have so when we have rent due and electric do life insurance and realized i missed a soccer volunteering and then we have the debt and last but not least we have the self-care which is for la fitness therapy and therapy again so that’s really my month like i said i don’t think that there’s a lot going on this month so it’s really going to

Give me the opportunity to save as much as possible for kind of the things i want to do and so for the goals this month i literally want to save save save like that is seriously what i’m trying to do but also as a caveat to that i also like have fun with my budget i’ve definitely discovered that sometimes i will say no to going out with friends or doing something

Fun because i don’t want to spend the 30 or 40 dollars on that outing but also i’m 25 so i think it’s best if i do have a little bit of fun in my 20s and know that yeah the forty dollars would be great to save but also what’s the trade-off between having fun with your friends and saving money and being home alone not sure but that is kind of what i’ve been trying

To figure out so hopefully this this part was helpful but now let’s get to the budget setup for the first half of october so our paycheck date is 10 1 through 10 14 and we always start with the income so we have the normal paycheck that i’ll be receiving from my full-time job which is 16.51 for these first two weeks and then i do have some rollover from the last

Video which was 47 and then i also have some like cash that i’m going to be receiving from my dad and my grandpa and that’s going to be equivalating to 400. i don’t know what to do that as just like a refund payback i’m just gonna maybe write like extra it’s not something i was anticipating but it’s something that’s coming to me so i’ll just write extra random

Stuff random if i can spell correctly and then we’ll leave this open in case anything else comes through so let’s grab the calculator and add up everything that will be the total income for the months you have 16 51 plus 47 plus 400 equals 2098 dollars for the first half of october now we need to write in the bill so bringing back the budget bare bones worksheet

Or bare bones budget worksheet we of course have rent and then we’ll write the alaska airlines card down here and the discover card it’s early in the morning guys i am seriously on my first cup of coffee so far so if i can’t spell correctly it’s my brain is clearly not working correctly so for rent it is due on the first and that will be 400 and then we can do

Our electric the next half of the month but then we do have to do the life insurance and then the pet insurance those are both getting moved to the first of the month and the life insurance is 22. and pet is 37 perfect so first and then for the kind of variable there’s not really a set date changes every month we have therapy and the acorns so for therapy this is

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Where like the calendar does come in handy so for the first two weeks i have one therapy session because this is payday and then i have one two acorns coming out so this will be 25 for therapy and 40 for the acorns so that’s everything for the set income so let’s add it up 400 plus 22 plus 37 plus 25 plus 40 gives us 525 in total expenses now we need to subtract

That by 2098 gives us 1 574 left over for variable expenses sinking funds debt and extra savings now for the envelope oops i have my budget category worksheet this is also a free product on the budget mom’s website under her free resources i highly recommend categorizing things out i do know that she has like a course that she released where you can do this i think

Digitally i also bought the course i just have not gone through it but i’ve been hearing i think pretty good reviews from it so i’m excited to kind of take the course and give you guys my opinion on it if i think it is worth it i do know from the initial launch they did hint that they will be having more sales on it like probably come around the holiday season so

If you weren’t able to get it the first time you know hold your horses don’t pay full price there’s very likely going to be another sale in the holiday season for you to purchase it i’m not sponsored or anything by it like i said i haven’t even taken the course i have zero opinion on what it’s about the quality content i will say my opinion on the course is it’s

Expensive and for someone who is trying to help other people budget it is kind of expensive for i think like the product that she offers but then again i’m not someone who is behind the business there maybe that’s just you know honestly actually now they think about it courses like that and i’ve purchased other courses always at a discount i never pay a full price

For anything it’s pretty much around that to 300 mark so there’s obviously a rhyme to their reason but i still think it’s really expensive especially when people are living literally paycheck to paycheck so i digress from that let’s set up the budget categories for this month so i mentioned it in the last video that i have been using every play as a subscription

Service for basically meals and i’ve really really been enjoying it so that i have to figure out how i’m going to incorporate that into the grocery budget i need to work with the numbers a little bit better but between the every plate and the normal groceries i’ll be buying it’s about 110 ten dollars and then eating out will be the same like i normally do about a

Hundred gas and car we’re probably gonna stick around the like 70 75 dollar mark i do have a full tank of gas going into october and i don’t anticipate driving a lot so that’ll just be something that i’d have to be conscious of in terms of my total gas expense investments i always mirror what’s up here so we’re gonna do forty dollars find an entertainment let’s

Look back at what the calendar is so we have soccer volunteering soccer volunteering sounders and i think that’s it i do have like some other things planned throughout the month that i’m gonna go out with friends with i’m not gonna put it on this calendar that’ll be something else for like fun and entertainment so let’s do probably like fifty dollars for fun and

Entertainment holiday yeah nothing coming up for holiday so that should be zero self-care i’ve been getting my nails done so i’m going to have to get a fill probably next week the second week of october that’s going to be about forty dollars miscellaneous i’m gonna budget about a hundred i need some stuff for the apartment just some like household things i should

Say for my house i don’t live in an apartment anymore so i’m gonna do that at 100 travel vacay um really there’s nothing here and then pets i do need to buy lila my sweet little kitty cat some more food and yeah that’s really what that 25 is gonna go to so let’s add up the total variable expenses for the month we have 110 plus 100 plus 75 plus 40 plus 50 plus 40

Plus 100 plus 25 gives us 540 and total variable expenses and then if we subtract that by the one five seven four gives us one thousand and thirty four dollars left over for the sinking funds and the extra debt and the extra savings so for sinking funds i do know exactly what i want to save for for these sinking funds i wrote it all out for myself i want to save for

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Christmas christmas travel in case i go back home or to my grandparents in portland i also want to say for thanksgiving even though i might be going to my grandparents for that i still want to save just in case my best friend’s birthday the macbook i have been saving for for basically a year now halloween just in case i do end up doing something new year’s of course

Even though i tend to stay in on these types of events it’s just just in case mentality um car maintenance and insurance we’re gonna do these as the same and then we do need pet insurance for the deductible and then a costco sinking fun so for christmas i do want to save 100 and this is going to be cashless i’m going to transfer this to my ally savings account the

High yield savings account and christmas travel will be 50. thanksgiving will be 20 and my friend sarah’s birthday is going to be 60. all of these will be cash here the macbook is going to be 100 and this will be cashless halloween because it’s literally the end of this month we’re gonna save a little bit more and this can be 40 new year’s 20. car maintenance and

Insurance i’m going to do 50 for each so that’s going to be a hundred and that will also be cashless pet insurance for the deductible will be 50 and that will also be cashless and then costco i’m gonna save forty dollars for so let’s add all of the sinking funds up we’ve got 100 plus 50 plus 20 and plus 60 plus 100 plus 40 plus 20 plus 100 plus 50 plus 40. it gives

Us 580 in total so subtracting that by one zero three four gives us 454 dollars left over for the debt payments so for the alaska card i’ve decided i’m going to pay 100 towards and the discover i’m going to pay 300 torch so a total of 400 which will leave us with 54 dollars left over and for the leftover amount i’m going to put that towards my student loan fund so

That will leave us with the zero dollars we are looking for for the end of october and then when i go to the bank i will use the other side of this for the numbers to kind of track everything the cash envelope breakdown so if we do this together we’ll have christmas travel which is 50 because christmas is going to be cashless i will do that online transfer then

We have thanksgiving we have my friends sarah’s birthday thanksgiving what was that 20 sarah’s birthday is 60. then we have halloween new year’s and costco so halloween is 40. new year’s is 20 and costco is 40. for the budget category breakdown we do one ones fives tens twenties and fifties and sometimes i do a hundred i don’t typically like to do 100 i just feel

Like all hundreds are like they feel fake almost so i choose not to do that christmas travel will do one fifty dollar bill super easy thanksgiving we’ll do one sarah’s birthday we’ll do three because three times twenty equals sixty and for halloween we’ll do two one and two so total count we have one four five six seven eight nine twenties so how many how much

Is that nine times twenty gives us 180 then we have one fifty dollar bill which gives us 50 plus 50 gives us two thirty so 230 total you have to add all this up to make sure i got that right so 50 plus 20 plus 60 plus 40 plus 20 plus 40 gives us 230. okay perfect so that is what i will use to take to the bank to get the cash out i really hope that this video was

Helpful and you guys have a really rock and spooky october as well let me know in the comments below what your main goals are for october i always love following along on your guys’s journey as well make sure you hit that subscribe button in the bottom left hand corner and i will see you all in my next video thank you so much for watching bye

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