Demystifying Wealth Management with our Cover Stars

WHEN ASKED WHAT HE looks for in a wealth advisor, Africa’s youngest billionaire, Tanzanian businessman Mohammed Dewji tells FORBES AFRICA: “I look at thoroughness of understanding, like [the] understanding of trends, head and tail winds, fundamentals, and I look for opportunity hunters… opportunities that come to you also come to all… the important thing is to make opportunities.”

I can’t what assumptions would you like people to stop making about health management well they’re all about fees and i think that’s going to be one of the tectonic shifts that are taking place anyway one of the trends was is that you know fees are going to be highly commoditized over the next few years and if you’re not benchmark cognizant you’re not going to get

A seat at the table never mind a foot in the door and i think the shift away from those kind of left brain if i can put it metrics in terms of competitions i certainly could become privilege behavioral finance right brain thinking really just getting to know your clients and engaging with them a hell of a lot more yeah so i think ultimately what we need to do in

South africa is demystify savings and investments there is a deficiency in savings and investments which is why we’re not seeing the fixed investment that we need to grow the economy and to create opportunities for those that don’t have and so democratizing access to the space making it something that is accessible as opposed to inaccessible and something that

People almost intimidated by i think is a very good initiative and i think we should do a lot more of that certainly i think the institutions are trying by investing a lot in savings and investments and broader financial services and education but i do think a lot more needs to be done to make people feel comfortable about this and and so that it’s normalized you’re

Interested with somebody’s really lifelong earnings and they’re trusting you to take care of it and to grow it and typically to grow it either with a goal in mind or to grow it for the next generation and so one of the most interesting things about it is that that really is a very unique skill set of both science and art it’s the science of you know understanding

What returns you need but the art of really understanding the concerns the fears the cares the hopes aspirations of individuals and so our industry is is really it’s dominated by many you know intelligent individuals but who really need to take the job of being entrusted with assets quite carefully perhaps the biggest change we’re seeing is that we’re already seeing

Many more young people aspiring to be in the investment industry which is a very important change i think we need to see because younger generations millennials generations aids already have quite different goals historically our goals were all always about retirement you know wealth creation over the long term for some you know a goal at an older age i think it’s

A um it’s not a covert or secretive thing we are part of everyone’s daily lives um just as you have your health checks you should have your financial health checks so it’s an integral part of the economy the role we play is key to the successful outcomes and to ensuring that families achieve their long-term financial goals so are we pleased that we’ve been able

To be featured in this particular process and that um yeah it’s a collective effort you know it certainly is not a job that can be done by one in individual so i’m extremely pleased to be supported by a very dynamic team of professionals which make this job doable on a day-to-day basis and that yeah it’s important that people know that the hard work the effort

The sacrifice that goes into being a holistic authentic and entrusted wealth manager tonight

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Demystifying Wealth Management with our Cover Stars By Forbes Africa