Pay Bills With Remittance Coupon- Part 2- Still Didnt Discharge Debt-Now What?

Pay Bills With Remittance Coupon- Part 2- Still Didn’t Discharge Debt-Now What?

This class the pay bills with coupon to corporation it does have like the beginning steps and you can use that and you might have success with that but sometimes you’ll still have to do more because they still didn’t discharge it sometimes they will discharge it just with the first couple steps but then sometimes they won’t some companies won’t and then you have

To do more so if you need more because they still didn’t discharge the next thing by law to get this remedy that’s what they call it in law is you have to do the private administrative processes three steps and these are letters you’re going to be sending that conditional acceptance it could be a conditional acceptance and affidavit or a conditional acceptance

After you send that to them you have to wait 20 30 21 or 10 days then after that if they get back with you or if they did and they’re still not doing it because they should the notice do you send the notice of the fault or notice of default and opportunity care so this is their chance to fix the situation they have 10 to 20 days to respond if they still don’t

Respond in an acceptable manner then notice of default and then you have a default judgment against them because you did the administrative process um then you can try to go to your secretary of state and get a cod which is a certificate of default and also you can put it on the ucc one if you want more explaining about this and go to this website here it’s called

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Freedom slash private administration and then there’s another dash there dash’s process that’s that um website and if you go there and see if i can show you i think i’m already here oh no and it does show you um it goes over he reads it’s about it’s in a court of equity that’s what they call it and sometimes you can do all that and you

Don’t actually ever have to go to court going to court is he does give you like one of the templates kind of and i will be giving more like templates for the whole process i just don’t have all that ready to go but if you want to go and try to figure it out yourself that’s fine but on here it does talk about like and then that’s where you know if you do become

A secured party creator you might have already done a ucc one so this is where you would add them um on the ucc one let’s see if he talks about it here let’s talk about being in this honor see after once you’ve done the private minute straight of process has been completed then all matters of remedies and recourse exists for you that formally did not could not

These include habeas corpus criminal affidavits maritime liens and other remedies so say after completion of the above you can file your administrative judgment with the appropriate recorder i could take it to the secretary of state and get the cod which is the certificate of default and thereafter record a certified copy of the file judgment on the ucc one or ucc3

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So that’s kind of how you do that there and this is just kind of just informational it’s not legal advice but um i will try to have a class for these with templates to kind of go over it more because it is a little bit more involved if you have to do all this so be looking out for that thank you but in the meantime if you start doing this process then it will

Say they really can’t come after you once you start doing this um on the website that i share with this class here which is you can find it in the class they do have a conditional acceptance examples so you can try with that if you’d like or i’ll be trying to get these up pretty soon within the week week or two so if you need to do the administrative process you can okay thank you bye

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