Wrecked My Car While Paying Off Debt, What Do I Do Now?

Wrecked My Car While Paying Off Debt, What Do I Do Now?

Chris is in rhode island hi chris welcome to the dave ramsey show hey dave how you doing better than i deserve what’s up basically has been a listener for those months now it’s been iman ever since and last month i was on baby steps you all right now the breakdown is i have $300 left in a personal loan fifty four hundred and student loans just shy of ten thousand

And credit cards thirteen thousand left to my mom and i had a car payment total or what i left owed on the car was 19 thousand altogether it’s about 47,000 and basically had looked into it and according to your system i didn’t need to get rid of my car is right now among consumers about six hundred sixty-five thousand this year after taxes and so i looked into the

Kelly kulick anyway so i was a deconsecrated selling it and last week i ended up rear-ending somebody in totaling it oh no okay yeah okay it was totally there they were okay it was a girl and a lipstick jeep basically everybody was okay but my car and my ego a little bit but it ended up being a huge blessing from god i have usaa and the settlement that i agree to

Ended up being seventeen thousand dollars cool yeah so it being really good i’m just balanced because i basically have the thousand dollars for my emergency fund and the the issue i’m looking at right now is right now for work i have to travel it’s either an hour to an hour and a half back for cape cod and basically what makes that worth it is my company gives me

About 88 to 92 dollars in non-taxed i they call it car miles to go there now so how you been good nurse i totaled a car so they told us usaa gave me a free rental car for how long i have to have it returned tomorrow and so i mean just just as an example here we just had a snowstorm and on my way with her health car a fishtail thankfully i’ve never cover for my toes


There’s no one here me i was driving safely at the time too but i mean i’ve been looking for an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle in that thousand dollar range and basically the other context is i have a bonus some bonus that’s owed to me it’s about after taxes it’ll be about eleven twelve hundred dollars and then we also i have a $2.00 raised son since

The end of september and our contracts had just gotten signed so i’ll be getting some retro pay altogether that’s like looking at like another seventeen eighteen hundred dollars that will be getting within the next like a couple weeks so i’m really kind of stuck is like i don’t want to i mean i’m willing to buy something in that lower thousand dollar range although

I can’t find anything that’s like four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive that looks like an cleaned yeah i don’t you talk dollar rent-a-car and just rent your car for a week or two that’s so i think that’s looking like my immediate option like my big question was it might might be stopping my guests yeah we’re stopping everything you’re in the middle of a crisis okay

So you’re stopping everything you’re gonna use your thousand dollars you’re going to use the 1700 you’re going to use any other thing scrape out of the corner of the couch you’re gonna work like a crazy person you’re gonna look around see if you can sell something on ebay or on craigslist we’re gonna scrape together you know maybe maybe you can get together three

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Four thousand dollars and get you a little four wheel drive something right perfect exactly what i was looking at to take the minimum do so it looks like if you can scrape then it sounds like you can put that together in about two weeks yep yeah yes i just don’t want to buy something that thousand dollar range i don’t i don’t blame you and it’s okay if you have to

But the good news is you’ve got some other money coming we just got to tap the brakes and you know make this work right tap the brakes in this case but yeah there’s no problem yeah yeah so yeah i think you’ve got i think you’ve got your plan laid out i would just rent the cheapest thing that’ll get you back and forth to cape cod for a little while and you know in

The meet with dollar or rent-a-car and then they’d not worry about the other driving the rental i’m just up to you it’s up to you the second date second to third day oh just fonda i mean i’m not driving there so i don’t know but you figure that out but every dollar you spend on the rental car is a dollar you don’t have to buy a car with right yeah no we want that

To be as cheap as you can do right because it’s that’s all we’re buying here is a little patience right yeah basically i just wanna be foolish and not spend an extra you know what maybe 40 eighty dollars getting a older driver as a rental and then wrecking it because do we have like snow here and stuff well it’s up to you i mean i guess you could you got an hour

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Drive sober is probably out of the question right yeah you work with anybody that you could pay to take you to work i know and how unfortunately basically so i work for peter pan and i’m the spear guy right now so when some of them vacation i cover them but otherwise i’m just driving up to the lot and i’m basically hanging out alone there so unfortunately like i’m

In between like the different shifts i did look into because there’s like a really early bus that we had out from providence to like hyannis and not born near where i have to go but i mean you can do almost anything except walk for two weeks right that’s all we got to do here okay so the good news is this is not a permanent solution it’s not a long-term solution

We’re just trying to get to that $1700 check to put with this and scrape together any other nickels we can find stop everything tighten your budget as tight as you can do it don’t spend any money on anything and put it all in this car fun buy you a car in two weeks and then restart your baby steps with starting to fund your thousand dollar baby step one again

Perfect okay you can do it you are almost there before you called me right like i just couldn’t get myself transferred on the market for the you know for that seventy eight thousand dollars i’d lose and then this made it worth it yeah yep get her done man get her done you can do it there’s always another day another day to fight good for you

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