The concept of using artificial intelligence methods in debt financing of business entities

Oleh Veres, Pavlo Ilchuk and Olha Kots

Hello i would like to present the results of our research on the topic the concept of using artificial intelligence methods in depth financing of business entities authors are allergic technic national university the development of cloud technologies data analysis systems artificial intelligence digital virtual assistants and advanced identification the development

Of fundamentally new tools and methods of attracting funding to innovate your project without geographical and territorial location is not a complete list of innovative changes in the financial sector the kuvy 19 crisis has speeded up economic digitalization including artificial intelligence techniques global spending on artificial intelligence in 2020 mounted to

20 billion united state dollars and by 2024 such costs will double to more than 110 billion united star dollars from year to year artificial intelligence methods are increasingly being implemented in finance including asset management age grading underwriting or blockchain finance according to forbes 70 of financial company use machine learning to predict cash

Flows adjust credit ratings and detect fraud applying artificial intelligence methods in the main financial spheres is a relatively new area of research in sheen xiaoni lee based on analysis of the scientific literature over the past 50 years concluded that the research on the use of artificial intelligence in finance is interdisciplinary artificial intelligence

Methods are an essential alternative to statistical statistical data analysis methods in the study of interactive methods based on artificial intelligence he said that the financial sector has become one of the main for the artificial intelligence implementation the development of finance and artificial intelligence is integrated so the financial sector needs to

Digitalize as quickly as possible also it in scientific research we find works directly related to the use of artificial intelligence methods in the depth finances of business entities the most common uh are the following approach to understanding the main of artificial meaning of artificial intelligence and you can see them on the slide and have to say that the

Basis of understanding the essence of artificial intelligence is the ability of machines and programs to analyze the information obtained to draw on conclusions and make decisions in many cases artificial intelligence is considered an innovative approach to solving various economic political financial and social problems artificial intelligence systems are machine

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Systems with different levels of autonomy which can make predictions recommendations or modern solutions for a particular set of human defined goals first of all artificial intelligence systems can be used in different contexts using different types of data and different models for performing different tasks these four criteria context data model and bugs are

The basis of the concept of artificial intelligence usage you can see them on the slide the four criteria for the concept of using artificial intelligence system can be linked to its life cycle the life cycle includes six phases planning and design data collection and processing model formation and interpretation verification and validation deployment and using

Can monitoring the life cycle of an inter artificial intelligence system is unique because artificial intelligence systems can interact with a real or virtual environmental and learn by improving their dynamics being non-linear and working with varying degrees of autonomy businesses that make the best use of artificial intelligence methods and achieve the most

Significant improvements in depth financing cooperation will remain focused on customers rather than their own systems artificial intelligence in finance is changing how we interact with money helping to streamline and optimize processes from credit decision making to financial risk management in 2020 businesses entities began to borrow heavily and many companies

Issued bonds to overcome income cuts due to the commitment in pandemic and current in restrictions the results of 624 representatives of financial organization in the area of financial activities digitalization initiatives are presented on the slide so the main tasks of artificial intelligence system in the field of definition you can see here and ukraine which

Has declared an innovative strategy for the financial services market development needs to pay maximum attention to the potential of using artificial intelligence systems to form high quality innovative tools for organizing the financial services marcus work on the next slide you can see a few examples of the use of artificial intelligence methods in depth financing

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In our article you can find a much wider list in most cases debt repayment strategies remain complex ineffective and outdated and the first users of artificial intelligence technologies already see significant payments in their loan portfolios confirming the feasibility and effectiveness of using artificial intelligence in depth financing they also identified the

Possibility of early orphans burning and optimized debt financing strategies to reduce defaults the financial services market uses digital technologies and artificial intelligence techniques to simplify doing business and ensure higher business effectiveness and the key difference between statistical methods and artificial intelligence methods is the purpose of

These methods the statistical methods involves forming a set of assumptions that prescribe the model and characterize the studied indicator’s behavior artificial intelligence methods aim to find the methods that best predicts the outcomes of the research here you can see the algorithm of pricing on bonds using artificial intelligence methods this algorithm

Involves input data from a variables of sources and then the algorithm learns and apply several models of to calculate the bonds price each of this model is starting using a subset of historical data later training in the pricing model involves the use of artificial intelligence methods and the main task of which is to measure the best correlations in different

Liquidity scenarios based on input data that have been previously structured accordingly the output data of the algorithm will be bond prices the impact of the use of artificial intelligence methods on the business entities activity in the financial sector is generalized on this slide and have to say that the use of artificial intelligence methods in that financing

For business entities will reduce the cost of credit underwriting promote continued cooperation with customers increase the efficiency of data processing to assess the credit bothness of borrowers improve on portfolio management etc on the next slide you can see the benefits of using artificial intelligence in attracting debt financing through bonds um and the

Main directions of using the artificial intelligence methods in that financing business entity at different management levels are shown on the next slide he is presented in back office middle office and front office and their main functions at the time of debt financing on the next slide you can see the relevant issues and risks streaming from the deployment of

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Artificial intelligence in depth financing there are such methods to the impact of artificial intelligence on the financial sector and erroneous algorithm for selecting financial indicators threats to national and financial security in the event of giver attacks loss of control over the activities of financial markets and entities a reduction of the number of

Employees of financial institutions in addition the increasing use of artificial intelligence methods in the financials where creates problems with informed consent so let’s conclude as artificial intelligence and machine learning methods in presently modernized after payment both lenders and borrowers can reap significant benefits from using these innovative

Technologies the use of artificial intelligence analytics should meet their goals or the business entities because before using greece innovative tool it is necessary to assess the current state of artificial intelligence capabilities and determine a road map or the use of artificial intelligence methods by particular business entities for specific purposes

It should be noted that the use of artificial intelligence methods is individual and quite personalized because it involves making their own decisions based on generated by artificial intelligence proposals so to get tangible results from the use of artificial intelligence businesses need to be paid to forming decision making models implementing best practices

In engineering and data science artificial intelligence methods help business develop and control that financing mechanism including through the use of bonds and monitoring the ability to attract their financing and place funds in debt securities using artificial intelligence the use of artificial intelligence methods can significantly reduce digitalized and

Repetitive work which is growing because the amount of information is multiplied every year and its processing requires the use of modern information technologies such as artificial intelligence methods that’s all thank you for your attention bye

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The concept of using artificial intelligence methods in debt financing of business entities By Colins Conference