Dental Marketing: How Much Should You Spend On Facebook Ads?

If you are trying to determine, how much should you spend on Facebook Ads?

Hey guys this is andres marti welcome to another video today i want to cover a question that my clients asked me on our strategy sessions how much should i spend on facebook ads that’s a great question and also the topic of this video establishing a good facebook ads budget is really important because we want to know what kind of results can we get for our clients

In return for a certain ad budget we recommend some of our clients have ran advertised in the past before and maybe not saw the results they wanted or they’re new to advertising so they don’t know what to expect so i want to share with you some of the insights that we have at dental pixel what we can expect with a conservative ad budget of at least a thousand dollars

So we want to know two things what’s going to be our cpl and what’s going to be your cpa or cash pro acquisition so on average at dental pixel we’re seeing about a cost per lead about 10 to 30 dollars and this really depends on the city or state we are marketing in there’s different cost structures associated with competitiveness of the area how many advertisers

There are there’s a lot of factors that come into play but on average we’re getting between 10 to 30 dollar dental leads 50 leads for thousand dollars is where the ballpark or the range that we can be at so a dental pick so we’re seeing with our systems that we implement about 40 to 60 percent of the leads convert into actual appointments down the middle 50

That’s about 25 appointments then about 80 percent of the leads actually show up for their appointment so out of 25 appointments we can expect about 20 new patients so we take the numbers cost per acquisition for a new patient would be about 50 that’s not bad if we’re considering the lifetime value of the patients we’re running these campaigns like i mentioned

For quite some time now that’s on average what we see some of our practice see you know higher booking rates 60 70 percent some are practically less thirty percent forty percent but this is stuff we can work on and improve over time to overall just improve the profitability of these campaigns you’re investing with your media buyer as well as our process well to

Improve our campaigns with our individual clients and this goes more an individual basis because every city is a little bit different every practice has different uh operations processing procedures but these are something we can collectively work on and over time we’ve seen improvements on so also our cost per leads those are cost practices what you can expect

And we always recommend starting off with at least a thousand dollars ad budget that’s a good place to start get some feedback get some results so with that being said hopefully you found some value in this video got a good idea of what kind of ad budget you can expect how much you spend on facebook ads start off with a thousand get your results from there and

Then scale accordingly so if you’re a dentist watching this video invite you to schedule discovery call with us if you’re looking for media partner to help bring new patients to your practice we definitely love to entertain that conversation and see how we can help you whether we’re a good fit or not at least we had a great conversation and you got a little bit

More value from our phone call and if you’re an agency owner looking for a white label partner for your clients we’d be happy to have that chat as well thanks again for watching this video hope you enjoy it hit the subscribe button down below like and comment this video helps the algorithm on youtube so they can promote these videos out from my channel to more

People and hopefully they can get some value as well thanks again for watching and i’ll catch you on the next video you

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Dental Marketing: How Much Should You Spend On Facebook Ads? By Andres Moretti